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Ichikawa Rivals

Ichikawa Rivals

The Ichikawa Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools in Japan.

with a very special secret.

Settings Settings: Modern Realistic Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Zone 34

people unwareling like wollen jumpers and the tattered bloody threads drifting through the air towards the center.
[10:26:04 AM] Vay: The sky craking and falling down like massive chunks of porciline.

of we want to we could have the shards of sky coalesce into rovers of tony sharp shards and flow in rivers through the air, if peopel don’t move fast enough they get sliceydiced

I still also want blood, water and all other fluids to drip upwards at points.

and pool on the ceiling or if they’re outside just in mid air.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Otherworld


Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3

“Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go.

Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah. The creatures of Underland do not like having something in their world that’s not OF it and wanted to destroy Alice, and especially the strange two-worlded baby.

Alice left Underland back to her own world where she had the baby and left it with a weirdo family that believes Alice was a god of Underland. Alice disappeared and it’s unknown where she went.

Dinah grows up always having this “other self” especially when she has darker thoughts or gets angry. As an adult she meets someone that brings light and love in to her life, but when she hits 25 she is unable to control that darker side from coming out. She wants to push her love away because she is dangerous, and he refuses. She takes him to Underland to prove that she was born of evil-stuff.

From there it is a story of love and madness.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Festival of the Damned

[et_pb_section fb_built=”1″ admin_label=”section” _builder_version=”4.6.5″ hover_enabled=”0″ background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0)” sticky_enabled=”0″][et_pb_row admin_label=”row” _builder_version=”3.25″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″ _builder_version=”3.25″ custom_padding=”|||” custom_padding__hover=”|||”][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” _builder_version=”3.27.4″ background_size=”initial” background_position=”top_left” background_repeat=”repeat”]The Festival of the Damned is a local yearly tradition where a town does a lot of superstitious things to keep the Damned happy and from rising up to claim the living. A group of troublemakers have decided to hang out in the town’s cemetery for their own little party of drinking and games. And they may just inadvertently awaken something that has not been seen for centuries…


Once a year, at the first Full Moon of Autumn, the local village of Rowanfel celebrates [b]Reaper’s Night[/b] with [i]The Festival of the Damned[/i]. A tradition that goes back for a thousand years as a way to appease still-roaming spirits and prevent them from harming the living. Very few remember the origins of everyone’s favorite traditions. Why endless sweet baked goods are shared. Why a stag is sacrificed and it’s antlers burned in the bonfire with dried bushels of sage. Why you are only allowed to light orange candles. The festival is a fun day of spooky things and celebration! People are contented to be merry, celebrate with their friends and family, and enjoy this traditional heralding of the fall.

But on [i]this[/i] Reaper’s Night, a group of troublemakers have decided to wander out to the cemetery and have their own party. And this may be the greatest terror of their lives! Someone will make a [i]grave[/i] mistake and learn why superstitions and traditions are no laughing matter.

[color=lime][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN AND CHARACTERS[/b][/color]
You are a villager of Rowanfel. You are most likely one of these young people that are sneaking out to the cemetery, though you are not limited to that! You can play a human or magical creature. Magic is okay too! Bios are not required, but I would LOVE to see a quick blurb about your potential characters, because it could help me put together some plot points. >:3[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column][/et_pb_row][/et_pb_section]

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Epic Fantasy #223767292

(The past) A young woman opens a box she finds under rubble at the ancient ruined castle site. It possesses her with a god’s power, but in exchanged it killed/sacrificed her younger brother and also set loose an evil in to the world along with a curse. A curse prophecy about the fall of the 5 great kingdoms.

(the present) That woman is now queen, an old mad queen! Her husband has died some time ago. She has six children. Five sons and one daughter. And now she is babbling random things about the curse. That on her death, the evil possessing her is going to take over a new host (the daughter), and her sons will go mad and lead it’s army to destroy the five kingdoms.

Thus sons and daughter go on a quest to uncover the mysteries and history of the ancient castle ruins, the origins of the curse, and how they might break it before their family falls.

Settings: Space Saga

The Tolrah House

[color=firebrick][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Saga Sci-fi with Sexy Socializing!

[color=skyblue][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color]
[i]The Tolrah House is planetside on Henratai IV and has many names. Some are beautiful and alluring while others crude or insulting. Needless to say, all the descriptions might be true. Inside the dome you are welcome to a beautiful fantasy, organized by the Madam Caprice and her host of divine companions. You might choose a companion or explore the home’s peaceful garden grounds. If you are a clean and healthy individual, you might also join the home as a companion.

[center]Might your fantasies be joyous![/center][/i]

[url=]Surrounded by a Dome[/url], the exists/enters have armed guards in threes, two on the outside and one on the inside. The Dome shields the area from outside weather, inside the dome lush tropical growth is abundant. There are paths leading to the main House and there are paths leading to the ‘homes’ of the whores. The main house is raised building with graceful Japanese lines, broad porches wrap around the houses where pillows are splayed out. Some of the ladies and gentlemen would lounge there. The steps are large and and shallow, making it an easy climb to the large double doors that are already thrown open in welcoming. Short tables are arranged around the room, liquor and other beverages are severed by novices yet unable to perform the main entertainment for the evening. On most nights there is entertainment, either a singer or an instrumentalist, or both. The women and men of the House are as varied as they come, different breeds and species, colors, shapes, and sizes. On some nights the walls, Japanese rice screens are open, the warm sweet scented air flowing into the room moved on by the fans.

The houses of whores are not too large, each having a room where they ‘entertain’ their paying customers and having a separate living space. You know you are favored when the whore asks you to come inside their living space. Most of the whores have ground dwellings, some even have underground dwelling, but a few have tree houses.

The grounds around the House are full of plants and ponds and heated pools and small streams with decorative bridges. Pole lights light up along the varied paths of gravel or inlaid stone. Small song birds twitter about and sing to themselves and to each other. The place is meant to be the exotic background to the ladies and gentlemen here and it works wonderfully.

What you don’t see is the stainless steel kitchens or the automated features, the cords and the breaker boxes and the generators that keep this lovely lush place operating as it is. You never think that the Dome which keeps out the weather and other nuisances can also keep those it wants in. You certainly don’t think it could keep out weapons of war, but many a war has been started by a pretty face…

Settings: SciFi Settings: Space Saga

Thirty Seconds From Mars

[color=orange][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Sci-Fi Alien Invasion!

[color=orangered][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color]
Humans have terra-formed Mars to be a habitable planet through the power of technology and science. There are now several Mars colonies and a single major city. The Mars capital of Marelsou.

But suddenly… MARS IS UNDER ATTACK by an invading alien species! They are wiping out the entire city’s population of humans. When done with Mars, the intend to move on to Earth.

Mars has called for help… but will help get there in time to evacuate the last surviving refugees in the City of Marelsou?

A rescue team has been sent to save who they can and get off the planet before the Military arrive to wage battle.

[color=orangered][b]Your character and plot options:[/b][/color]
– Someone who lives on Mars or is visiting Mars.
– The Military Rescue that was station on Mars or has come from Earth to help evacuate any survivors.
– You must play a human! There is no magic or mutant powers in this roleplay. However, there can be cybernetics!

This roleplay is all about fighting aliens and survival! Survive until the end and get off the planet if you can!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

The New Rise of Eldaryn

[b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b] Post Apocalypse SciFi Fantasy with DRAGONS.

[i]…and then the world fell.[/i]

It didn’t happen all at once, nor was it from one single cause. There was the plagues. The meteor shower. The wars. As time went by the population grew smaller and smaller. Cities fell and civilizations were lost. The wild took over again as people retreated from the derelict cities to smaller villages for the safety or numbers and supplies.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Prophecy of Faizen

Come the Star Age a 4th moon will appear in the skies. In 30 days time that moon will split in three, revealing it to be meteors heading for the world and then end will be…. No one really knows for sure. It could be nothing, it could be the destruction of the world, it could be an alteration of reality. All the people on this world know is that when the time comes they want to be ready.

When a stranger from another world appears, the countries all have their own theory of what she’s there for. Some claim it’s a goddess, some claim a witch, some claim the ultimate either. As they all scramble to prepare for the meteor fall, everyone wants to make sure they are the prepared kingdom.

A prince of Faizen, masquerading as an inept wizard might end up being the only one who truly knows what is going to happen…

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Seven Deadly Sins

Isabellas: Oh yea.. Isabellas forgot to tell you about that creepy dream they had about the 7 deadly sins.. it involved two investigators… There was 7 victims in a hotel with 7 killers… each killer murdered a victim in a similar way to a sin… The chick cop thought it was her partner walking in in every room but it was a ghost of a killer every time… So a lot of dead faces. and then she would have a vision of being murdered just like the victim was each room.. All so the last one was Lust.. and she was a hot killer with the hair Isabellas like and a Ukrainian accent..

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Princess Fable

Princess being taught a lesson or led to her destiny? Old woman (a witch) has been guiding her. To find her father who is trapped as a dragon and her true love who is also cursed. Princess learns how to take care of herself by learning how to do little things at a time, and kindness by giving what she makes to others. (searching for mushrooms, learning how to cook recipes, washing clothes. discovering the dragon.. Mirrors?)

