Chocolate: Plotting Outline Discussions

Anabel: A woman pretending to be ill so she can get the enchanted coacoa beans. She sends Issac on a quest to get them for her. She pretends to be this sweet and wonderful woman, but is really very selfish and cruel. Dark brunette with honeybrown eyes. The perfect and beautiful girl next door.

Issac: Poor farmer who loves Anabel so much he’ll do anything for her! He’s soft spoken and never raises his voice to anyone. He lets the world walk all over him. With that redish blonde hair that always seems to get lighter when he gets in the sun?

Josephine: Wishes to save the prince’s life so he falls in love with her and they live happily ever after. She’s a huge judgemental brat that thinks most people are beneath her. Straight black hair with a single barret clipped at the top of her head to keep it out of her face, all one length, not quite hitting her shoulders. She’s not glamourous but tries to be.

Frederick Beaufort Mortimer Alektenstien: Prince. He’s terribly ill and needs a special kind of chcolate made from enchanted coacoa beans. Salt and pepper grey with a short scruffy beard. Loves the color plum!

Old Sage: Knows what needs to be known about the cocoa beans. Our Sage probably looks different to everyone that looks at him! Josie would see him as someone super fancy and dramatic looking and Issac as someone more normal and wise looking… And his wife will still seem him as she saw him 50 years ago when they met!


DianaNotacat: … Enchanted chocolate made from special beans that can save the life of someone you love!
Ochahime: Shit, that’s good.
Ochahime: And you could do that modern if you wanted even
DianaNotacat: I’m the insta-plot queen! u___u *cackle!*

Modern, fantasy or… otherworld fantasy? We always love those otherworld fantasies…
Ochahime: Yes we do. It’s a simplish quest. Find out about beans, search for beans, learn secreat to cooking the chocolate… time running out… save the ‘prince’. I think however we can keep royals out of the main characters page.
DianaNotacat: Oh oh!! Someone gets it in to their head that they’re going to save the prince with this silly idea that they’ll fall in love afterwards, but later they’ll find out that the prince is actually really old and not at all what they thought he would be!
Ochahime: Meanwhile a poor farmhand is trying to save his own true love with the beans as well? Is in fact the one that told the girl about the chocolate as he drunkenly relayed his travel to an old sage that past moon, making the girl try to ‘beat’ him, until they realize they can work together…
Ochahime: Something bout that I don’t like
DianaNotacat: Maybe the trick is that both think they are doing it for true love.. The girl is a huge judgemental and spoiled brat, where the man is too trusting and kind and believes the world of a woman that doesn’t deserve his affection. The sage is someone they end up both meeting near the beginning that instructs them both that they’ll never find the beans on their own and they’ll have to “see past” what’s infront of them?
Ochahime: Oh… the sick girl isn’t that sick… she’s just using it as an excuse to get the chocolate… she’s the one that sends him to the sage?
DianaNotacat: Yeah! She’s either tired of him always fawning over her and sent him on a crazy quest she knows he’ll never complete, or she’s just so greedy and selfish that she wants the beans just to be able to brag that she has them. The prince really IS sick, but the questing girl just has all these assumptions about him that she dreamed up in her mind that aren’t even remotely true! So.. it’s all about those great moral values of knowing the truth of what something IS and not just what you WISH it were!
DianaNotacat: Josphines a huge brat. She could call him every name but his own cause she thinks he’s beneath her and just a means to the beans for her dearly ill prince!
Ochahime: And she figures she can get away with it because Issac is soft spoken, unless there’s a cause.
DianaNotacat: Yup. Issac prolly never raises his voice to anyone. They’ll both learn valuable things!
Ochahime: Yes.
Ochahime: Bean in the jungle?
DianaNotacat: Beans are definetly in a jungle. It’s a special jungle that’s likely riddled with all sorts of enchanted and dangerous things, thus why those beans are so hard to get ahold of!
Ochahime: *slaps self* No pygmy mummies….
DianaNotacat: Oh why not?!
Ochahime: “Why, oh why do I have to be sinking in quicksand, and have to listen to you!” Issac loosing his cool?
DianaNotacat: Little tiny mummies, not necessary wrapped up in toilet paper, but definetly mummified and prolly keeping guard over a big garden of people eating plants!

