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  • Ichikawa Rivals

    Ichikawa Rivals

    Ichikawa Rivals The Ichikawa Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools in Japan. with a very special secret.

  • Underland


    Christy handed this nice little plot gem to me for development! >:3 “Underland” is a place where all the dark parts of our imaginations and dreams go. Alice went there, became a little twisted and saw it as her “Wonderland”. She hooked up with a creature/person there and made a babeh she then dubbed Dinah.…

  • Festival of the Damned

    Festival of the Damned

    The Festival of the Damned is a local yearly tradition where a town does a lot of superstitious things to keep the Damned happy and from rising up to claim the living. A group of troublemakers have decided to hang out in the town's cemetery for their own little party of drinking and games. And…

  • Epic Fantasy #223767292

    Epic Fantasy #223767292

    (The past) A young woman opens a box she finds under rubble at the ancient ruined castle site. It possesses her with a god’s power, but in exchanged it killed/sacrificed her younger brother and also set loose an evil in to the world along with a curse. A curse prophecy about the fall of the…

  • The Tolrah House

    The Tolrah House

    [color=firebrick][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Saga Sci-fi with Sexy Socializing! [color=skyblue][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color] [i]The Tolrah House is planetside on Henratai IV and has many names. Some are beautiful and alluring while others crude or insulting. Needless to say, all the descriptions might be true. Inside the dome you are welcome to a beautiful fantasy, organized by the…

  • Thirty Seconds From Mars

    Thirty Seconds From Mars

    [color=orange][b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b][/color] Space Sci-Fi Alien Invasion! [color=orangered][b]PLOT BREAKDOWN:[/b][/color] Humans have terra-formed Mars to be a habitable planet through the power of technology and science. There are now several Mars colonies and a single major city. The Mars capital of Marelsou. But suddenly… MARS IS UNDER ATTACK by an invading alien species! They are wiping…

  • The New Rise of Eldaryn

    The New Rise of Eldaryn

    [b]Genre & Atmosphere:[/b] Post Apocalypse SciFi Fantasy with DRAGONS. [i]…and then the world fell.[/i] It didn’t happen all at once, nor was it from one single cause. There was the plagues. The meteor shower. The wars. As time went by the population grew smaller and smaller. Cities fell and civilizations were lost. The wild took…

  • Prophecy of Faizen

    Prophecy of Faizen

    Come the Star Age a 4th moon will appear in the skies. In 30 days time that moon will split in three, revealing it to be meteors heading for the world and then end will be…. No one really knows for sure. It could be nothing, it could be the destruction of the world, it…

  • Seven Deadly Sins

    Seven Deadly Sins

    Isabellas: Oh yea.. Isabellas forgot to tell you about that creepy dream they had about the 7 deadly sins.. it involved two investigators… There was 7 victims in a hotel with 7 killers… each killer murdered a victim in a similar way to a sin… The chick cop thought it was her partner walking in…

  • Princess Fable

    Princess Fable

    Princess being taught a lesson or led to her destiny? Old woman (a witch) has been guiding her. To find her father who is trapped as a dragon and her true love who is also cursed. Princess learns how to take care of herself by learning how to do little things at a time, and…

  • On The Run

    On The Run

    Russian Scientist Crazy Military dude has experiments in genetics. His best is a really tall assassin guy that he keeps under control with regular injections. Crazy guy has just captured a few orphan kids and is about to use them in his genetic experiments because they have -natural- gifts. But Assassin dude manages to escape…

  • The Rival’s Choice

    The Rival’s Choice

    The two have been competing with each other forever. They both tie in the ultimate contest, containing THE most awesome prizes of the world – except for the surprise marriage to a dragon lord from the next country over. They have t divide up their prizes and then bicker about who has to marry the…

  • Prayer Mage & Dragons

    Prayer Mage & Dragons

    Post apocalypse modern fantasy world. Lots of modern style tech and buildings totally destroyed, but the culture has grown very different over the years. Like villages and colonies of people trying to survive within larger structure buildings. There are all sizes of DRAGONS that are now the top of the food chain and eat people.…

  • Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

    Unnamed Scifi Steampunk Cyberpunk

    A crazy cross between Mad Hatter and Robin Hood type character. He doesn’t steal from rich to give to the poor, and technically he’s never doing good deeds when he does the things he does. He’s a “bad guy” that inevitably does good things.

  • Zodiac Murders

    Zodiac Murders

    Genre: Modern Mystery Rating: R – Violence, Sex and everything in between. Location: Chicago, Illinois Timeline: Present Date Plot Breakdown: It started with a letter arriving at the Chicago Police Department; it ended in murder. On May 25th the first letter arrived in a simple unmarked red envelope baring a strange symbol and an encrypted…

  • Zankoku Mokuteki

    Zankoku Mokuteki

    From the beginning of all things, there was light…and in every part of everything that was made, there was also the darkness. For countless millenia, those beings that walk in the light have feared the darkness; feared the great unknown that haunted their dreams and made their greatest fears lie bare before the world. From…