Settings: SciFi

On The Run

Russian Scientist Crazy Military dude has experiments in genetics. His best is a really tall assassin guy that he keeps under control with regular injections. Crazy guy has just captured a few orphan kids and is about to use them in his genetic experiments because they have -natural- gifts. But Assassin dude manages to escape and takes the kids with him. They are on the run trying to find a new place to live and hide.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Rival’s Choice

The two have been competing with each other forever. They both tie in the ultimate contest, containing THE most awesome prizes of the world – except for the surprise marriage to a dragon lord from the next country over. They have t divide up their prizes and then bicker about who has to marry the guy neither of them want!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Prayer Mage & Dragons

Post apocalypse modern fantasy world. Lots of modern style tech and buildings totally destroyed, but the culture has grown very different over the years. Like villages and colonies of people trying to survive within larger structure buildings. There are all sizes of DRAGONS that are now the top of the food chain and eat people. There’s magic and some people called “Prayer Mages” that are able to use magic to control the beasts.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi

Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

Settings: Modern Realistic

Zodiac Murders

Genre: Modern Mystery
Rating: R – Violence, Sex and everything in between.
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
It started with a letter arriving at the Chicago Police Department; it ended in murder.

On May 25th the first letter arrived in a simple unmarked red envelope baring a strange symbol and an encrypted note. Inside were clues to a murder in the making, beginning with the first sign of the western zodiac. They thought it was a hoax, but in the end there was a murder. Ashley Ridings, an in house singer at the Aries nightclub, was found in her dressing room stabbed with a knife using a ram’s horn as it’s hilt. When a second red envelope arrived, police took it seriously. Working night and day to try and decipher the clues. A second murder happened – Joseph Taurus was found hung by a rope tied to ox horns adorning his office walls. Again, a third murder happened; twins born under the sign of Gemini drowned in a hotel fish aquarium.

It’s now June 18th with three murders and no leads. All the department has is a new letter with a new clue. A special team has been formed to work on the investigation. How many more will be killed before they find the Zodiac Killer?


Players can be one of the official investigations team, someone else in the department, reporters, someone close to or related to the police department, someone related or close to one of the murdered victims, or someone that could possibly BE one of the future victims. Remember, if you play someone that could BE a victim there is a possibility that your character can DIE in this game!

The Zodiac Killer is an NPC and sends a red envelope to the police department with clues to the next murder. Characters have to try and decipher the clues if they want to save the next victim, but so far there is very little in the way of information about the serial killer and his methods. What is for SURE is that he is going in order of the Western Zodiac and his victims either have the sign on the zodiac or is directly related to something with the name of the zodiac.

This plot is character driven. That means, things will happen depending on what the characters do in the game. If they play their cards right, they could save a life, if they take too long, someone will die. If they get too close to the killer the character themselves could be in danger!

There is also the possibility for other killers. Copycats or other random events. It’s all a matter of how the characters drive the game!

Zodiac Murders – Official Game Info

Our Plot Details are located Here: [url=]Zodiac Murders[/url]

Welcome to the first official game since… a really long time! XD Being an official game, that means we have… [i]expectations[/i]. Nothing too difficult, this is basic Roleplay 101! I’ll explain everything here in this thread, and if you have any questions… just ask!

[b][u]Quick Rundown:[/u][/b]

[b]Basic Plot:[/b] A serial killer is murdering people using the Western Zodiac as his calling card. He occasionally sends [i]red envelopes[/i] to the local police & news stations with clues to his next murder. As an NPC his actions will rely on what characters do in game. (For example, if characters aren’t able to reach the next victim in time, someone might die. Or he might attack any characters that get too close to his identity.) This game is 100% character driven. Players are welcomed and encouraged to plot out stories for their characters, as the NPC and game will mold around what you come up with! Any character could be a potential victim. Whether you design your character related to a zodiac thing, or whether you lag badly in doing your posts… your character has the potential to die. (Where we won’t kill an active player’s characters without permission we WILL murder any characters from missing players if you’ve been given notice.)

– Players can start new threads and new locations whenever they feel it necessary. If it’s a new day or a new location, it’s good to start a new thread. Make sure your thread is labeled like “Day 1” so we don’t have issues with timelines. Do NOT wait for me to start YOU a thread, because that is not my job! That’s yours!

– There will be a sticky thread where CLUES are listed. Any characters that work for the police or news will have been able to stop by their station and learn those clues. Clues learned by characters thru gameplay will be listed under a special category called “DISCOVERIES”. Whether or not characters tell the authorities about their discovered clues, is up to them!

– Bios must be Reviewed and Approved by Diana before you can play. Post your bio in the “Application” thread. Your review will be sent by Private Message (in case there’s anything embarrassing!). When the bio is approved, it will be split from the thread and moved to our Biographies forum.

– I don’t care if you post 3 lined posts or 10 paragraphs, as long as you know the difference between practical and redundant. It doesn’t take 5 paragraphs to say hello and walk in to a room, just as it should take more than 1 paragraph to describe walking in to a new scene. (see posting guidelines below.)

Posting Expectations

[b]Participation Wish:[/b] 1 post a day.
[b]Participation REQUIRED:[/b] 1 post a week.
[b]Participation Lagging:[/b] 2 weeks of no post time = a killed character. You’ll get 2 warnings/requests to post.

I understand that not everyone can be online to post everyday, nor can we always post once a day if we’re waiting on someone else to post. HOWEVER, I really really encourage players to get involved in wild posting sprees with their partners when they can. ENJOY getting online and playing with wild abandon! XD Be excited and impatient about when you can post next, and eagerly awaiting the next exciting moment in the game! THAT is what makes an rpg fun and successful!

If take longer than 2 weeks for you to post you’ll get two requests/warnings, and then we’re killing your character. Unless you have an excuse and seriously can not be online for X amount of time (in that case, just let us know!), there is no excuse for not being able to post and keep up. It takes 10/15 minutes to type up a quick post. We don’t expect novels. If you’re bored/stuck, just say so, and we’ll DO something about it! We will come in your thread and shake things up just for your entertainment! Laggy Players can ruin a game for other players, so please have respect for your partners and try to post as often as possible.

[b]”Practical Posting”[/b]

Be practical. With practical posting, you can keep a game moving fast with little lag time or boredom! Here’s a few tips to know what sort of posts are needed soon.

[b]Long or “Novel” Posts[/b]
Don’t slow up the game or waste energy writing a novelesque post when it’s not necessary. There are quick and simple scenes, where you will have quick paced moments between characters. These sort of scenes do NOT need epically long posts and can get boring REAL fast when people have to read through a bunch of flowery words just to get to a short and simple point.

Needed When:
— You are painting a picture of a new scene. This lets all the other players know where they are, what they hear, what is around them, who they are with, ect.
— Your are introducing a character to a scene. It’s good to describe what they look like, what they are wearing, ect, so that other players are aware.
— Backgrounds or flashbacks. These are “illustration” moments where it’s good to use a little creative writing.

Redundant When:
— You’re just having back and forth conversation with characters.
— A fight or action scene with another character/NPC where you can only do so much action yourself.
–You’re REdescribing something you’ve already stated before.

[b]Short or “One Liner” Post[/b]
Short posts are ideal for quick and fast paced scenes. However, a short post can leave other players hanging and wondering “what do I do now?” if they’re done when “something” needs to happen. When you must make a short post, always consider “will this post make an difference in the scene if I removed it later?”

Needed When:
— You’re just chatting or socializing. Idle conversation gets boring fast, so typing long posts for these would just drag out a scene longer than needed.
— You’re involved in a high action scene with multiple characters. If you are not controlling the NPC or multiple characters, you need to make the post “to the point” so that the next character can react. If you add too much in an action scene post, it will get confusing and players will miss some of the actions.

Redundant When:
— A scene is getting SLOW and dragging behind. A short post would not have enough content to push the scene forward.
— You are starting a new scene, because no one will know what’s going on.

[b]Thread Getting SLOW and BORING:[/b]

Sometimes players get carried away with idle conversations and scenes between characters. These scenes are good for developing relationships between characters, but they DO get really boring if you drag them out too long.

If you are in a thread where the idle chat is just getting BLAH – Use a “Long” post to introduce EVENT or ACTION. This is a perfect moment to stumble across a clue, have a bad guy attack, or even just have something random or stupid happen like a freak fire or a clown parade.

Be aware that the thread might also have “reached it’s end”, where it’s time for characters to move on to a new scene. Try starting a new topic/scene.

If you’re dying of boredom, but have no idea what you could do to living things up… ASK. We’ll throw an NPC post at you and stir up trouble!


[i]Can I play multiple characters?[/i]

[i]Can I be THE Zodiac Killer or have my character directly related to him?[/i]
No. That guy is 100% NPC. For ease of being able to alter the storyline at any moment, we can’t have any characters related to him or playing him.

