Settings: Modern Fantasy


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The Knight family is forced to move to a new town thanks to Dad’s new job. The kids try to make a name for themselves by accepting a strange dare on Halloween night – sneak in to the creepy old lady’s house and come back with proof. They get more than they bargained for: A curse and an introduction to a very strange society.


Life kind of sucks at the new highschool for Ashley, Skylar and Tobias. One Halloween they accept a dare to break in to the old lady’s house at the end of a dead end street. Because the house is creepy as fuck, rumors about her being a witch have been going around for decades. It doesn’t help that she’s rude and surly as hell. When they break in and claim some items for thieving, they end up activating a curse. Each kid becomes the subject of their costume. Ashley a witch, Skylar a fortune teller, Tobias a vampire. (Including a couple others?) They have to deal with trying to get themselves back to normal — if it’s even possible — along with a new world of weird things they uncover in the process.

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Settings: Modern Fantasy

Teen God High School

[color=cyan][b]”Boredom is the root of all evil. Even the gods knew this, for in their infinite boredom they created mankind.
Then mankind made teenagers and now we never hear the end of [i]I’m Bored[/i].”[/b][/color]

Your hear this story all the time.

A kid turns whatever age and then suddenly their whole world is turned upside down.

So, great! Now I’m the living embodiment of another tired old cliche.

Instead of being just another angsty kid in a High School of other normal angsty kids, now there’s gods in the mix.

What asshole thought THAT was a good idea? Seriously?

Let’s cram a bunch of hormonal teenagers with uncontrollable powers in to the same building.

What could possibly go wrong.

I think I’ll show them what can go wrong.


You are a demi god. A student. Ages ranging from 13 to 18. You have extraordinary powers, but absolutely zero mastery over all of them. At least one of your parents is a god or descended from gods. And now here you are stuck in a High School for Demi Gods because someone out there felt it was safer for everyone if a over-powered twits like you weren’t goofing around with uncontrollable powers around those easily broken humans and revealing to the world that gods walk amongst mortals.

Of course, little do YOU know that things are not so safe. Someone at the school has a plan. A very bad, very dangerous plan. Not only could it destroy the school, but it could very well expose the existence of gods and the magical world to mortals. A thing that the Elder Gods feel modern mankind just isn’t ready for.

But who gives a fuck about all that! TEENAGERS WITH GOD POWERS, HELL YEAH!


You have to play a student! Sorry, no adults in this roleplay. It’s for [i]plot reasons[/i]. Also for plot reasons, you can’t play “I didn’t know I was a demi god, this is my first year!” characters. You are a demi god, and you have known it for your whole life! Can you have not developed your powers yet until this year? Yes! Can this be your first year at the school or in a school like this? Yes! People are also allowed to have the same godly aspects, but you have to explain why. >:]

Posting expectations are of a “at least once a week” sort of basis! It’s better if it’s sooner, but I won’t complain. It’s also asked that you don’t posting spree 10-20 posts in one day and leave people behind. We all wanna get in on that action, give us a chance to post. I don’t expect novel length posts, but please avoid posting one liners so we can have more content to respond to. Capital letters and punctuation is a MUST just so we can read and understand your posts.

Powers! You can have any kind of power you want. I don’t care how silly and dumb, or how super powered it might be. Or even how many your have. You wanna turn in to a squirrel, cool. You wanna summon time travel ninjas. Whatever! Touch people and they die and kiss people to bring them back to life. Shazaam! Just remember that you’re a teenage demi god and you have AWFUL control over your powers! Use sense when using powers, and it’s cool. Should anyone abuse powers within the game, I will punish you IN the game with terrible horrible consequences. 8D I like to get creative.

And finally, remember to respect other players, the setting, and everyone’s developing plots. That means creating a character and subplots that suit this setting. No hijacking characters or scenes. Remember, in game consequences. >:D And, of course, if you’re a total douchenozzle I’ll kick you out.