  • Ylnova Renewed

    Ylnova Renewed

    A huge disaster has killed the entire royal family and upperclass of Ylnova. There’s not a blue-blooded person left of high society. At first the peasants rejoice. Without the rule of a King, that means they are free to do what ever they want. But soon they realize, without a ruler to keep law and…

  • Xelmor


    Xelmor Colony Station has been in the forefront of society advancements for the past 200 years. Being a multi-species colony, there has been a lot of debate on which Empire the station actually belongs to. Recently, the local government of Xelmor has decided to succeed from all world ties and become it’s own Independent entity.…

  • The Witching Agency

    The Witching Agency

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Timeline: Witches and Wizards are not born. They’re chosen. If people were born with these gifts, a rather long list of individuals would have spontaneously exploded by now. – Sir Alfred Clive, 6th Head of the Agency. The very trouble with being a human mortal is that, well, we just weren’t…

  • Witching


    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Timeline: A little boy learns how he is connected to a family of witches. Random Notes: Learning how the wands are created, including the mysterious missing “master wand”. Five orphaned siblings, three sisters, two brothers (the witches the boy learns of and meets.) The eldest sister is an evil witch and…

  • Wishing Well

    Wishing Well

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Location: Timeline: Present Date In the center of town there is a wishing well. People like to toss in their coins and make a wish. They say if you do it exactly at midnight on the night of a full moon, the wish is sure to come true! One evening a couple…

  • Winter’s End

    Winter’s End

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Daimir Daimir is a world of great magics, amazing stories, prosperity and peace. Ruled by clans, each region of Daimir has it’s specialties for trade. The crops that they grow, the animals they raise. And in the world of Daimir, everything has it’s seasons, sparked by ancient orbs and protected by chosen…

  • Wheel of Fate

    Wheel of Fate

    Genre: Fantasy Rating: Location: What if you discovered you had been living the same life and same events for thousands of years? That every time you are reincarnated you carry out the same events regardless of who you are and where you are born? __ is a man that accidentally stumbled on the home of…

  • War of Stormwind

    War of Stormwind

    Genre: Fantasy Plot Basic Telmir has been at war with Anthova for over 30 years. Neither side seems to gain control, and now the people aren’t even sure what they’re still fighting for. The leaders of both countries have died, leaving temporaries in charge searching for heirs and replacements. Country of Telmir Kingdom of Anthova

  • Voodoo Rite

    Voodoo Rite

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: “Last Saturday’s fatal Brooklyn fire started by voodoo sex rite”

  • Verboten: Seeing Red

    Verboten: Seeing Red

    Genre: Mobster Family Crime Drama Location: Chicago, Illinois Timeline: Present Date Basic Plot The streets of Chicago aren’t ruled by rival gangs, but rather by rival families. Mob families that have vied for power of the city for decades. Lately, two of the most influential families have been rather cross with each other. Stepped on…

  • Vaug Toran

    Vaug Toran

    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn! Location: Vaug Toran Plot Teaser Vaug Toran – a marvelous world of… nothing very extraordinary. The golden days of old are over; the council of mages all but diminished saved for a mere few, the dragons that once dominated the mountains have…



    Genre: Space Exploration Sci-Fi Place: Exploring Galaxy #882701, more commonly referred to as “Ganymede 7” Timeline: Future URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the…

  • University of Infinitas Sententia

    University of Infinitas Sententia

    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older. Location: ??? Timeline: STORY: Alexa has just graduated from college, and is packing up from her favorite class and telling her beloved teacher ____ goodbye. She discovers the teacher’s back room filled with interesting items that come…

  • Return of the Twilight King

    Return of the Twilight King

    Genre: SciFi Location: Galaxy Timeline: Future The Galaxy of Tomel is steep with deep history. In the days space travel was born, planets were ravaged by savagery and warfare. One man rose above the rest with a dream in mind. To unite Tomel and bring peace to all solar systems. His success has labeled him…

  • Toko Aida

    Toko Aida

    Genre: Space Saga Sci-Fi Location: Onya Galaxy BASIC PLOT The Toko Aida. A space station on the grandest of scales. Funded by the Imperium Republic of Sol (Commonly known as the IROS Alliance), Toko Aida is a neutral territory with a conglomerate of different species and nations pulled together for one purpose – gratuitous capitalism.…

  • Toil of God

    Toil of God

    Genre: Modern Fantasy Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Location: Europe Timeline: Present Date Plot Breakdown: Drusilla inherits an old Inn somewhere in Europe. She and her boyfriend go there to check it out… she finds it creepy and spooky, but he convinces her that they should move there and run the…

  • Time Of Gods

    Time Of Gods

    Genre: Location: Timeline: A long time ago, Gods live on earth in physical forms. (Time period during dinosaur ages up until humans started forming complex societies.

