Chocolate: Prologue

At the tender age of seven, being kidnapped by raiders and sold into slavery to an aged mage, he learned the secrets of the mystic. Protector of the Solemn Staff, Slayer of Six Headed Snargog, having fought side by side with Drake The Avenger, and in the end, though most would not see it as such, his greatest trial – the courtship of his wife – the exotic princess of the northern barbarians. He was a most amazing man with tales that could fill this book with adventures untold.

But this isn’t his story.

In the land of Briah, there is a sickness floating over the doors of it’s people. Laying in the throats of the children and sinking in to the heads of even it’s nobility. It pulls the strength from those it envelops, shrouding the mind with gloom and leaving nothing left but a cold and desolate husk. He, this great mage, had just exited the room of the crowned Prince Frederick Beaufort Mortimer Alektenstien. The prognosis was grim.

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