[color=lime][b]AND NOW FOR THAT BIO SHEET:[/b][/color]

Age & Grade:
God Of:

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

Plot bunny #203272639

Man has a destiny, and a love interest who foolishly makes a pure heart wish to take his burden and protect him. WHAM he is now normal and she’s in a coma/sleeping/encrystized. Shitty, right? Gets better (or worse) now when he encounters the baddies that he would have been trying to defeat she shows up, physical spiritual manifestation mumbo jumbo, to enact as the destined one.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Seven Deadly Sins

Isabellas: Oh yea.. Isabellas forgot to tell you about that creepy dream they had about the 7 deadly sins.. it involved two investigators… There was 7 victims in a hotel with 7 killers… each killer murdered a victim in a similar way to a sin… The chick cop thought it was her partner walking in in every room but it was a ghost of a killer every time… So a lot of dead faces. and then she would have a vision of being murdered just like the victim was each room.. All so the last one was Lust.. and she was a hot killer with the hair Isabellas like and a Ukrainian accent..

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Zankoku Mokuteki

From the beginning of all things, there was light…and in every part of everything that was made, there was also the darkness. For countless millenia, those beings that walk in the light have feared the darkness; feared the great unknown that haunted their dreams and made their greatest fears lie bare before the world.

From these fears, not even man is safe. Since the dawn of mankind’s reign over the earth, stories have been told of terrible demons that lie in wait in the darkest corners of the mind. The darkness was–and still remains–one of humanity’s greatest fears.

As time passed, the darkness grew, and people’s spirits became tainted with the darkness. The allure and mystery of the unknown dark overcame them, turning them into terrible shadows amongst the single great shadow.

Over seven hundred years ago in a now-ancient fortress, one man called forth the light to banish the darkness that had taken over the life of his betrothed. That night, the entire countryside shook as the eternal battle between light and dark was once again waged on the fragile mortal coil. Only through a great sacrifice of eternal servitude was the young lady’s life saved, thus casting Asher Wolfgang Vandeveer into the pages of history.

During the next seven hundred years, a mighty war erupted between the Heavenly host and the legions of the damned, spawned from the flaming pits of Hell itself. In this great war, the mortal coil was twisted and buckled like a man possessed in a nigh-hopeless attempt at purging the warring forces from itself. On both sides of the war, mighty warriors took to the battlefield, riding horses that belched fire and smoke; death and destruction was poured upon the earth for countless days and nights.

In the end, the hordes of darkness were thrust back into the depths of Hell from whence they came, and the lives of mortal men were saved from eternal damnation.

And now, over seven hundred years after one man breached all laws of Heaven and Hell to save his beloved, the rifts between worlds are again beginning to shrink. Vampires, werewolves, demons and other nightmarish beasts stalk the land, bringing chaos and suffering wherever they go.

Now, through the intervention of a single ageless being born of an unholy union between Heaven and Hell, hope springs anew…through her determination and perseverance, this eternal being may be the one last hope our world has to be saved once again from destruction…

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Witching Agency

Genre: Modern Fantasy

Witches and Wizards are not born. They’re chosen. If people were born with these gifts, a rather long list of individuals would have spontaneously exploded by now. – Sir Alfred Clive, 6th Head of the Agency.

The very trouble with being a human mortal is that, well, we just weren’t cut out for magical talents. Perhaps a long time ago when the elves were still our neighbors and faeries still fluttered about, humans still could be born with magic. But after a few incidents with haggard old ladies and cooking children in big pots, the higher beings were convinced humans were just too young to handle such responsibility.

Still, there were many that believed humans shouldn’t be typecast just because of a few bad apples. Some humans had brilliant potential and deserved the opportunity to lead a greater life. Thus, many came together and formed the Witching Agency. Through this, humans with potential are chosen during a serious of “unaware” tests. If they pass, they are unlocked. Given their gift of magic. These fledgling witches and wizards must then serve time in the Agency as they learn to develop and control their magic. Agency members enforce the laws of the magical world. There is no perfect way for a human to learn responsibility than seeing what rogue magic can lead to.

The rules are simple:

– You must never show your power to the mortals.
– Unlicensed magic use is strictly forbidden.
– You are not to disobey the Agency.

Welcome to the Agency and Witching 101!

Now that you are an official Witch or Wizard, please keep your wand with you at all times. Be it in a pocket or a sub-space dimension. Make sure you turn on the safety lock if you leave your wand unattended. You have been assigned your mentors, do make sure to follow their instruction. Mission will often come in unusual forms, be on the look out.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Fantasy

A little boy learns how he is connected to a family of witches.

