16 years old. Light brown hair, blue eyes. 5’6″. Dresses comfy casual with a hint of fairy princess. Exp: A lumpy sweatshirt paired with a lacy floral skirt. A baggy button up shirt turned in to a dress with a belt and her hair braided up with flowers, ribbons, and beads. Loves to play with color and style to reflect her mood. Good mood? Break out the rainbow colors and glitter. Bad mood? Morose shades of purple, blue and black.

Chantilly is the typical teenage girl with the usual interests, except she’s just a little too daydreamy. Her grades are average and she doesn’t have trouble in school. She has her group of friends she sits with at lunch and occasionally hangs out with. But most of the time she’s staring off in to space, scribbling down notes, or lost in some novel. Everything around her is just inspiration for her imagination.

Despite seeming to live in a fantasy, Chantilly is firmly grounded in the real world. She understands that fairies are not real, she is never going to have a unicorn, and even something as simple as writing a book won’t be easy. Her plans for the future are solid. She intends to go to college, work for a publishing company as an editor, and eventually publish her own stories.

Chantilly has lived alone with her father for several years now. She’s always felt responsible for taking care of him. Being the adult of the family is something she’s quite proud of! Chantilly wasn’t even upset about her dad dating. Until more recently when he started getting serious about a woman. Now Chantilly is worried that she’s getting replaced.

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