Circle of Fate

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Niu sat on his thrown in the darkness. Slowly he moved his fingers, pulling them into a fist. “Report! Does the world know of my coming?”

The voices, that were not voices came to him, each saying basically the same thing. No one seemed to notice what was going on in the desert and nothing unusual had been happening. That is except one voice. “Amen-Ra, something unusual happened at Delphi.”

All attention was pulled to the voice that had something to say. All heard what was told. “The winter equinox, six months ago when you started breaking your accursed bonds, I noticed an energy at the temple of Delphi. I do not know exactly what it was, but there was a woman.”

“A new oracle?” Niu asked. An oracle could cause a small problem, but one never knew what advantage could be taken of a situation.

The voice spoke again. “I do not know, but she left the temple and I did not hear of her speaking in odd tones.”

It was not an oracle then. If it had been she would have stayed at Delphi. Still it was the only sign that the outside world might notice. “I want people watching this woman. I care not who, I just want her watched!”

The voices where gone, he did not want to hear them. He could pick any of them up though, when ever he wanted. For the moment though he wanted to just concentrate on the next step.


Trinity adjusted her hat and looked up at the screen. Seeing the line she wanted she nodded to herself and proceeded down the corridor of the airport in the direction of international flights. It was a beautiful first day of Summer in Athens. Then again most days in Athens where beautiful. Trin of course saw everyday as a small miracle, and yet at the same time, a shadow was over it all. She would not lend herself to depression however. That never solved anything.

People moved this way and that. All so very busy. A few pushed aside others, while family and friends greeted one another and said their last good-byes. As Trin waited a man came up to her. “Parakalo! Pu Menis?”

A bit surprised, Trin put on her most innocent look. “I’m sorry I don’t speak Greek.”

Frustrated the man moved on. “Ilithiosa.” Trin muttered to herself. She didn’t give the man much more thought as she saw a group ahead. Though the children did range in age there didn’t seem to be any major bickering or fighting. The two chaperones seem to have things very well under control. “Callista!” She called out waving a hand at the woman at the head of the large group. With a sigh of relief, Trinity smiled. This was going to be a good group of kids for sure.

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