Rating: R
Genre: Space Saga SciFi
Atmosphere/Mood: Dramatic Space Adventure with lots of Action!
Basic Plot: A group of people chosen to be passengers on a fugitive ship, stuck in between a corrupt government and an explosive activist rebellion!

Wanted: Small Crew.
Several positions needed.
No background checks, or references needed.
But subject to ship’s opinion.
An ambiguous set of morals preferred.
Come to Ajax Bar at 1200.
Ask for “J.K.” at the bar.

There is a very rare breed of ship, a living ship. A fantastic creature that has such great potential… but, to use this ship you must be “chosen”. Chosen by the ship itself or many of the ship’s design might be impossible to control. You could fly it, live in it, travel… but you could never control it. Every ship is different and who they desire as a pilot could be as opposite as night and day. A particularly bossy ship may even want to choose it’s crew. After all, if it doesn’t want you on board, it won’t let you stay.

Nicknamed Titan Ships, these wonderful creatures are a great commodity to have despite the difficulties in finding a pilot. Yet, the Terradyne Federation has now outlawed the use of these ships. The choice of pilots and the actions of these ships could not be government controlled. When found, they are confiscated and put away in military stations to await being destroyed.

Originally a great organization put together by the Dynithian Race to enforce peace across the Galaxy. For a few hundred years, this system has worked well. Up until recently. There have been some changes of power. In the past 40 years, the Terradyne have slowly turned from peacekeepers to bullies. They have kept their facade, only to do a lot of under-the-table deals and treaties. It’s rumored that the Terradyne are now making people “disappear” if they don’t uphold the Agenda.

Where the Terradyne might call them terrorists or pirates, the Genesis Coalition boasts that it is a organization against the military state the Terradyne has started to force on the Galaxy. Questing for the truth and freedom for the constellations, they intend to take down the Terradyne by any means necessary. If not by legal means, by brute force. Their tactics have been everything from peaceful demonstrations, to full out attacks on Terradyne owned properties.

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