Oh dear, a rare moment where Josphine actually cares to help someone other than herself!
DianaNotacat: And possibly the first time Josie gets herself in real danger, Issac will have a special moment of “Now why exactly should I save you?”
Ochahime: After suffering all her verbal abuse you can’t blame the man.
DianaNotacat: I feel there should be a witch in a swamp in or near the Jungle. Someone they inadvertantly piss off, and spend a moderate amount of time trying to save themselves from!
Ochahime: And unwittingly kill…
DianaNotacat: Prolly in teh mid point between the middle and the end, when they’ve learned how to work together so well, that they never even realized they pulled the strings of her demise as a team!
DianaNotacat: And likely ended up with something they really needed to take care of the beans too!
Ochahime: “What’s in her book?” “Spell, potions, … the reciept for the chocolate?!?”
DianaNotacat: Fatastico! It’ll be the least thing they need to get the beans turned in to wonderful healing chocolate! And they’ll be back on their way first to Issac’s love!
Ochahime: Where Josie suggest hanging out for a bit to watch the poor sick girl… to um… remember why he’s gone through everything… koffkoff…
DianaNotacat: Oh, I bet Josie knows a real bitch when she sees one, since she’s one herself! But the little monster Anabel is prolly good at twisting his feelings around… He’ll not believe a word Josie says, until she finds a way to trick Anabel in to revieling herself when she thinks Issac isn’t there watching!
Ochahime: Exactly
DianaNotacat: Then he’ll give Anabel the yelling she deserves.. that he’s been holding back since forever!
DianaNotacat: Then it’s off to save that poor prince, who really is sick! Where Josie thinks she’s about to meet her future husband and live happilly ever after as a princess!
Ochahime: And Issac, who HAS seen the prince, and listen to Josie go on and on, quietly waits outside the door of the sick man’s bedroom while she delivers the chocolate. After all she has to see the truth herself, and there’s no need for him to be there for her to feel judged.
DianaNotacat: At first she’ll be shocked and greviously dissapointed! All her dreams of marriage and princessness and being happy and in love went poof out the window! She’ll not even realize until after she walks back out of the room, that really… she just doesn’t seem to mind anymore that the prince wasn’t who she thought he was. He was kind and she did something good by saving his life, and for some reason that gave her more warm fuzzies than she thought!
Ochahime: Hmmm, got this half idea of being up in a moutain pass and this dangerous creature… it appears to be hurt, but is it hurt and thus misunderstood, or trying to lure them into a false sense of security to make them their snack… don’t answer that, just let it play in your brain and log it.