Random Notes:
Learning how the wands are created, including the mysterious missing “master wand”.
Five orphaned siblings, three sisters, two brothers (the witches the boy learns of and meets.)
The eldest sister is an evil witch and main antagonist. She is a librarian where a lot of the story happens.
The middle sister is a secondary antagonist but gets sealed as a marble.
Third sister is a good witch and has been in disguise helping the boy.
One brother is the boy’s father but died. He wrote a series of children’s books that have clues about the boys family.
Other brother is a poor excuse for a witch.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Wishing Well

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Timeline: Present Date

In the center of town there is a wishing well. People like to toss in their coins and make a wish. They say if you do it exactly at midnight on the night of a full moon, the wish is sure to come true!

One evening a couple of people are making a wish at the well – but what they get is a PERSON FROM ANOTHER WORLD. This person was making a wish at their OWN well and something strange happened.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Voodoo Rite

Genre: Modern Supernatural

“Last Saturday’s fatal Brooklyn fire started by voodoo sex rite”

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

University of Infinitas Sententia

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: ???

Alexa has just graduated from college, and is packing up from her favorite class and telling her beloved teacher ____ goodbye. She discovers the teacher’s back room filled with interesting items that come right out of very rare story books she enjoyed reading. The teacher asks, “So you’ve read the ___ and the ___? That’s the mark of a great mind. A great mind indeed.” Teacher offers Alexa a sort of exchange student internship at a very exclusive and amazing University that sounds amazing. …Except she has to leave right that moment! Alexa is dubious but loves the idea. Teacher seems to pack her up rather quick, giving her a few gifts and quick confusing advice as she rushes her out the door and to the front of the street where an odd looking hand pushed cart is waiting. She hands Alexa a few quarters to pay for the Ticket (the man asked for coppers, but the quarters seemed to be acceptable), and he gives her a ticket. Alexa is ushered in to a box that looks more like a set of chest drawers from the outside, but setting in to it, it looks like a very comfortable train. The whole thing is moving and she’s off before she can catch her breath.

Alexa arrives at her destination – which looks like a huge tower of random buildings all put together and stacked up like building blocks. Someone meets her out front, commenting about how atrocious this years University looks, and mentions that he thought the yearly contest for students to design the structure was a horrible idea. There’s a huge golden archway leading in to the University grounds that says “University of Infinitas Sententia”. Upon crossing under the archway, the University then looks much more like a normal building, but huge, beautiful, and well laid out. There’s very odd contraptions and creatures around the place. Inside the building is no different. Her guide is little help in explaining things, he just tells her that her room is ready, her assigned professor will meet her tomorrow, and she must be a grand thinker to be recommended by Teacher.

The University of Infinitas Sententia or University of “Infinite Thinking” seems to be some sort of magical place dedicated to actually dreaming up and making happen the extraordinary things that happen in stories, legends, and myth. The entire place seems to be a haphazard collection of all these thoughts and creations. Professors have their specialties and pass on tips and tricks to “grand imagining” to younger generations that must continue the thinking. Apparently without the University, nothing interesting would ever happen anywhere. Life would be a bland, repetitive, and monotonous existence.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Toil of God

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Location: Europe
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
Drusilla inherits an old Inn somewhere in Europe. She and her boyfriend go there to check it out… she finds it creepy and spooky, but he convinces her that they should move there and run the place. The Inn turns out to be haunted/cursed by an evil spirit. An inn guest happens to be a Spirit Charmer and claims that he can banish the spirit… in a lame ceremonial attempt (that includes all the guests in the inn plus a few of the towns people), it look likes he succeeds. Drusilla has the strange feeling that it’s not over… and she’s right! It seems the spirit was possessed and being controled by her boyfriend and it returned much more powerful than before… Out of sheer fear and lack of any other idea of what to do, she screams at God or “anybody” to give her something to stop the spirit… A strange weapon forms in her hands, and she shoots at the spirit… and after a few “shots” the spirit is sucked in to the weapon. Cutting to a few months later, the Inn is reopened a long with a side business… The Toil of God, to banish plaguing spirits in the seemingly very haunted town.

Spirit Charmers: Something akin to a self proclaimed psychic, occultist, ghost buster, what have you. In this small country, the traditional name for these sorts of people is a “Spirit Charmer”. Essentially they claim they can talk to the dead, banish spirits, reverse curses and so on… Most accept that these people are fools and liars, and in truth they usually are… though on occasion there are the rare few that have real talent in dealing with spirits.