[i]Can I play a copycat killer or other bad guy?[/i]
Yes! Feel free! <3 [i]Can I suggest possible clues or find X clue in my thread?[/i] Yup! We have a "Clue Box" thread where you can suggest clues that could be found in game, and we will be crossing out the ones that have been found! [i]Do I HAVE to have my bio reviewed?[/i] Yes. XD I have to make sure your bio meets requirements. The biggest "issue" will be making sure you character is not too similar to any other characters in play, or that your bio contains enough information to really KNOW the character. [i]Can my character have powers, even just small ones or be a magical creature?[/i] NO. This is a "realistic" game. All characters must be human, and there will be NO super natural events. [b]BIO EXPECTATIONS[/b] This is really simple. A quick list of what I am reviewing in your bio. If you can follow these guides, your bio will likely be approved without problem! - A character that is as unique and different from other characters in the game. Make sure you read the biographies that have been approved before yours. For example, if too many characters have dead parents I'm going to say "hey, that's getting cliche in this game". Or if too many characters have the same color eyes. Or if too many characters are working the exact same sort of job. Or if too many characters are trying to fill the "stoic badass" or "super sweet girl" roles. Bios are accepted FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, so if you want to be able to play a certain character type or plot point, you need to finish your bio ASAP. - A well developed background history of the character's life up until now. This is MOST important, as your character's history is what GIVES them their personality, and what has made them the kind of person that they are. What ever personality you give them, something in their past has likely helped to make them that way. - Whys and Hows. If you have any interesting or peculiar, even super special traits about your character. Or even just a completly bland character, make sure you have some sort of reason or explanation for it. Example: Katie is so horrified of dogs she can't even breathe when she sees one. That sort of thing is just asking for a reason why behind it! Example: Jimmy hates cops. Hatred of cops don't come out of no where. We must know why! ...OKAY! I feel as if I am forgetting something. c____c;; In the meantime, I am now officially accepting applications or answering any questions. This game will begin [i]immediately[/i] as soon as your bio is accepted and you have someone to play with. XD See the OOC Plotting Thread to discuss characters and find partners to get involved with.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Zankoku Mokuteki

From the beginning of all things, there was light…and in every part of everything that was made, there was also the darkness. For countless millenia, those beings that walk in the light have feared the darkness; feared the great unknown that haunted their dreams and made their greatest fears lie bare before the world.

From these fears, not even man is safe. Since the dawn of mankind’s reign over the earth, stories have been told of terrible demons that lie in wait in the darkest corners of the mind. The darkness was–and still remains–one of humanity’s greatest fears.

As time passed, the darkness grew, and people’s spirits became tainted with the darkness. The allure and mystery of the unknown dark overcame them, turning them into terrible shadows amongst the single great shadow.

Over seven hundred years ago in a now-ancient fortress, one man called forth the light to banish the darkness that had taken over the life of his betrothed. That night, the entire countryside shook as the eternal battle between light and dark was once again waged on the fragile mortal coil. Only through a great sacrifice of eternal servitude was the young lady’s life saved, thus casting Asher Wolfgang Vandeveer into the pages of history.

During the next seven hundred years, a mighty war erupted between the Heavenly host and the legions of the damned, spawned from the flaming pits of Hell itself. In this great war, the mortal coil was twisted and buckled like a man possessed in a nigh-hopeless attempt at purging the warring forces from itself. On both sides of the war, mighty warriors took to the battlefield, riding horses that belched fire and smoke; death and destruction was poured upon the earth for countless days and nights.

In the end, the hordes of darkness were thrust back into the depths of Hell from whence they came, and the lives of mortal men were saved from eternal damnation.

And now, over seven hundred years after one man breached all laws of Heaven and Hell to save his beloved, the rifts between worlds are again beginning to shrink. Vampires, werewolves, demons and other nightmarish beasts stalk the land, bringing chaos and suffering wherever they go.

Now, through the intervention of a single ageless being born of an unholy union between Heaven and Hell, hope springs anew…through her determination and perseverance, this eternal being may be the one last hope our world has to be saved once again from destruction…

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Realistic Fantasy

Ylnova Renewed

A huge disaster has killed the entire royal family and upperclass of Ylnova. There’s not a blue-blooded person left of high society. At first the peasants rejoice. Without the rule of a King, that means they are free to do what ever they want. But soon they realize, without a ruler to keep law and order means they have no protection from invading countries, bands of thugs, or even themselves. Ylnova has erupted in to chaos. Now a group of people have decided that a new Ruler must be found and put on the throne. …but is there a fair and just person left in the land?

Settings: Space Saga


Xelmor Colony Station has been in the forefront of society advancements for the past 200 years. Being a multi-species colony, there has been a lot of debate on which Empire the station actually belongs to. Recently, the local government of Xelmor has decided to succeed from all world ties and become it’s own Independent entity. The intention was to explore the vastness of space and use the homegrown technologies of Xelmor to inhabit and develop a barren planet. Creating a world without biased against species and a government system that treats it’s citizens with the respect they deserve.

972 A.E. A strange illness starts to spread on one of the Xelmor levels.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Witching Agency

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Witches and Wizards are not born. They’re chosen. If people were born with these gifts, a rather long list of individuals would have spontaneously exploded by now. – Sir Alfred Clive, 6th Head of the Agency.

The very trouble with being a human mortal is that, well, we just weren’t cut out for magical talents. Perhaps a long time ago when the elves were still our neighbors and faeries still fluttered about, humans still could be born with magic. But after a few incidents with haggard old ladies and cooking children in big pots, the higher beings were convinced humans were just too young to handle such responsibility.

Still, there were many that believed humans shouldn’t be typecast just because of a few bad apples. Some humans had brilliant potential and deserved the opportunity to lead a greater life. Thus, many came together and formed the Witching Agency. Through this, humans with potential are chosen during a serious of “unaware” tests. If they pass, they are unlocked. Given their gift of magic. These fledgling witches and wizards must then serve time in the Agency as they learn to develop and control their magic. Agency members enforce the laws of the magical world. There is no perfect way for a human to learn responsibility than seeing what rogue magic can lead to.

The rules are simple:

– You must never show your power to the mortals.
– Unlicensed magic use is strictly forbidden.
– You are not to disobey the Agency.

Welcome to the Agency and Witching 101!

Now that you are an official Witch or Wizard, please keep your wand with you at all times. Be it in a pocket or a sub-space dimension. Make sure you turn on the safety lock if you leave your wand unattended. You have been assigned your mentors, do make sure to follow their instruction. Mission will often come in unusual forms, be on the look out.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Fantasy

A little boy learns how he is connected to a family of witches.

Random Notes:
Learning how the wands are created, including the mysterious missing “master wand”.
Five orphaned siblings, three sisters, two brothers (the witches the boy learns of and meets.)
The eldest sister is an evil witch and main antagonist. She is a librarian where a lot of the story happens.
The middle sister is a secondary antagonist but gets sealed as a marble.
Third sister is a good witch and has been in disguise helping the boy.
One brother is the boy’s father but died. He wrote a series of children’s books that have clues about the boys family.
Other brother is a poor excuse for a witch.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Wishing Well

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Timeline: Present Date

In the center of town there is a wishing well. People like to toss in their coins and make a wish. They say if you do it exactly at midnight on the night of a full moon, the wish is sure to come true!

One evening a couple of people are making a wish at the well – but what they get is a PERSON FROM ANOTHER WORLD. This person was making a wish at their OWN well and something strange happened.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Winter’s End

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Daimir

Daimir is a world of great magics, amazing stories, prosperity and peace. Ruled by clans, each region of Daimir has it’s specialties for trade. The crops that they grow, the animals they raise. And in the world of Daimir, everything has it’s seasons, sparked by ancient orbs and protected by chosen families.

But there are some that don’t like the shift of seasons. When the quiet solitude of winter comes, heralding in ice and snow, it puts the world to a motionless sleep. They want to ensure the growing seasons will last and last, giving the world endless supplies of resources and sunlight!

To do this, they must end winter. Forever.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Wheel of Fate

Genre: Fantasy

What if you discovered you had been living the same life and same events for thousands of years? That every time you are reincarnated you carry out the same events regardless of who you are and where you are born?

__ is a man that accidentally stumbled on the home of the 3 Fates. He finds out that the Fates have predetermined stories that are to happen, over and over, that keep the balance of the world. Worse, he discovers his Mentor and his partner are predestined to die during a battle in the near future. Does he allow fate to carry on as it always has, or does he decide to change the course of history?

Settings: Magical Fantasy

War of Stormwind

Genre: Fantasy

Plot Basic

Telmir has been at war with Anthova for over 30 years. Neither side seems to gain control, and now the people aren’t even sure what they’re still fighting for. The leaders of both countries have died, leaving temporaries in charge searching for heirs and replacements.

Country of Telmir

Kingdom of Anthova

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Voodoo Rite

Genre: Modern Supernatural

“Last Saturday’s fatal Brooklyn fire started by voodoo sex rite”

Settings: Modern Realistic

Verboten: Seeing Red

Genre: Mobster Family Crime Drama
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Timeline: Present Date

Basic Plot

The streets of Chicago aren’t ruled by rival gangs, but rather by rival families. Mob families that have vied for power of the city for decades. Lately, two of the most influential families have been rather cross with each other. Stepped on toes here, a hit on someone there. Rumor has it that a mob war is about to go down, and the city is right in the middle of it.

Angelico Family
Vito Angelico is an ambitious man taking over for his recently deceased uncle. Out for revenge on the dirty bastards that killed him, Vito and his gang of men are ruthless about getting what they want. Their legit business is running a chain of nightclubs in the city. Otherwise they smuggle in weapons. Most of their family is not blood related, but they are one of the oldest organizations in the city.
[b]FAMILY GOAL:[/b] Discover which Malfatorre killed Uncle. Wipe them all out.

