Ciara Yvonne Grey

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Character Name: Ciara Yvonne Grey (Mathews, Charles, Sterling…)
Name Meaning: little black one, yew tree
Alias: The Black Widow. Princess of the Magical World. “Cissy”
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 37
Zodiac Sign:
Place of Birth:
Current Residence: New York, Usa
Occupation: Wealthy Heiress. Founder of the Hotel Shades. Chief of Oracle.
Family: Daughter; Lily Grey. Parents: Ulysses & Natalie Grey
Gemstone: Tiger’s Eye
Theme Songs: Within Temptation – Somewhere, Silent Hill 4 – Waiting For You Ciara’s feelings about her missing daughter. Fergie – Big Girls Don’t Cry; Feelings about Leon!


Height: 5’8″
Hair: Curly Dirty Blonde, past shoulders no bangs.
Eyes: Green
Distinguishing Marks: None.
General Appearance: A striking blond with green eyes, a full figure and flawless style.


Allies: Lily (Her Daughter.). Leon. Conrad as he protects her daughter. Evangeline. Gabriel when it suits her. The very cute but often annoying magical world of good.
Enemies: Anthony & Michael Carnatelli. Evil in general. Anyone that pisses her off.
Current Goal/Purpose: Destroy the Carnatelli Family. Reform the Oracle Organization.
Aspirations: Ciara will not admit it out loud, but she’d very much like to have her husband that she loves, her children, and her happily ever after. People that love her for simply being her, not for what she does for them.
Hobbies: Watching cliche romantic comedies. Slaying vampires.
Likes: Slaying vampires. Chasing Leon around or arguing with Leon.
Dislikes: Looking Stupid. Being shown up. Feeling awkward in really weird situations.
Talents: Quick and decisive choice making. Taking control of any situation. Turning a bad situation in to something better.
Inabilities: Admitting when she is wrong. Getting along with people she thinks are beneath her. Getting past her own fears or prejudices.
Fears: Being left alone. Again. And Again. And Again. Ciara never shows it, but Ciara loves deep. The people she considers her friends, family, and loved ones are the most important things to her in the world. So when they leave her, it hurts. Ciara is waiting for it to happen again, and keeping everyone at a safe distance. She doesn’t think she can take it again.
General Personality: Conceited, self absorbed, and usually just plain bitchy. Ciara doesn’t seem to care about anyone but herself. If she can’t have the world all to herself, she becomes jealous of those that do… and it all goes downhill from there. She is proud, haughty, and often times snobby. Ciara cares very little for the feelings of others, unless she’s after something. Most people take an instant disliking to Ciara, and she likes to keep it that way. No one can get anywhere if you have to worry about others.
Inner Personality: Ciara is complicated. What she shows to the world is more of a self defense than true dislike. Growing up ignored by her parents, she had one childhood friend that made it all worthwhile – but then he left, leaving her unwilling to get involved in anymore friendships. As she got a little older, she had an affair with a man and got pregnant. He wanted an abortion and she kicked him out the door, choosing to keep her child. Raising a daughter alone was tough, but that was her light and joy. …Until her daughter was kidnapped, and that was the end for Ciara Grey. If someone wasn’t helping her reach her agenda, then that person was useless to her. She devoted her life to tracking down master vampires, playing the seduction game, and then killing them. Ciara didn’t care anymore. She didn’t want to care anymore. Caring meant hurt.
Fondest Memory: The funnest summer in history with Leon Santos. Adventures, action, cute squishy happy fuzzy moments. It was the best time of her life, only matched by the time she had with her daughter Lily.
Biggest Regret: Should she have looked for Leon? Could she have prevented Lily from being taken? If she had tried harder, could she have found her? Is she trying hard enough NOW to protect her family?


Special Items: Ciara has built a nice collection of relics, antiques, and miscellany things that could be useful over time. They’re all stored away.
Weapons: A fencing sword made of silver. Guns. Poisonous Lipgloss. Stakes. Quite a few things hidden in her arsenal.
Magics: Ciara has a natural ability to see the “magical world”. No one in her family has ever mentioned anything like it, and she has never considered it a weird or special gift. She just accepts it.