Toil Of God: The actual Toil of God looks very much like a double barrel shot gun with a few fancy accessories. This was the weapon that formed in Drusilla’s hands when she called out from help. Formed out of a ceremonial item that was given to her by ___, the spirit charmer that was supposed to protect her from demons while he banished the spirit. When she first tried to fire it, she thought it was a gun but it was near impossible to pull the trigger and whatever was “hitting” the spirit didn’t seem to do much damage… finnally after putting some concentration in to it and pulling the trigger one last time, the Toil sucked the spirit INSIDE the gun… thus successfully sealing it. The Toil forms the spirit in to a cloudy glass cylinder which is then supposed to be cleansed in a ceremony depending on the sort of spirit it contains.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Time After Time

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG13/R – Like Toshi and Koori would have sex scenes… XD
Location: Earth & “Other” world
Timeline: Present Date – Fantasy timeline

Koori and Toshi two perfectly normal girls living a perfectly normal life. One an Uber-Genius, the other a French Tease! But then one day Koori accidentally creates a trans-dimensional portal sucking a strange boy from another world by the name of Vanella into their garage! Giving a head to toe make-over so they could stash him, Koori got to work on her machine to send him back home… But due to a fleeting wish, not only Van was sent back.. But Toshi, Koori and even her brother Hiroshi was sent to Van’s world as well!

Now the group must seek out the Mystic of Zenith to help find away to send them back home! Unfortunately getting home isn’t their only worry… a dark overlord has been forming an army of dragons and believes the two girls will be able to help not only conquer this dimension… but many others!


Prince Vanella (time travel prince) –
Pale Hair, Blue Eyes, Total Bishounen. Has long hair at beginning until he gets a haircut while on Earth. A dutiful and responsible prince. Overall nice guy. His servants like to dress him up all fancy and such, where he just wants to be dirty rumpled warrior type GUY… (Think Van from Escaflowne!)

Jake (dragon tamer) –
Tough guy! Likes money and jewels! Incredibly irritated that his Dragon keeps following Toshi.. Likes to mumble “Stupid Dragon… Stupid girl…”

Toshi (flying, dragon taming) –
Adorable and clueless! Toshi is the sweet girl that everyone adores (except maybe Jake!) She has an incredibly talent of staying out of trouble, or just being oblivious to it, and the very respected talent of speaking with dragons!

Koori (iced-fire, portal) – Diana

Hiroshi () –

Young Amazon –

Aradox Penigma (evil overlord) –

Dragon Killer


(shape shifter) –

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Thunder From Down Under

Genre: Modern Earth – Fantasy/Sci Fi
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Location: Australia
Timeline: Present Date

An archeologist team has a dig site in the outback of Australia. Lately there has been oodles of earthquakes. A deep cavern has opened up nearby and a few people have decided to go exploring inside. They WILL discover a completely new civilization that has been hidden away from modern earth for AGES and then end up trapped there. Game starts with the team of explorers going underground!

There are no preconceived ideas about what the civilization is like, so anything goes. BUT they have NO contact with outside earth or any idea what it’s like. They have always been an underground people.

Characters possible: Archeologists, reporters/news crew, Australian natives that are just there watching/being guides AND any of the underground people.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Thirteen Gates

Genre: Modern Supernatural

Thirteen strange stone structures stand in the middle of nowhere. A marvel of the world. When someone discovers the secret of these gates, they unlock a way to travel in to other dimensions.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

The Looking Glass

Genre: Fantasy
Location: Anajovica


A wonderland is what they called it. A kingdom filled with magic, creativity and prosperity. Of all the kingdoms in the world, Anajovica was a jewel. Their ruler, ___ was nicknamed the King of Hearts for he had love for all of his people. He gave his time and help freely, making his legacy as one of the true Great Kings.

But like any man, he grew lonely. He wanted someone to share his life with, have children, and grow old with. When he married ____, she was an enchanting and mysterious beauty! The Queen of Hearts became his entire world! Over time, the King had less and less attentions for his kingdom, giving all of his love to his Queen. A Queen, who seemed to be slowly growing mad with every passing year.

The day the King of Hearts died, it was like a light went out in the kingdom. Everyone mourned the passing of their king, all except the Queen of Hearts. Laughing in her tower, she seemed to have been “set free”. Immediately things had been set in to motion, changing the livelihood of Anajovica by sheer chaotic whims.