Ochahime: Meet Issac, your simple but loyal farmboy who is totally infatuated with the beautiful, and caniving Annabel…
[18:43] DianaNotacat: He’s a simple man with simple needs, a good heart and practical. He just wants to work on his farm and provide for his future family and hopefully with Madam Annabel. But oh… it seems she’s dreadfully sick!
[18:44] Ochahime: And she tells him that she fears the only cure is the legendary chocolate “…” which is a cure all. Not knowing how to even begin looking for it he hunts down the wise local sage.
[18:46] DianaNotacat: Meanwhile in another town there is the pretty and ever so slightly spoiled Josephine. She spends a geat deal of her time reading books and daydreaming about how wonderful and adventurous the life of a noble is.
[18:48] Ochahime: When one day out her window she hears news that the great Prince (whatshisname) is gravely ill and many fear that he will not live to see the snow fall.
[18:50] DianaNotacat: Prince Frederick Beaufort Mortimer Alektenstien. He had to be the most wonderful and kind and handsome and awesome prince in the world! She just knows in her heart if she can save his life, he will fall madly in love with her and she can live the rest of her days happily ever after! And thanks to her books, she knows just the cure… enchanted chocolate! So off she goes to speak with a local Sage that should know which direction to point her…
[18:52] Ochahime: At the sage’s modest dwellings an exotic, if aged woman answer the door, not surprised at all at the young people wanting to talk to her husband…
[18:54] DianaNotacat: The old Sage himself is very interesting and seem to have a story all his own, but this isn’t about him… He’s there to explain to these young upstarts that yes the chocolate may be what they seek, it’s not what they need. To find it they will have to work together or it will not be found at all!
[18:56] Ochahime: Reluctantly they agree to work together, else their ‘true love’ will perish. As they head out, there seems to be a conflict of personality.
[18:58] DianaNotacat: They are definetly two very opposite people! Josie throws herself head first at everything without thinking first, and Issac considers everything to a painful detail. Neither of which think the other have any sense, and thus their first few moments in the Swamp of Creeps is quite dangerous.
[19:04] Ochahime: But soon they learn to cooperate, at least temperarily during crisises
[19:06] DianaNotacat: For they must if they mean to survive… Josie nearly gets herself killed but is saved due to Issac’s ability to think practically during a situation. When Issac nearly gets swallowed by quicksand, Josie is able to use her superfast thinking to drag him out before he goes under.
[19:07] Ochahime: Finally, despite thinking they’d never make it, they reach the Pond of Desier. There, they can discover the location of the chocolate… or perhaps drown in delight.
[19:09] DianaNotacat: And what a delight it is! Everything they had ever wanted or wished for is right there… no reason for them to ever leave! They can sit and bask in the glow of a life endlessly wonderful. But somehow in all of their dreams come true they have a common idea, the chocolate comes to mind again and it takes real effort and resolve to pull themselves out of the pond!
[19:10] Ochahime: Once more in the swamp they think the worst of their trials is behind them, that is until they do something innocently stupid and piss off a swamp witch.
[19:11] DianaNotacat: They were starving and all they wanted was a little something to eat. The little patch of random mushrooms and veigatbles didn’t even LOOK like a garden!
[19:15] Ochahime: But lo be they who take from the witch, who swore she’d get them… having been tangled up in… thus not able to catch them at the time.
[19:16] DianaNotacat: She was busy taking her beauty bath and caught them out the window. It’s not like a witch can run out all warty and naked! But she’ll get them good and make them ample fertilizer for her garden!
[19:18] Ochahime: Rushing away from the witches land, they notice the swamp is becoming more solid land, and thus forrest/jugle. Much better, except for that Pygmy shooting at them. And definetly bad when there is more than one
[19:20] DianaNotacat: And to make matters worst, the pigmys seem to be worshipping giant man eating plants. They nearly get themselves eaten alive, but manage to come up with a very clever plot on getting free. Then it’s a mad dash to get away before the pigmys see what they did to their plants…
[19:22] Ochahime: The two of them are relieved to finally reach civilzation once more. A nice night in an inn with real beds and a hot meal and they think they can face anything. Leaving town the next day they’re invited to the estate of a very rich man who suggests they take a tour of his vinyards.
[19:23] DianaNotacat: The vineyards are likely the most beautiful place they had ever seen, or could have imagined! But for some odd reason, no matter how lovely the vines or how delicious the wine, the entire place just felt gloomy… The longer they toured the more and more the felt saddened and despaired…
[19:25] Ochahime: They clime over a fence to look at a building in the middle of the vinyard, and find a grusome sceen.
[19:27] DianaNotacat: Egads! It’s like they had discovered a burial ground! Bones were delicatly scattered all over the place… newer and fresher versions of the odd “rocks” they might’ve seen in tour vineyard. And at the building in the middle, they peeked just intime to see a funeral for an old man that wasn’t even yet dead! They were preparing to bleed him and feed the vineyards!
[19:29] Ochahime: For once Issac is glad for Josie’s quick thinking, though once rescuing grandpa they need a better plan for escaping and notifying the authorities.
[19:31] DianaNotacat: The old guy wasn’t so out of shape, even if the villagers thought his age made him a liability. With a clever plan from Issac they come up with a good scare for the villages and distraction to get them all away. The old guy goes on his own wayt to alert authorities while the pair are able to escae on their quest.
[19:36] Ochahime: Into the mountains they go, for it is within the vally of these massive peaks that the cacao-special trees grows. The moutain presents not only challenges due to the wind ice and snow, but when they encountere a large dangerous creature that seems hurt, they are at an impass as to what to do.
[19:39] DianaNotacat: They try to have a discussion with the beast on just why they should let it go… both having a difference of opinion on whether or not it’s lying so it can eat them, or sinceerly in need of trouble… but before they can make a decision, Mountain people appear and kill the beast without question!
[19:40] Ochahime: Thus they never know the truth of the beasts intent and are given directions on the best way to the valley below. Finally they arrive, but just because they have the fruit, they don’t have chocolate.
[19:42] DianaNotacat: They discuss the fate of that poor beast, admitting to each other that they could understand the other’s point about it’s intentions… but low! The swamp witch has finally caught up with them! She’s mad as hades and pulling out her best arsenal of weapons and summons to throw at them!
[19:44] Ochahime: But with both quick wits, and a plan for the eventual return of the witch, they do nothing but make her more mad. It truely looks like the end until another stupid innocent action causes the death of the witch.
[19:44] DianaNotacat: It was as simple as pulling off her nose!
[19:45] Ochahime: They do find in her possession a spell book, most of it makes no sense, some of it is scary even, and they might have just left it there, except it has the reciept for the echanted chocolate!
[19:47] DianaNotacat: Evercuring chocolate! They return first to madam Annabel who, strangely wasn’t in bed ailing up until Issac had arrived. In fact everything about Annabel’s story doesn’t ring true at Josie and she does her best to get Annabel to spill her guts!
[19:47] Ochahime: And clever as Josie is, she’s able to get Anabel to reviel everything while Issac is within ear shot.
[19:48] DianaNotacat: And Issac is maaaaad! Mad enough to finally out with years of frustration of being her doormat, and walks out on her for good!
[19:50] Ochahime: And if Josie’s a bit smug about this, well, she’s starting to see Issac as a friend. Next they head to the palace, and with recomendation from the sage saying she carries the evercuring chocolate, she’s allowed into the Prince’s room… after all, he’s so sick they arn’t worried about an assasin
[19:54] DianaNotacat: Issac stays behind, letting her complete her quest on her own. She meets the prince with life safing chocolate, and… he’s nothing that she imagined him to be! Though he was kind and grateful (and maybe even a flirt!) her was a much much older man, and not the handsome prince she had daydreamed about running off with! And though, she was surprised, the real surprise was that she wasn’t dissapointed at all. She was happy she was able to save the man’s life!
[19:58] Ochahime: And thus when she leaves the prince’s room she finds Issac waiting for her, knowing without her needing to say anything that it’s over and she doesn’t have any regret.
[20:00] DianaNotacat: And thus.. a conclusion that is yet to be forseen!

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