  • Time After Time

    Time After Time

    Genre: Otherworld Fantasy Rating: PG13/R – Like Toshi and Koori would have sex scenes… XD Location: Earth & “Other” world Timeline: Present Date – Fantasy timeline Koori and Toshi two perfectly normal girls living a perfectly normal life. One an Uber-Genius, the other a French Tease! But then one day Koori accidentally creates a trans-dimensional…

  • The Ties That Bind

    The Ties That Bind

    Joining: TAKING CHARACTERS. Post a Bio, get a thumbs up, play. Genre: Modern Real Lifey Soap Opera Drama Location: Emerson, Pennsylvania Timeline: Present Date Plotline: Emerson, Pennsylvania is a fast growing city; home to several wealthy families, established businesses and of course the occasional nutcase. It’s a city like any other, but when skeletons come…

  • Thunder From Down Under

    Thunder From Down Under

    Genre: Modern Earth – Fantasy/Sci Fi Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Location: Australia Timeline: Present Date An archeologist team has a dig site in the outback of Australia. Lately there has been oodles of earthquakes. A deep cavern has opened up nearby and a few people have decided to go exploring…

  • Three Berhs

    Three Berhs

    Genre: mafia? Location: Goldi Locke is a hired maid to work on the home of the Berh family. Only she discovers all isn’t “just right” at the Berh home, and finds lots of Mafia No-Gooding!

  • Thirteen Gates

    Thirteen Gates

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: Thirteen strange stone structures stand in the middle of nowhere. A marvel of the world. When someone discovers the secret of these gates, they unlock a way to travel in to other dimensions.

  • The Witness

    The Witness

    Genre: Crime Drama? Location: Lady accidentally views a murder conducted by the ___ mob family and is put in to witness protection with a group of guards, before the trial!

  • The Vengeance

    The Vengeance

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Timeline: Once upon a time there was a beautiful woman – Nalcissa. Especially the most beautiful woman in the entire country, it was no surprise that she became the Prince Wilhem’s betrothed. Yet, come mere months before their wedding, Prince Wilhem met and fell in love with another woman. The engagement was…

  • The Seven

    The Seven

    Genre: SciFi Fantasy Location: Vykendria BASIC PLOT The Seven are an elite secret Imperial Guard for the current Vykendria royal bloodline. They have existed since the very first Oelamir King and are loyal only to blood heirs. The original Seven were chosen from the most skilled & talented warriors of the age by it’s founder,…

  • The Looking Glass

    The Looking Glass

    Genre: Fantasy Location: Anajovica Timeline: BASIC A wonderland is what they called it. A kingdom filled with magic, creativity and prosperity. Of all the kingdoms in the world, Anajovica was a jewel. Their ruler, ___ was nicknamed the King of Hearts for he had love for all of his people. He gave his time and…

  • The Keepers

    The Keepers

    Genre: Space SciFi Thriller Location: The S.T.A.R.S. (Survival Transfer And Relocation Station) Project Colonizer A colonizer ship has set out from Earth to find a new habitable planet. Because space travel has yet to be perfected by humans, it still takes hundreds of years before reaching new systems and galaxies. The majority of the occupants…

  • The Immortals

    The Immortals

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: A house at the end of the street, sitting just barely on a hill. It’s old and the yard seems perpetually frozen in time, a scene of winter. Like being inside a snowglobe when you step on to the property. The house has been called haunted, with many different legends.…

  • The Department

    The Department

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Timeline: The DEPARTMENT is an organization dedicated to checking out the weird and bizarre – collecting artifacts that could be dangerous to the normal everyday workings of modern mankind. They work in secret like a special hidden society. Characters; A team of four. The man whose ex-wife is a legend in…

  • The Angel Devil War

    The Angel Devil War

    Location: Human, Angel and Devil Worlds. Timeline: Present Date Aamon VS Ecanus Many Millenia ago, the Angel, Devil, and Human worlds were once one entity called Gaia. Gaia was a world perfection, like the legendary Eden, held stable by the wills and minds of the people. Wishes born from people’s hearts would collect in the…

  • Tavia’s Ambitions

    Tavia’s Ambitions

    [b]Game Masters:[/b] Diana & Rory [b]Accepting New Characters:[/b] [color=lime][b]YES![/b][/color] [b]Posting Expectations:[/b] Try to post more than once a week. We won’t wait too long on people for posts, BUT it’s very easy to jump back in. :D [b]Rating:[/b] PG (No graphic smuttiness or gore!) [b]Genre:[/b] Magical Modern Fantasy with a little Comedy Romance! [b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b] We’re…

  • Supernatural Consequence

    Supernatural Consequence

    Genre: Otherworld Sci-Fi Fantasy Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn! Location: Empire of Ezra Ojado Plot Teaser Modern times in a fantasy driven world. Ezra Ojado is a great empire in the center of the world, the focal point for the planet’s greatest accomplishments! It has the most grand universities, billion…

  • The Hex of Sunset City

    The Hex of Sunset City

    Genre: Supernatural Western Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn! Mood: Location: Sunset City – Out West Somewheres! Plot: Sunset City, a dusty little town way out west that can barely be considered hospitable. For years it’s been slowly growing, but small set backs always seem rattle the locals and nasty gossip…

  • The Summoners

    The Summoners

    Genre: Modern Horror Supernatural Location: Belfast, Maine Timeline: Present STORY: The Montgomery family has been a long standing and “old money” family in Belfast since the town’s creation. Of course… there’s something decidedly weird about them. Since their property was built, there has been all sorts of strange things happening in Belfast – most centering…