…Present date in Anajovica, the land is not so wondrous. Beautiful creations have turned twisted and scary. The laws of the land are so strict, even for the smallest of misdeeds could mean a beheading! People have gone mad with strife, delirious from illnesses, all around unhappy and defeated. After 50 years, no one has any hope left.

A wizard that many call The White Rabbit has been looking for a way to save the lands. Traveling through mirrors in to other worlds, he is spotted by a girl named Alice whose curiosity has her chasing down the man and ending up in the Wonderland. Abandoned as the White Rabbit returns to his searching, Alice is caught up in the drama and turmoil of Anajovica and just trying to find the way back home!

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Immortals

Genre: Modern Supernatural

A house at the end of the street, sitting just barely on a hill. It’s old and the yard seems perpetually frozen in time, a scene of winter. Like being inside a snowglobe when you step on to the property. The house has been called haunted, with many different legends. Witches, vampires ghosts, but no one really knows who or what lives inside.

They are called Immortals. The Grandmother, the Aunt and the Nephew. They have lived in that house for hundreds of years. They are no different from any normal humans. They eat, they sleep, they marry – and yet their bodies are stationary. Never aging, never changing. Illness doesn’t take them, injuries heal quickly. It would seem like a blessing, but it is their curse.

The Grandmother is a wicked woman, preying on people using her Craft. The Aunt is a kind women, who desires to live a normal life and will occasionally marry. The Nephew hates their curse, always seeking a way to end it.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Department

Genre: Modern Supernatural

The DEPARTMENT is an organization dedicated to checking out the weird and bizarre – collecting artifacts that could be dangerous to the normal everyday workings of modern mankind. They work in secret like a special hidden society.

Characters; A team of four. The man whose ex-wife is a legend in the Department. Woman who doesn’t have the greatest luck, but a good eye. The goofy dude that can’t wait to get back for a beer. Mister tough guy who gets easily freaked out.

Starting; Team has a mission to check out this “nightly ghost”. Something weird that keeps flying past an apartment building every night. They walk out there and don’t see anything unusual at first. Then a glowy thing is spotted. They’re all trying to figure out what it is, until they realize it keeps changing shape. When it finally lands, it’s a huge truck. It nearly runs them down until it stops and – Man’s Ex-wife gets out. She tells them what a “great” job they’re doing and that the Head of the Department wants to see them.

The Department “appears” a short walk’s distance away. It’s way huger inside than it looked on the outside, and filled with all kinds of weird things. Very busy. The team waits in a room until the Head comes to see them. The Head explains that they’ve all been doing a wretched job lately and a shame to the Department. They’ve got one chance to get their act together or they’re all fired.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Angel Devil War

Location: Human, Angel and Devil Worlds.
Timeline: Present Date

Aamon VS Ecanus

Many Millenia ago, the Angel, Devil, and Human worlds were once one entity called Gaia. Gaia was a world perfection, like the legendary Eden, held stable by the wills and minds of the people. Wishes born from people’s hearts would collect in the center of this world, creating a well of power. With this well of power, any wish made could be granted, allowing every being to have anything their heart desired… For the most part people lived happily in harmony, there was no reason for war as anyone could dream up whatever they wished…

There came a day where two brothers, Aamon and Ecanus desired the same woman. Their wishes cancelled each other out, so Aamon decided he would get every being he could to help him aquire his wish. Ecanus would not be out done, and he too gathered people to his side for his wish… They each gathered more and more people, but always were they equal… until finally one day the core of Gaia split into three separate worlds. The Devil World, Aamon’s domain of shadow, the Angel World, Ecanus’s domain of the light, and the Human World the middle ground where both combine.

It has been thousands and thousands of years, both Ecanus and Aamon are becoming impatient in their battle. Their forces of light and dark are always tied, but Ecanus seems to have the upper hand with control of the Human World. Being a sporting man Ecanus makes a deal with his brother… If Aamon can corrupt the pure heart of one of his chosen angels, he will give the Human World over to him, turning the war in Aamon’s favor. The pawns are chosen and the stage is set!


An ancient world of legend. Compared to Eden. The core of Gaia was it’s pillar, the desires of it’s people collecting in the core forming a well of power to grant any wish made. Everything in this land was pure and beautiful, many races lived here from human, to fae, to dragon as people could take any form they wished. When the two brothers formed sides and people formed against each other, the wishes of both sides began to contradict and cancel each other causing the core of Gaia to split into three separate worlds.