Malfatorre Family
Theodore “Pops” Malfatorre by now is a very old man, but back in his day he was quite the lady-killer. Literally. It’s rumored that 3 of his 7 wives were killed because of “personal betrayals” but no crime was ever proven. His 9 sons (born from several ex-wives) all help with his business. His legit business is running cargo ships across the world. Otherwise, he deals in stolen art & antiques. Pops Malfatorre also has one single daughter from his late wife (God Rest Her Soul) whom he likes to keep out of all the “Men Stuff.”
[b]FAMILY GOAL:[/b] Kill Vito Angelico. Stomp out the Angelico family.

Sworn to protect and serve the population, the Police Department is working hard. They have to deal with dirty cops bribed by the mob AND try to prove illegal activity to get criminals behind bars.
[b]POLICE GOAL:[/b] Prove illegal activity and put these people in jail.

Civilians are individuals caught in the middle of a mob war. (You must inevitably choose whether or not you will side with Angelico, Malfatorre, or the Police.)

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Vaug Toran

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Vaug Toran

Plot Teaser
Vaug Toran – a marvelous world of… nothing very extraordinary. The golden days of old are over; the council of mages all but diminished saved for a mere few, the dragons that once dominated the mountains have been slayed, the majestic creatures that blessed the forests have vanished. Humans have finally claimed the lands and flourished in their dreary unfascinating lives.

This is not the will of some. Though rare, magic is still born in a special few… but thanks to a strange plague that has been ravaging villages, it becomes a tainted black magic. Ones that would have been good become twisted under the pull of a darker power. Vaug Toran is under siege by a mysterious unknown.

A plague has become an epidemic in Vaug Toran, and though the illness itself is bad enough – the fact that anyone born with a natural talent for magic will become tainted with a darker power if they catch the sickness. Countless of people are dying due to the plague, worsened by the influx of violence by newly realized Dark Mages. This crisis has caught the attention of the last surviving wizards of the Titan Council, reminding them of a quest they had never completed and being a precursor to a much worse fate for Vaug Toran if this mysterious power is not stopped. The wizards have realized, though, that they are way too old to complete their quest on their own and have enlisted the help of a small group of people to aid them on their quest. Their goal is to find the Scrolls of Titanus – a written documentation of all the spells and teachings that were handed down the generations of the Titan Council. These scrolls contain many spells and concoctions that could ruin the world if they fell in to the wrongs hands – they only pray its not already too late!


THE TITANS: The Titans were a council of elite mages and wizards in Vaug Toran. Males born with an exceptional affinity towards magic would be sent straight away to the Temple of Titanus to spend the rest of their days learning the intricate threads of magic. The Tital Council had a great deal of influence on the political powers of the world, and were revered for their wisdom and aid in times of crisis. However, nothing can remain untainted forever. After hundreds of years without ill thoughts in the temple, there was a premonition shared by many of the mages. It foretold that one of them would rise to power and come to control the lands of Vaug Toran. The more ancient wizards thought this to be impossible, but the younger apprentices found this intriguing… and power is a very tempting lure!



Lufernat: One of the last of the ancient wizards. He and his comrades have banded together to finish the quest they started years ago, before something evil awakes! He is, however, very old and not as agile as he used to be, so he and his fellow mages have hired some younger men to aid them in their quest.

Olivia: Grand Daughter of Lufernat. Her parents died recently in a village plague, and the home/property was confiscated to pay for bills. She has sought out her grandfather to tell him the news and join in his quest. She seems to have a natural ability to cast magic, despite having no training or knowledge of what she can accomplish. This is rare as woman do not usually have a talent for magic. She is a trained healer/potions maker and has an affinity towards animals!

Settings: Space Saga


Genre: Space Exploration Sci-Fi
Place: Exploring Galaxy #882701, more commonly referred to as “Ganymede 7”
Timeline: Future

URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the Regency. It’s mission: To explore the vastness of space, learn of new planets, stars, and colonize inhabitable locations.

Of course, the universe is not without it’s dangers. Hostile Alien races travel the stars, hybrid races from cross breeding gone wrong, as well as self proclaimed pirates can be a danger to planet-side missions and in rare cases to the Junomedra itself.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

University of Infinitas Sententia

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: ???

Alexa has just graduated from college, and is packing up from her favorite class and telling her beloved teacher ____ goodbye. She discovers the teacher’s back room filled with interesting items that come right out of very rare story books she enjoyed reading. The teacher asks, “So you’ve read the ___ and the ___? That’s the mark of a great mind. A great mind indeed.” Teacher offers Alexa a sort of exchange student internship at a very exclusive and amazing University that sounds amazing. …Except she has to leave right that moment! Alexa is dubious but loves the idea. Teacher seems to pack her up rather quick, giving her a few gifts and quick confusing advice as she rushes her out the door and to the front of the street where an odd looking hand pushed cart is waiting. She hands Alexa a few quarters to pay for the Ticket (the man asked for coppers, but the quarters seemed to be acceptable), and he gives her a ticket. Alexa is ushered in to a box that looks more like a set of chest drawers from the outside, but setting in to it, it looks like a very comfortable train. The whole thing is moving and she’s off before she can catch her breath.

Alexa arrives at her destination – which looks like a huge tower of random buildings all put together and stacked up like building blocks. Someone meets her out front, commenting about how atrocious this years University looks, and mentions that he thought the yearly contest for students to design the structure was a horrible idea. There’s a huge golden archway leading in to the University grounds that says “University of Infinitas Sententia”. Upon crossing under the archway, the University then looks much more like a normal building, but huge, beautiful, and well laid out. There’s very odd contraptions and creatures around the place. Inside the building is no different. Her guide is little help in explaining things, he just tells her that her room is ready, her assigned professor will meet her tomorrow, and she must be a grand thinker to be recommended by Teacher.

The University of Infinitas Sententia or University of “Infinite Thinking” seems to be some sort of magical place dedicated to actually dreaming up and making happen the extraordinary things that happen in stories, legends, and myth. The entire place seems to be a haphazard collection of all these thoughts and creations. Professors have their specialties and pass on tips and tricks to “grand imagining” to younger generations that must continue the thinking. Apparently without the University, nothing interesting would ever happen anywhere. Life would be a bland, repetitive, and monotonous existence.

Settings: Realistic Fantasy Settings: Space Saga

Return of the Twilight King

Genre: SciFi
Location: Galaxy
Timeline: Future

The Galaxy of Tomel is steep with deep history. In the days space travel was born, planets were ravaged by savagery and warfare. One man rose above the rest with a dream in mind. To unite Tomel and bring peace to all solar systems. His success has labeled him as the one True King. The Savior of Tomel. He took a wife and prepared to live a long life as a King and Father. Yet, all was not a happily ever after for the True King. He died young, too young. Without giving his wife anything to hold on to. In her sorrow, the Queen preserved his body, taking his seed to have his children. As she could not bare to marry another man.

Legends say, that when Tomel is once again in need, the True King will rise again and take his throne. Because only the True King has the fire and the passion to unite the galaxy.

[color=dodgerblue][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN[/b][/color]
It a thousand years since the age of the True King and Tomel is in trouble. The current King has just passed away, and the Regents are seeking the next heir in line to take the throne. Only… the heirs are more often than not ending up dead. Be it accident or blatant murder! It is clear that someone out there is trying to destroy the entire royal line, and the Regents are DESPERATE to put a True Heir on the throne before the solar systems of Tomel erupt in to chaos.

They have contracted a small group to acquire every known blood heir to the True King and have them returned so they might choose the most suitable to be the next Ruler of Tomel.

But one of the Heirs has a different idea in mind. Find the body of the True King and have him do the damn job himself.

Settings: Space Saga

Toko Aida

Genre: Space Saga Sci-Fi
Location: Onya Galaxy


The Toko Aida. A space station on the grandest of scales. Funded by the Imperium Republic of Sol (Commonly known as the IROS Alliance), Toko Aida is a neutral territory with a conglomerate of different species and nations pulled together for one purpose – gratuitous capitalism. Trade, Business, Shipping, Vacation, Tourism… if it can be sold, it can be found on Toko Aida. Information, Black Markets, Galactic Police, Bounty Hunters, Business Owners… everyone finds a need to visit Toko Aida.

There is a war brewing…
On the very edges of the Onya Galaxy a warlord has made coop, assassinating a king and taking over a planet. This one single event is only a pin drop in the vastness of the galaxy. …But it seems this is only a foreshadowing to a much greater conspiracy than anyone cares to realize.



The Galaxy Wars. A long deadly battle fought over a fifteen year span. It began with a man, a warlord, that wished to conquer and destroy planets so that he may reigned over the galaxy as it’s supreme ruler. Systems banded together, part of the IROS Alliance, raised their own armies to fight and protect their nations. In the end it came down to a personal fight. Personal agendas. Vengeance. Justice. The Warlord was killed by one of the remaining survivors of a planet he had destroyed. The Galaxy Wars were over. The universe was at peace again.