General History: Ciara was born to the very wealthy Grey family, and old family line that can be tracked back to England during the Renaissance eras and then later came to America during the Civil War. Being the only child of “old money” parents, Ciara was very spoiled in many respects. Everything she wanted, she was allowed to have. Ponies, pets, toys, clothes, vacations, parties. The only thing she didn’t get enough of was the attention of her parents… this she tells everyone never bothered her a bit. She claims her parents are stupid and useless. Not worth the time of such a bright and ingenious child such as herself!

Her schooling was the cannon for any rich heiress – prep schools, private schools – all top quality and very expensive. She has had piano lessons, violin lesson, riding lessons, sewing lessons, cooking lessons, language lessons in three different languages (french, Italian and Spanish… the most important ones!) and many other things that would bore any normal person to tears. (In fact if one bothered to ask her, she might confess that she hated every bit of it. The only thing she really enjoyed was interior design, but that’s not a good profession for a “lady”.)

Summer she and her family spent at their summer house, and she met a little boy a few years older than her named Leon Santos. Though she claimed up and down that she hated him, he was rotten and horrible, she spend every day out having wild kiddie adventures with him. From building play castles, to fighting dragons (real ones even!), and beating up the local bullies.. it was the most fun of her life. At the end of one summer she waited for Leon but he never came to meet her. She waited days, weeks, but he never came back. He never even said goodbye to her, and Ciara remained angry about it since.

In college, she majored in business management fields so she could take over the family businesses… but took very little interest in stocks and opted to start her own business instead. During this time she had an affair with a man and ended up pregnant. He told her to have an abortion, and she kicked him to the curb. Having a child was a gift, and something Ciara really wanted! Her daughter Lily became her whole life!

During this time Ciara opened Shades, her very high class hotel. It is the one thing that is 100% all of her own, not inherited, not stolen, not shared! The hotel itself is extremely huge, very beautiful, and is the hot spot for most of the rich people in town, as well as many across the world. It also contains a small exclusive restaurant were many powerful people will often be found dining.

Tragedy struck when Ciara’s daughter turned up missing at 13. This drove her to a sort of insanity. The police couldn’t seem to find anything about the kidnapper, and in her own searching Ciara discovered that it was a vampire that took her daughter. She started funding the Oracle Organization in an attempt to find the vampire and kill him. When that didn’t happen fast enough, Ciara took it upon herself to do some searching. She began playing a twisted game of cat and mouse, luring in powerful master vampires to marriage… then killing them and disbanding their organizations. Three marriages later… she still hadn’t found her daughter. To the outside world she became known as the “Black Widow”. All of her husbands dying under questionable circumstances leave lots of gossip.

Present Life:
Come to present date, Leon has come back in to her life… Something she always seems to complain about, but never makes him leave. She’s went up against Anthony Carnatelli and failed, yet he’s not made a move to kill her – yet. Lily has come home, but their relationship is strained and awkward. And then there’s trying to work with Gabriel Carnatelli for the greater good. Ciara has taken over the Oracle Organization after being fed up with it’s ineptitude and corruption.


Leon Santos:
Peter Macintyre:
Lily Grey:
Gabriel Carnatelli:
Evangeline Clark:
Conrad Wolf:


8y (??) – A fun an adventurous summer with Leon Santos, ended by Leon never showing up again for playing.
16y – Her Magical friends grant her one special birthday wish. All Ciara wants is someone to love her as she is. Flaws and Talents. The whole package. A love worth spending the rest of your life fighting for.
19/20y – Ciara was having a sexy affair with some guy and got pregnant. He told her to get an abortion and she told him to fuck off. Ciara has Lily.
?? – Ciara opens Shades, her high class hotel built and funded 100% on her own hard work. It’s her pride.
?? – Ciara’s daughter Lily is kidnapped. She manages to get as far as discovering the man was a vampire, before the trail went cold. Ciara begins personally funding the Oracle Organization in an effort to find him.
?? – With no results from Oracle, Ciara starts seeking out vampires herself. She plays a game of cat and mouse, luring in high profile and high power creatures, discovering what sort of things they know or connections they have. She married three times, kills them, takes all they own, and destroys their covens or organizations.
– Ciara realizes that she’s hit the “big one” when Anthony Carnatelli, rumored to be one of the most powerful of master vampires, contacts her directly and makes a date.
– Leon crashes in to Ciara’s hotel looking for safety. She obliges, under the guise of saying her has to pay her back for repairs.

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