Devil World

The Devil World. Aamon controls this peice of Gaia and the well of power along with it. It’s power source is that of the shadows and darkness. “Fallen” angels that follow Aamon are considered demons, as their wings turn black with darkness as it’s the base of their power.

Angel World

The Angel World. Ecanus controls this piece of Gaia and the well of power it holds. It’s power source is that of the light. Ecanus and his angels hold to most of the ‘ideals’ Gaia was about. Ecanus currently has control over the Human World since his last bout with Aamon…

Human World

The Human World. This is Earth, the middle ground between lightness and darkness, the home of humans the descendants of Gaia people who refused to join the war and gave up their power in hopes of having a happy life in a new world. Ecanus controls the human world for now, and allows the humans to live as they are in peace… However, if Aamon gained control of the Human world he would use it’s hidden power to over take the Angel World and finally win the war.


Angels/Demons: ONE major power/element. All can fly, strength is only two times that of regular humans. All can use invisibility, but are only invisible to humans. They cannot heal unless it is their gift. They can use no other magic spells unless it is connected with their gift. Demons are only fallen angels that have joined Aamon. Corrupted by the dark arts, their wings turn black instead of the usual white.

Humans: Humans don’t get power. EVER. Unless they DIE.


Angelica – Angelica is your typical popular girl with a perfect life ahead of her. She has a crush on this boy, but before she gets to tell him she dies in a car accident. Ecanus chooses her as a pawn in his bet with Aamon, and asigns her as guardian angel to her earth crush.

Aamon – Ruler of the Devil Kai (Devil World) Aamon wishes to lure angels to his side in the fight against Ecanus for the control of earth. Ecanus has challenge Aamon, if he can corrupt Angelica to his side, he will allow him admittance to earth to do as he pleases. He cannot step foot on the plane of earth and uses the fall angels he has corrupted to do his dirty work.

Ecanus – Ruler of the Angel Kai (Angel World) Ecanus controls the Angel world, and has the current standing on the human world. He makes a deal with Aamon that he cannot corrupt a chosen angel (angelica), or he will give Aamon control over the human world.

Alicia – Angelica’s older sister (1 year). She was driving the car when it crashed and killed Angelica. Alicia had a crush on the same boy as her sister, and secretly wished her ‘perfect’ little sister was out of the picture so she could have him. Though Angelica’s death shocked and saddened her, she got her wish and she got the boy.

Brett – Your typical popular jock, that every girl drools over. Bother Angelica and Alicia had crushes on this boy, but he only has eyes for Alicia…

Rune Sohma – Angelica’s angel ‘guide’. He is really one of Aamon’s fallen angels, though his alliances are shady at best. He develops a crush on Angelica, and often molds situations to fit his own purposes.

Cesia – One of Aamon’s demons, and a fortune teller. She oftens gives slight hints and telling of future events. He only alliances are to Aamon and no one else.

Simon – A pure young prodigy, Simon seems to know anything and everything there is to know about the Legends of Gaia. He is friends with Brett and Alicia, and seems to discover Angelica’s presence early on, yet keeps it a secret for his own purposes.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Tavia’s Ambitions

[b]Game Masters:[/b] Diana & Rory
[b]Accepting New Characters:[/b] [color=lime][b]YES![/b][/color]
[b]Posting Expectations:[/b] Try to post more than once a week. We won’t wait too long on people for posts, BUT it’s very easy to jump back in. :D
[b]Rating:[/b] PG (No graphic smuttiness or gore!)
[b]Genre:[/b] Magical Modern Fantasy with a little Comedy Romance!
[b]Atmosphere/Mood:[/b] We’re going for a light and fun mood, but not rampart silliness! Comedy + Action. Slice of Life.

[size=4][color=skyblue][b]THE STORY[/b][/color][/size]
TAVIA. Once a land of magic and mysteries cared for by it’s gracious Gods and their Followers. But as time rolled by, the people of Tavia slowly began to harness magic for themselves. Learning different crafts and realizing that Gods were not the only ones who could summon up power. They turned their backs on their gods as they learned a huge variety of skills.