It’s been five years since the end of the wars, and the Toko Aida space station is now repaired, setting forth on it’s new life. Once again making residence in the orbit of the trade planet Sharahi, Toko Aida is THE place for colonization, shopping, trade, and commerce. Need a luxurious vacation? Toko Aida has infamous spas. Wanting to buy a new sports-ship? Toko Aida has a brilliant show room. This is the ultimate space station of the galaxy!

But… there is a rumor circling that the Galaxy Wars are not over. That there is another trying to rekindle what another started. …and this time, they will not be so easily stopped.

[color=silver][b]Game Masters:[/b][/color] Diana & Ocha
[color=silver][b]Accepting New Characters:[/b][/color] YES. JUMP IN ANY TIME. NO BIOS REQUIRED.
[color=silver][b]Posting Expectations:[/b][/color] Couple posts a week. 2 weeks without posts and we’re gone without you!
[color=silver][b]Rating:[/b][/color] R for Violence. No Extreme Sexual Content.
[color=silver][b]Genre:[/b][/color] Space Saga Adventure
[color=silver][b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b][/color] We’re going for an epic space saga feel! Lots of action and drama!
[color=silver][b]Timeline:[/b][/color] 4016 A.D.
[color=silver][b]Location:[/b][/color] Onya Galaxy
[color=silver][b]Basic Plot:[/b][/color]

[color=steelgrey][b]JOINING TOKO AIDA[/b][/color]
This is a JUMP IN Roleplay! No bios are required, but you’re welcome to post one if you want to. :D This OOC is for chatting about the RP. There is no limit on what kind of race, technology, or character type you can play. The roleplay’s plot is 100% based on the characters you bring to the table.

All action is to happen ON Toko Aida or NEAR Toko Aida. Don’t worry, the station is HUGE. The size of a small planet. >:D

[color=coral][b]PRECIOUS CARGO PLOT[/b][/color]

Toko Aida Space Station. Here, you and several other crew members have just met for the first time. You’ve been hired by a mysterious client for one single purpose. Deliver his cargo to JuNYV 369, a planet halfway across the galaxy. Bypass all checkpoints, do not open the crate, do not make detours. It might be a little suspicious, but the payout is promising to be more than you’ve ever had in your life.

Will you deliver the crate and it’s contents, or will something unforeseen derail your entire mission?

Upcoming Timelines list for all roleplays taking place in this universe. :D

[color=violet][b]y5587 -[/b][/color] Sol Wars Begin. Sparked by the people of Randimir, seeking more resources for their dying planet.

[color=violet][b]y5602 -[/b][/color] Velondran Council Goes Missing / Sol Peace Treaty Never Signed

[color=violet][b]y5607 -[/b][/color] Sol Wars End. The warring systems unite as the Imperium Republic of Sol. Referred to as the “IROS Alliance”.

[color=violet][b]y5711 -[/b][/color] Space Pizza Express is Destroyed.

[size=3][color=lime][b]y5763 -[/B] Present date. 161 years after the Sol Wars.[/color][/size]
– [url=]Hesperos Part I[/url], [url=]Hesperos Part II[/url] Plotline
– [url=]Precious Cargo[/url] Part I (Six Months after HESPEROS)

[color=dodgerblue][b]TOKO AIDA SPACE STATION[/b][/color] [url=]See Details[/url]
MOBILE. Currently orbiting in the neutral solar system of [i]Artol[/i].

[color=coral][b]PLANET – JuNYV 369[/b][/color]
A mostly barren planet with a cold climate and rocky environment. Location of an infamous Mental Asylum, rumored to be easily bribed by thugs, governments, and other parties in making individuals disappear.

[color=peru][b]PLANET – Randimir[/b][/color]
Coming soooon.

[color=skyblue][b]PLANET – Velondra[/b][/color]
Charts to this location have been lost or destroyed. Rumors suggest that it was completely destroyed during the Sol Wars.

GATORBOATING: Named after the gatorbats that infest the station. It’s a sex move at the local brothels where a reptilian licks a sticky substance off your body and then bites you on the ass.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Toil of God

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Location: Europe
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
Drusilla inherits an old Inn somewhere in Europe. She and her boyfriend go there to check it out… she finds it creepy and spooky, but he convinces her that they should move there and run the place. The Inn turns out to be haunted/cursed by an evil spirit. An inn guest happens to be a Spirit Charmer and claims that he can banish the spirit… in a lame ceremonial attempt (that includes all the guests in the inn plus a few of the towns people), it look likes he succeeds. Drusilla has the strange feeling that it’s not over… and she’s right! It seems the spirit was possessed and being controled by her boyfriend and it returned much more powerful than before… Out of sheer fear and lack of any other idea of what to do, she screams at God or “anybody” to give her something to stop the spirit… A strange weapon forms in her hands, and she shoots at the spirit… and after a few “shots” the spirit is sucked in to the weapon. Cutting to a few months later, the Inn is reopened a long with a side business… The Toil of God, to banish plaguing spirits in the seemingly very haunted town.

Spirit Charmers: Something akin to a self proclaimed psychic, occultist, ghost buster, what have you. In this small country, the traditional name for these sorts of people is a “Spirit Charmer”. Essentially they claim they can talk to the dead, banish spirits, reverse curses and so on… Most accept that these people are fools and liars, and in truth they usually are… though on occasion there are the rare few that have real talent in dealing with spirits.

Toil Of God: The actual Toil of God looks very much like a double barrel shot gun with a few fancy accessories. This was the weapon that formed in Drusilla’s hands when she called out from help. Formed out of a ceremonial item that was given to her by ___, the spirit charmer that was supposed to protect her from demons while he banished the spirit. When she first tried to fire it, she thought it was a gun but it was near impossible to pull the trigger and whatever was “hitting” the spirit didn’t seem to do much damage… finnally after putting some concentration in to it and pulling the trigger one last time, the Toil sucked the spirit INSIDE the gun… thus successfully sealing it. The Toil forms the spirit in to a cloudy glass cylinder which is then supposed to be cleansed in a ceremony depending on the sort of spirit it contains.

Settings: Magical Fantasy

Time Of Gods


A long time ago, Gods live on earth in physical forms. (Time period during dinosaur ages up until humans started forming complex societies.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Time After Time

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG13/R – Like Toshi and Koori would have sex scenes… XD
Location: Earth & “Other” world
Timeline: Present Date – Fantasy timeline

Koori and Toshi two perfectly normal girls living a perfectly normal life. One an Uber-Genius, the other a French Tease! But then one day Koori accidentally creates a trans-dimensional portal sucking a strange boy from another world by the name of Vanella into their garage! Giving a head to toe make-over so they could stash him, Koori got to work on her machine to send him back home… But due to a fleeting wish, not only Van was sent back.. But Toshi, Koori and even her brother Hiroshi was sent to Van’s world as well!

Now the group must seek out the Mystic of Zenith to help find away to send them back home! Unfortunately getting home isn’t their only worry… a dark overlord has been forming an army of dragons and believes the two girls will be able to help not only conquer this dimension… but many others!


Prince Vanella (time travel prince) –
Pale Hair, Blue Eyes, Total Bishounen. Has long hair at beginning until he gets a haircut while on Earth. A dutiful and responsible prince. Overall nice guy. His servants like to dress him up all fancy and such, where he just wants to be dirty rumpled warrior type GUY… (Think Van from Escaflowne!)

Jake (dragon tamer) –
Tough guy! Likes money and jewels! Incredibly irritated that his Dragon keeps following Toshi.. Likes to mumble “Stupid Dragon… Stupid girl…”

Toshi (flying, dragon taming) –
Adorable and clueless! Toshi is the sweet girl that everyone adores (except maybe Jake!) She has an incredibly talent of staying out of trouble, or just being oblivious to it, and the very respected talent of speaking with dragons!

Koori (iced-fire, portal) – Diana

Hiroshi () –

Young Amazon –

Aradox Penigma (evil overlord) –

Dragon Killer


(shape shifter) –

Settings: Modern Realistic

The Ties That Bind

Joining: TAKING CHARACTERS. Post a Bio, get a thumbs up, play.
Genre: Modern Real Lifey Soap Opera Drama
Location: Emerson, Pennsylvania
Timeline: Present Date

Emerson, Pennsylvania is a fast growing city; home to several wealthy families, established businesses and of course the occasional nutcase. It’s a city like any other, but when skeletons come out – everyone has their story. Jeremiah Douglas has recently passed away – his death striking unsettling news to many people. A single event that ties the binds of otherwise unconnected lives.

Like in any soap opera, you are playing a character in this interesting city. There’s no such thing as a quiet normal life for someone living in Emerson. There is always a mysterious murder, a cheating lover, a stalker, a big trial, dead babies, kidnappings, charity balls, and bitch fights. Life is a never ending whirlwind of dramatic events. Events that [b]you[/b] bring to the table with your characters and their history.

Our story begins at the end of Jeremiah Douglas’ funeral. He was an interesting man – but with secrets! Characters might know this man – or think they knew him! His death will bring up mystery and complications. How does it affect [i]your[/i] character? You tell us. >:]


In a soap opera there are many character stereotypes! This list is just a few of the most common ones. Because this is a modern date real life setting, supernatural stereotypes are not allowed. These stereotypes are just suggestions! If you have your own unique ideas, by all means, run with them! Anything is possible in a soap opera!

