Chocolate: Chapter/Scene Guide

[b]PROLOGUE:[/b] An interesting introduction about the Sage and his Wife with a quip “…but this isn’t his story.” Then describing the fate of the Prince and a mysterious illness.

[b]INTROSCENE:[/b] Introduction to Issac and Anabel. Anabel tells Issac that she’s fatally ill and that the only way to cure her illness is to acquire the enchanted cocoa beans and make a special kind of chocolate. He leaves for his quest.

[b]INTROSCENE:[/b] Introduction to Josephine. She hears about a Prince who is deathly ill and soon to die, but knows through local folk lure about enchanted cocoa beans. She imagines that by saving the prince’s life, she could win his love and marry him, just like her favorite fairy tale stories. She leaves for her quest.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie meet outside of the Old Sage’s home and reveal to each other their plans to get cocoa beans to save the ones they love. The Sage explains that they will have to work together to “see beyond” so that they can save the ones they truly love. He gives them directions to the cocoa beans and a warning that they need X stuff and instructions to be able to make the chocolate that will save them.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Swamp pt. 1. Trying to navigate the swamp to find the Pond of Desire. The swamp is filled with beasties. Since they know not where the life saving cocoa beans are, they must go to the Pond of Desire to find the location. But to get to the Pond they must first travel through the Swamp of Despair, where doubt and gloom haunt them. Many travelers are not able to reach their destination.
————[b]SUBSCENE:[/b] Josie has some sort of accident and needs Issac to save her. It’s the first time Issac vocally speaks what’s really on his mind “maybe he shouldn’t” cause she’s been such a pain in the ass.
————[b]SUBSCENE:[/b] Issac gets stuck in quicksand and Josie has to help him out. Josie shows genuine concern for the first time!

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] The Pond of Desire is dangerous, for while it can show you what you desire, if one is not focused, they will be show ALL they desire, and eventually drown in the pond.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie piss off a witch in the swamp. Witch makes it her goal to get revenge on them both.

[b]SCENE:[/b] Pygmy mummies attack. They guard man eating plants. One or both of them get nearly eaten by plants and have to escape pygmies.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Vineyards of Despair. something underneath it or at the center of the place must be pretty damn ugly or creepy… Oh! c.c;; maybe local villagers, when the old people get a certain age are sent there to be killed and their blood used to fertilize the ground

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Mountain pass and this dangerous creature… it appears to be hurt, but is it hurt and thus misunderstood, or trying to lure them into a false sense of security to make them their snack. They never learn the truth! Some villagers/mountaineers/rangers attack the monster in force killing it to ‘protect’ the travelers. But later they start admitting the other might, only might, have been right. Ironically Issac being the one that didn’t trust it at all, and Josie thinking it really needed their help…
————[b]SUBSCENE:[/b] A good seeing the other’s point of view moment in a lesser scene when they’re long out of danger and really talking about it?

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie accidentally kill the witch, by unwittingly working together as a perfect team. They discover the final recipe for the chocolate in one of her spellbooks.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie bring the enchanted chocolate to Anabel where Issac still doesn’t see Anabel for who she really is. Josie tricks Anabel to revealing her real self while Anabel believe Issac isn’t there. Issac learns the truth and kicks Anabel to the curb.

[b]MAJORSCENE:[/b] Issac and Josie bring the enchanted chocolate to the ailing Prince. Issac has known all along that the prince isn’t who Josie believes he is and allows her to enter alone. Josie discovers the prince is an older gentlemen and nothing like she imagined. She comes out disappointed with reality, but in the end realizes that she’s content with saving a life.

[b]CONCLUSION:[/b] ???

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