Old Money Families: There are always a few “old money” families in a big city that seem to own many of the business, properties and even people in their pockets. These families have been around forever, possibly even able to trace their families back to European countries, and they are always surrounded by loads of personal drama or tragedies. There is always a murder or two in the family, missing members, bastard children, money woes, divorces, the black sheep, the queen bee, and of course a deep dark family secret.

Professional Criminal: Be you a mobster, professional thief, drug dealer, or embezzler, there are bound to be those very prominent professional criminals. But beware, when more than one comes on the scene, there is always a scuffle about who is the best and who gets the gold!

The Cops: Cops come in the form of detectives, police chiefs/commissioners, FBI agents, spies, and undercover cops. A cop can be the good guy hero, always looking to catch his man… or end up being the bad cop – paid by someone else to cover up crime, or being a criminal themselves. Cop characters tend to get in everyone’s business, especially when there is illegal drama unfolding!

Teen Drama: One can’t have a soap without everyone’s kids going around and causing some trouble. Runaway teenagers, boyfriend stealers, prom night, or kids just getting involved in grownup affairs. You can count on the teens and kids to create their fair share of troubles!

Foreign Heir: A mysterious foreigner that just so happens to be; A) really really rich or B) heir to a royal thrown. In some cases all of these turn out to be false, and sometimes they are true, and then… they disappear or end up murdered! Whichever the case may be, this person is always very mysterious and very little is known about their past until something very major happens!

Savvy Business Person: Those smart, beautiful people that have their own business or are excellently perfect at what they do. Lawyers, doctors, owners of night clubs, a giant business empire or one really popular establishment. Almost all of the character stereotypes tend to be one of these successful people.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Thunder From Down Under

Genre: Modern Earth – Fantasy/Sci Fi
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Location: Australia
Timeline: Present Date

An archeologist team has a dig site in the outback of Australia. Lately there has been oodles of earthquakes. A deep cavern has opened up nearby and a few people have decided to go exploring inside. They WILL discover a completely new civilization that has been hidden away from modern earth for AGES and then end up trapped there. Game starts with the team of explorers going underground!

There are no preconceived ideas about what the civilization is like, so anything goes. BUT they have NO contact with outside earth or any idea what it’s like. They have always been an underground people.

Characters possible: Archeologists, reporters/news crew, Australian natives that are just there watching/being guides AND any of the underground people.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Realistic

Three Berhs

Genre: mafia?

Goldi Locke is a hired maid to work on the home of the Berh family. Only she discovers all isn’t “just right” at the Berh home, and finds lots of Mafia No-Gooding!

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Thirteen Gates

Genre: Modern Supernatural

Thirteen strange stone structures stand in the middle of nowhere. A marvel of the world. When someone discovers the secret of these gates, they unlock a way to travel in to other dimensions.

Settings: Modern Realistic

The Witness

Genre: Crime Drama?

Lady accidentally views a murder conducted by the ___ mob family and is put in to witness protection with a group of guards, before the trial!

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Vengeance

Genre: Fantasy

Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman – Nalcissa. Especially the most beautiful woman in the entire country, it was no surprise that she became the Prince Wilhem’s betrothed. Yet, come mere months before their wedding, Prince Wilhem met and fell in love with another woman. The engagement was broken off. Nalcissa’s pride was painfully wounded, but she held her head high. Over time she had many courtiers. In the end, she married a fine Baron. He was wealthy and widowed. Having an only single child from his previous marriage.

Nalcissa was not a cruel step-mother, but jealously grew in her heart. As time went by, she could not seem to bare her husband a child. And his first daughter, Yvaine, was growing more and more beautiful each day, reminding her of her own dwindling beauty and how fickle men can be about whom they give their love.

Finally, Nalcissa became pregnant and birthed a son. Yet, after a few short days the child died. This snapped the last of her sanity. Selling her soul to devils for the power of sorcery, she secretly brought her child back to life. In exchange, the devils wanted a pure heart.

Thus, Nalcissa sent her step-daughter out to the woods with one of the servants, with orders to kill the girl and bring back her heart. But the servant couldn’t do it. He told Yvaine to flee, and flee she did. She found refuge in a mountain mine with a small village of dwarves. The servant tried to pass off a pig’s heart as Yvaine’s, but the Devils could not be fooled.

As Nalcissa sought for the girl, Yvaine had become acquainted with a Prince. Wilhem – now king – had a son of his own, Marcus. The boy was enchanted with the Girl of the Wood. Three times Nalcissa tried to destroy Yvaine and three times she was thwarted by the new Prince. In her final attempt, she went to kill her in person, and in turn was killed herself.

Yvaine and Young Prince Marcus were wed and married. Later having a child of their own and becoming the new King and Queen. They never knew that Nalcissa’s dead child had been brought back to life by sorcery. That all of those years he had been raised by Nalcissa’s servants. Groomed by the very Devils that possessed his soul to go out and seek the soul that they were promised and reek vengeance on the ones that killed his mother.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: SciFi

The Seven

Genre: SciFi Fantasy
Location: Vykendria


The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder, a man part of the Previous King’s bloodline. As years went on if one was lost, they were quickly replaced by another. Someone that was chosen as their successor, or chosen by the Head. Only Seven, Always Seven. Never more, never less.

Present era Vykendria is an exciting developing time. Strange new technologies mixed with old world traditions. Imperial King Stephane Oelamir has been the most loved monarch in the past century along with his gentle Queen Genevieve. When blessed with their first child, it was a mixed emotion as Queen Genevieve died in childbirth. Saddened, the King did not remarry until nearly ten years later to an infamous Beauty, The Lady Amethyst. A lady whose face was so lovely, she enchanted all that saw her.

Shortly after, the King’s health started to decline drastically until one night he passed away, leaving behind his Queen as acting monarch until his blood heir daughter came of age. The new Queen was never able to bare a child, leaving the Princess Gwendolyn as the last living blood heir to the throne. The True Heir.

In coming years, there were a few suspicious accidents, but the Princess was reaching age 20 and soon there would be the official coronation. The Queen Amythyst, not wanting to loose her ruling place set a plot in motion, framing the Princess for a diplomatic murder and sending her off to the prison to await a death sentence.

With a kingdom enchanted by a beautiful Queen, none would defy her rule… except The Seven whose loyalties are pledged to only one life! The True Heir must be saved and the Queen’s plots unfurled if Vykendria is to survive a coming war. As The Queen has no desire to stop with just ruling Vykendria. She wants the world.

[color=dodgerblue][b]THE LAND OF VYKENDRIA[/b][/color]
In it’s current era, Vykendria still holds on to old world traditions even as advanced technology has become and every day thing. Castles, quaint villages, horse carriages, fashion and other traditions are blended in with high tech weapons, machines, and power structures. Though magic has been a part of the world since the dawn of time, it has become old fashioned in favor for the less draining machines of today. Imagine a world like King Arther’s, but throw in sci-fi tech in the mix. King Stephane has been dead for nearly 10 years, and the state of the country has started to decline under Queen Amethyst’s rule. Everyone had hope that the mysterious Princess Gwendolyn would take the throne on her 20th birthday and continue the fair rule of her father. ….Until now! The news that Gwendolyn is responsible for murder and soon to be put to death has spread through the country like wild-fire. Everyone is in a state of unease about the future.

[color=dodgerblue][b]ABOUT CHARACTERS & JOINING[/b][/color]
We are casting characters slowly, and a few at the time introducing them to the story to avoid a giant clusterfuck of confusion. This is why the IC is already started, but we aren’t posting an official OOC thread yet. [color=yellowgreen][b]Anyone that has been invited already can PM their bio to ME ooor post it here as a reply if they want![/b][/color] Once the story gets going a bit, we’re going to open the official OOC and let anyone who wants to join finally hop in. :D

[color=lime][U][B]NOTICE:[/B][/U] Even though we are not officially taking in new characters outside of the pre-cast ones yet, if you’re interested in working on a character before hand, you can ask any questions you like or send a bio over to Diana![/color]

“The Seven” have all been cast or reserved. If during the rp one of the players for a Seven vanishes for too long(I’ll give you a month, unless there’s a problem), their absence will be a death and another character in play will become one of the Seven. So if you missed out on getting to be a Seven, just make a cool character, they might be chosen later as someone’s successor. XD

Remember that the Seven are SECRET. No one has ever known of their existence except blood heirs. Until now, where Gwendolyn never had the chance to be told about them… and recently the Queen has managed to discover them. Each of the Seven have a number they “inherited” from their predecessor, this number they use to identify themselves to other Seven members. Usually they will have a Tattoo or an Special Item that has the number in code. Because Vykendria has been at peace for so long, many of the former Seven have retired or died, thus explaining why many members of this generation’s Seven are younger in age. (Younger being mid 20s to later 30s) Most of the Seven have never met each other. They keep in contact through their current Leader.

If you don’t want to play one of the Seven, you also have the option to play anything else you want! It just needs to make sense! Fantasy races are allowed, so are sci-fi alien races, but alien races must be native to the planet. There are other countries in the world, so you don’t need to be from Vykendria. Our three basic plots will be:
— The Castle where couple members of the Seven will be trying to catch the Queen in the act of doing something wicked so they can clear Gwendolyn’s name.
— Out and about where members of the Seven are trying to keep Gwendolyn hidden and safe until they can return her to the castle.
— Citizens of Vykendria trying to decide if they are with the Queen and believe she can do no wrong, who is already starting plans to invade another country, or if they side with Gwendolyn and believe the True Heir is getting shafted and planning to revolt.

You ARE allowed to have magic, just remember that it’s “old fashioned” and not as common as high tech sci-fi weaponry. Again, imagine a world that looks a lot like the time of King Arther, with the castles, the knights, the forests and villages… but there’s a lot of new tech mixed in. Laser guns, light sabers, machines. Vykendria’s old world traditions are blending with new school tech.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

The Looking Glass

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Anajovica


A wonderland is what they called it. A kingdom filled with magic, creativity and prosperity. Of all the kingdoms in the world, Anajovica was a jewel. Their ruler, ___ was nicknamed the King of Hearts for he had love for all of his people. He gave his time and help freely, making his legacy as one of the true Great Kings.

But like any man, he grew lonely. He wanted someone to share his life with, have children, and grow old with. When he married ____, she was an enchanting and mysterious beauty! The Queen of Hearts became his entire world! Over time, the King had less and less attentions for his kingdom, giving all of his love to his Queen. A Queen, who seemed to be slowly growing mad with every passing year.

The day the King of Hearts died, it was like a light went out in the kingdom. Everyone mourned the passing of their king, all except the Queen of Hearts. Laughing in her tower, she seemed to have been “set free”. Immediately things had been set in to motion, changing the livelihood of Anajovica by sheer chaotic whims.

…Present date in Anajovica, the land is not so wondrous. Beautiful creations have turned twisted and scary. The laws of the land are so strict, even for the smallest of misdeeds could mean a beheading! People have gone mad with strife, delirious from illnesses, all around unhappy and defeated. After 50 years, no one has any hope left.

A wizard that many call The White Rabbit has been looking for a way to save the lands. Traveling through mirrors in to other worlds, he is spotted by a girl named Alice whose curiosity has her chasing down the man and ending up in the Wonderland. Abandoned as the White Rabbit returns to his searching, Alice is caught up in the drama and turmoil of Anajovica and just trying to find the way back home!

Settings: Space Saga

The Keepers

Genre: Space SciFi Thriller
Location: The S.T.A.R.S. (Survival Transfer And Relocation Station) Project Colonizer

A colonizer ship has set out from Earth to find a new habitable planet. Because space travel has yet to be perfected by humans, it still takes hundreds of years before reaching new systems and galaxies. The majority of the occupants on board must be kept in a cryogenic sleep, only to be awakened when they reach a new world. These colonists are cared for by a small team of people that live out their lives simply for the sake of keeping the colonizer ship functional. Occasionally new people are awakened from the cryo-chambers to take over.

It’s been centuries since the colonizer has left Earth and it’s coming in to the territory of inhabited space. A planet with the perfect conditions for human life is drawing closer. Yet, something is going wrong. An unknown lifeform has gotten on to the ship and the Keepers must stay alive to ensure the future of the human race.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Immortals

Genre: Modern Supernatural

A house at the end of the street, sitting just barely on a hill. It’s old and the yard seems perpetually frozen in time, a scene of winter. Like being inside a snowglobe when you step on to the property. The house has been called haunted, with many different legends. Witches, vampires ghosts, but no one really knows who or what lives inside.

They are called Immortals. The Grandmother, the Aunt and the Nephew. They have lived in that house for hundreds of years. They are no different from any normal humans. They eat, they sleep, they marry – and yet their bodies are stationary. Never aging, never changing. Illness doesn’t take them, injuries heal quickly. It would seem like a blessing, but it is their curse.

The Grandmother is a wicked woman, preying on people using her Craft. The Aunt is a kind women, who desires to live a normal life and will occasionally marry. The Nephew hates their curse, always seeking a way to end it.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Department

Genre: Modern Supernatural

The DEPARTMENT is an organization dedicated to checking out the weird and bizarre – collecting artifacts that could be dangerous to the normal everyday workings of modern mankind. They work in secret like a special hidden society.

Characters; A team of four. The man whose ex-wife is a legend in the Department. Woman who doesn’t have the greatest luck, but a good eye. The goofy dude that can’t wait to get back for a beer. Mister tough guy who gets easily freaked out.

Starting; Team has a mission to check out this “nightly ghost”. Something weird that keeps flying past an apartment building every night. They walk out there and don’t see anything unusual at first. Then a glowy thing is spotted. They’re all trying to figure out what it is, until they realize it keeps changing shape. When it finally lands, it’s a huge truck. It nearly runs them down until it stops and – Man’s Ex-wife gets out. She tells them what a “great” job they’re doing and that the Head of the Department wants to see them.

The Department “appears” a short walk’s distance away. It’s way huger inside than it looked on the outside, and filled with all kinds of weird things. Very busy. The team waits in a room until the Head comes to see them. The Head explains that they’ve all been doing a wretched job lately and a shame to the Department. They’ve got one chance to get their act together or they’re all fired.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Angel Devil War

Location: Human, Angel and Devil Worlds.
Timeline: Present Date

Aamon VS Ecanus

Many Millenia ago, the Angel, Devil, and Human worlds were once one entity called Gaia. Gaia was a world perfection, like the legendary Eden, held stable by the wills and minds of the people. Wishes born from people’s hearts would collect in the center of this world, creating a well of power. With this well of power, any wish made could be granted, allowing every being to have anything their heart desired… For the most part people lived happily in harmony, there was no reason for war as anyone could dream up whatever they wished…

There came a day where two brothers, Aamon and Ecanus desired the same woman. Their wishes cancelled each other out, so Aamon decided he would get every being he could to help him aquire his wish. Ecanus would not be out done, and he too gathered people to his side for his wish… They each gathered more and more people, but always were they equal… until finally one day the core of Gaia split into three separate worlds. The Devil World, Aamon’s domain of shadow, the Angel World, Ecanus’s domain of the light, and the Human World the middle ground where both combine.

It has been thousands and thousands of years, both Ecanus and Aamon are becoming impatient in their battle. Their forces of light and dark are always tied, but Ecanus seems to have the upper hand with control of the Human World. Being a sporting man Ecanus makes a deal with his brother… If Aamon can corrupt the pure heart of one of his chosen angels, he will give the Human World over to him, turning the war in Aamon’s favor. The pawns are chosen and the stage is set!


An ancient world of legend. Compared to Eden. The core of Gaia was it’s pillar, the desires of it’s people collecting in the core forming a well of power to grant any wish made. Everything in this land was pure and beautiful, many races lived here from human, to fae, to dragon as people could take any form they wished. When the two brothers formed sides and people formed against each other, the wishes of both sides began to contradict and cancel each other causing the core of Gaia to split into three separate worlds.

Devil World

The Devil World. Aamon controls this peice of Gaia and the well of power along with it. It’s power source is that of the shadows and darkness. “Fallen” angels that follow Aamon are considered demons, as their wings turn black with darkness as it’s the base of their power.

Angel World

The Angel World. Ecanus controls this piece of Gaia and the well of power it holds. It’s power source is that of the light. Ecanus and his angels hold to most of the ‘ideals’ Gaia was about. Ecanus currently has control over the Human World since his last bout with Aamon…

Human World

The Human World. This is Earth, the middle ground between lightness and darkness, the home of humans the descendants of Gaia people who refused to join the war and gave up their power in hopes of having a happy life in a new world. Ecanus controls the human world for now, and allows the humans to live as they are in peace… However, if Aamon gained control of the Human world he would use it’s hidden power to over take the Angel World and finally win the war.


Angels/Demons: ONE major power/element. All can fly, strength is only two times that of regular humans. All can use invisibility, but are only invisible to humans. They cannot heal unless it is their gift. They can use no other magic spells unless it is connected with their gift. Demons are only fallen angels that have joined Aamon. Corrupted by the dark arts, their wings turn black instead of the usual white.

Humans: Humans don’t get power. EVER. Unless they DIE.


Angelica – Angelica is your typical popular girl with a perfect life ahead of her. She has a crush on this boy, but before she gets to tell him she dies in a car accident. Ecanus chooses her as a pawn in his bet with Aamon, and asigns her as guardian angel to her earth crush.

Aamon – Ruler of the Devil Kai (Devil World) Aamon wishes to lure angels to his side in the fight against Ecanus for the control of earth. Ecanus has challenge Aamon, if he can corrupt Angelica to his side, he will allow him admittance to earth to do as he pleases. He cannot step foot on the plane of earth and uses the fall angels he has corrupted to do his dirty work.

Ecanus – Ruler of the Angel Kai (Angel World) Ecanus controls the Angel world, and has the current standing on the human world. He makes a deal with Aamon that he cannot corrupt a chosen angel (angelica), or he will give Aamon control over the human world.

Alicia – Angelica’s older sister (1 year). She was driving the car when it crashed and killed Angelica. Alicia had a crush on the same boy as her sister, and secretly wished her ‘perfect’ little sister was out of the picture so she could have him. Though Angelica’s death shocked and saddened her, she got her wish and she got the boy.

Brett – Your typical popular jock, that every girl drools over. Bother Angelica and Alicia had crushes on this boy, but he only has eyes for Alicia…

Rune Sohma – Angelica’s angel ‘guide’. He is really one of Aamon’s fallen angels, though his alliances are shady at best. He develops a crush on Angelica, and often molds situations to fit his own purposes.

Cesia – One of Aamon’s demons, and a fortune teller. She oftens gives slight hints and telling of future events. He only alliances are to Aamon and no one else.

Simon – A pure young prodigy, Simon seems to know anything and everything there is to know about the Legends of Gaia. He is friends with Brett and Alicia, and seems to discover Angelica’s presence early on, yet keeps it a secret for his own purposes.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Tavia’s Ambitions

[b]Game Masters:[/b] Diana & Rory
[b]Accepting New Characters:[/b] [color=lime][b]YES![/b][/color]
[b]Posting Expectations:[/b] Try to post more than once a week. We won’t wait too long on people for posts, BUT it’s very easy to jump back in. :D
[b]Rating:[/b] PG (No graphic smuttiness or gore!)
[b]Genre:[/b] Magical Modern Fantasy with a little Comedy Romance!
[b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b] We’re going for a light and fun mood, but not rampart silliness! Comedy + Action. Slice of Life.

[size=4][color=skyblue][b]THE STORY[/b][/color][/size]
TAVIA. Once a land of magic and mysteries cared for by it’s gracious Gods and their Followers. But as time rolled by, the people of Tavia slowly began to harness magic for themselves. Learning different crafts and realizing that Gods were not the only ones who could summon up power. They turned their backs on their gods as they learned a huge variety of skills.

This greed for magics led to the biggest mistake of witchery. A giant gash was cut between the world of Tavia and the Demon World. Tavia created a problem they could not fix themselves and called on the gods to save them. The Gods were feeling pretty miffed about their recent treatment, but took up the war against the demons. Many died, many were lost, and in the process it left Tavia without their gods. But at least they were safe from the Demon World.

…But come to present date, a Shapeshifter (Christian “Stino” Glenhill) has discovered that not all the demons were sealed away. One demon in particular managed to steal the secret of dimension travel. His plot? Gather up what he needs to cut a new gash to the Demon World… not just on Tavia, but in MANY dimensions!

Stino has chased the demon in to the nearest dimension – Earth! – Where the demon has taken the form of a talking plush toy to urge some witless human to do his bidding. Stino has to disguise himself, enlist the help of earth humans… and to make matters more confusing he discovers the mortal form of a Tavia Goddess! SOmething that has put a brand new urgency to the problem.

Can he save not only his world, but others as well?!

[size=4][color=CORAL][b]BASIC PLOT & CHARACTER OPTIONS[/b][/color][/size]
The Demons of Tavia have learned the power to rip holes in the wall between worlds. With the more power they collect, the more rips they can make. The more rips they make, the more risk of all dimensions colliding together. If they do that… it’s utter chaos!

You may play as one of Tavia Peoples here on Earth to fix the rips and hunt the demons. One of the demons that wishes to bring about this chaos. A normal Earthling thrust in to the fray, or even someone from another dimension entirely that has also discovered the problem and wishes to stop it before it consumes their world as well.

This story takes place on EARTH, in a small American City. Key locations include Teddy Roosevelt High School, where a dimensional portal is located in the AV room. The Beecher Street Apartments where a second portal is located. And a Local Thift Shop that seems to always acquire and sell the weirdest items…

[size=4][color=yellowgreen][b]BIO TEMPLATE[/b][/color][/size]
Fill out this bio and post it in the thread for a quick approval. :D [b]Please not that no one on EARTH has magical powers. Only people from other worlds have that option.[/b]

Use [url=]THIS BASIC TEMPLATE[/url].

[size=4][color=yellowgreen][b]CAST LIST[/b][/color][/size]

[color=khaki][b]Christian “Stino” Glenhill:[/b][/color] Shapeshifter from Tavia. Hunting the demon that caused the first rip. (Rory)
[color=khaki][b]Melinda Kay Andrews:[/b][/color] 16/f High School Jr, and reincarnated Tavia Goddess. (Diana)
[color=khaki][b]Nameless Derp Hero:[/b][/color] derpy derp Earthling Hero. (Jinx)


1. Teddy Roosevelt High School

A. AV Club/Photo Darkroom

B. Track Yard. (“Training scene.”)

2. F-X Comicbook Shop- Local Hang Out.
3. Family Thrift Shop-Goddess’ Auntie owns it.
4. Local Park: A few of the “Battles” Happen here

A. Honey Creek (A shallow creek that is surrounded by two brick banks.)

B. Old bridge (Demon changes out here)

C. Waterfalls (A part of the creek that forms into a small 5 ft manmade waterfall with a rock in the middle of it)

5. Beecher St. Apartments (Wizard’s home)(Also is a portal to other world, AV Club is the only other one)
6. Student’s Home (SS hangs out her as well)/Goddess’ home (A block away more or less)

1. Derick and Paul (Otaku Fantards)
2. Lisa (Student’s mom, dad is out of the pic for some reason or another)
3. Connie (Goddess’ assumed Aunt, probably from the other world)
4. Jeff Ragland (Student’s Best friend, talks like Elvis and wears the King’s trademark sunglasses)

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

Supernatural Consequence

Genre: Otherworld Sci-Fi Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Empire of Ezra Ojado

Plot Teaser
Modern times in a fantasy driven world. Ezra Ojado is a great empire in the center of the world, the focal point for the planet’s greatest accomplishments! It has the most grand universities, billion ezri (dollar) business, and the centralized government ran by Gouhara D’nash the high emperor elect. With such a successful and peaceful empire, Ezra Ojado seems like the perfect utopia, but greed and resentment leads it’s most trusted official that may destroy it all!

Gouhara D’nash is a great emperor, but a lifetime of resentment towards his friend has sent him off the deep end! He may be the ruler-elect of all Ezra, but he never got the best of rankings, the woman, and nor is he happy! Why can’t he be happy like his friend? Suggestions from his adviser gives him a brilliant idea, however. If he destroys his friend, there will be nothing left for him to be jealous of!

The plan was very simple. Use a little magic, raise a little hell beast… Devarin Illusan would be devoured within the week! What Gouhara didn’t count on was a betrayal by his adviser and the spell to expand far greater than he had wanted! A massive foretold evil has been unleashed on the world of Ezra Ojado, and the very man the emperor wanted dead may be the only one with the knowledge to stop it!

Now considered nothing but myth and legend, written in religious texts it speaks of a powerful wizard the gods once fought. Craving powers like the gods’ he searched the world and studied all kinds of magicks, conducted experiments and in the end created many fantastic and terrible beasts. He waged war against the world, nearly succeeding in conquering all! But the gods, being wise and having a natural power tied to the earth created five beasts of their own each representing the gods’ will. The people of Ezra Ojaho, lead by these beasts waged an epic week long battle and using a combined magic power sealed all of the unnatural creatures deep in the Underworld. The Wizard both, defeated and humiliated knew that he had not the strength nor power to fight any longer, disappeared not to be heard of again.


Unicorn (forests)
Dragon (mountains)
Sphinx (deserts)
Gryphon (skies)
Leviathan (seas)


Gouhara D’nash: Current Emperor of Ezra Ojado, elected by the people. He is a good man and a good emperor, however he is insanely jealous of anyone that seems to be happier than he is (especially his friend). He has a weak constitution and seems to be easily manipulated in to believing things if someone provides convincing evidence.

Devarin Illusan: A scholar and professor at the Ezra Ojado University of Magical History. His main interest is archeology of magicks, studying the evolutions and history of Ezra and it’s properties. He teaches General Magical History. He is pleasantly matured, having always something nice to say… but has a terrible temper for anyone that misuses magicks. He has an almost obsessive streak for justice, and will loose all common sense when it comes to righting wrongs, defending the weak and dare it happen – fighting evil.

Settings: Historical Settings: Magical Fantasy

The Hex of Sunset City

Genre: Supernatural Western
Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn!
Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres!

Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip has been floating around. The local saloon seems to have a gun fight every other Tuesday, whether someone does the firing or not. Down near the marshes there’s always a strange howlin’.. and the sheriff never seems to stay longer than a month before he throws down his badge or ends up dead! Yes, something really strange has been happening in Sunset City and with the new mayor in charge it’s just starting to get worse…

An classic and possibly cliche old western RPG with a supernatural twist. A player can play just about any kind of HUMAN character so long as it makes sense within the plot. The goal? Figure out what’s been causing all these strange incidents in Sunset City!


The main town. Picture your dusty tumbleweed towns like in old movies, and there you’ve got it! Every so often a stranger comes into town, but by the time he learns of his fate, it’s too late! Once you’re Sunset City, you can’t seem to leave it… unless you’re dead! Signs or warnings the folks put up also disappear so it’s been no use to steer people away. Even the mail comes back unread!

The Mines were closed some two years ago after they collapsed due to an accident with dynamite. Several people died, and no one is quite sure exactly how it happened, but everyone has their own theories.

Not too far out there is a creepy bit of wetlands just where the river seems to die out. No one ever dares to go in there, cause no one ever seems to come back out.