This greed for magics led to the biggest mistake of witchery. A giant gash was cut between the world of Tavia and the Demon World. Tavia created a problem they could not fix themselves and called on the gods to save them. The Gods were feeling pretty miffed about their recent treatment, but took up the war against the demons. Many died, many were lost, and in the process it left Tavia without their gods. But at least they were safe from the Demon World.

…But come to present date, a Shapeshifter (Christian “Stino” Glenhill) has discovered that not all the demons were sealed away. One demon in particular managed to steal the secret of dimension travel. His plot? Gather up what he needs to cut a new gash to the Demon World… not just on Tavia, but in MANY dimensions!

Stino has chased the demon in to the nearest dimension – Earth! – Where the demon has taken the form of a talking plush toy to urge some witless human to do his bidding. Stino has to disguise himself, enlist the help of earth humans… and to make matters more confusing he discovers the mortal form of a Tavia Goddess! SOmething that has put a brand new urgency to the problem.

Can he save not only his world, but others as well?!

[size=4][color=CORAL][b]BASIC PLOT & CHARACTER OPTIONS[/b][/color][/size]
The Demons of Tavia have learned the power to rip holes in the wall between worlds. With the more power they collect, the more rips they can make. The more rips they make, the more risk of all dimensions colliding together. If they do that… it’s utter chaos!

You may play as one of Tavia Peoples here on Earth to fix the rips and hunt the demons. One of the demons that wishes to bring about this chaos. A normal Earthling thrust in to the fray, or even someone from another dimension entirely that has also discovered the problem and wishes to stop it before it consumes their world as well.

This story takes place on EARTH, in a small American City. Key locations include Teddy Roosevelt High School, where a dimensional portal is located in the AV room. The Beecher Street Apartments where a second portal is located. And a Local Thift Shop that seems to always acquire and sell the weirdest items…

[size=4][color=yellowgreen][b]BIO TEMPLATE[/b][/color][/size]
Fill out this bio and post it in the thread for a quick approval. :D [b]Please not that no one on EARTH has magical powers. Only people from other worlds have that option.[/b]

Use [url=]THIS BASIC TEMPLATE[/url].

[size=4][color=yellowgreen][b]CAST LIST[/b][/color][/size]

[color=khaki][b]Christian “Stino” Glenhill:[/b][/color] Shapeshifter from Tavia. Hunting the demon that caused the first rip. (Rory)
[color=khaki][b]Melinda Kay Andrews:[/b][/color] 16/f High School Jr, and reincarnated Tavia Goddess. (Diana)
[color=khaki][b]Nameless Derp Hero:[/b][/color] derpy derp Earthling Hero. (Jinx)


1. Teddy Roosevelt High School

A. AV Club/Photo Darkroom

B. Track Yard. (“Training scene.”)

2. F-X Comicbook Shop- Local Hang Out.
3. Family Thrift Shop-Goddess’ Auntie owns it.
4. Local Park: A few of the “Battles” Happen here

A. Honey Creek (A shallow creek that is surrounded by two brick banks.)

B. Old bridge (Demon changes out here)

C. Waterfalls (A part of the creek that forms into a small 5 ft manmade waterfall with a rock in the middle of it)

5. Beecher St. Apartments (Wizard’s home)(Also is a portal to other world, AV Club is the only other one)
6. Student’s Home (SS hangs out her as well)/Goddess’ home (A block away more or less)

1. Derick and Paul (Otaku Fantards)
2. Lisa (Student’s mom, dad is out of the pic for some reason or another)
3. Connie (Goddess’ assumed Aunt, probably from the other world)
4. Jeff Ragland (Student’s Best friend, talks like Elvis and wears the King’s trademark sunglasses)

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

Supernatural Consequence

Genre: Otherworld Sci-Fi Fantasy
Rating: R – All the fun stuff without the porn!
Location: Empire of Ezra Ojado

Plot Teaser
Modern times in a fantasy driven world. Ezra Ojado is a great empire in the center of the world, the focal point for the planet’s greatest accomplishments! It has the most grand universities, billion ezri (dollar) business, and the centralized government ran by Gouhara D’nash the high emperor elect. With such a successful and peaceful empire, Ezra Ojado seems like the perfect utopia, but greed and resentment leads it’s most trusted official that may destroy it all!

Gouhara D’nash is a great emperor, but a lifetime of resentment towards his friend has sent him off the deep end! He may be the ruler-elect of all Ezra, but he never got the best of rankings, the woman, and nor is he happy! Why can’t he be happy like his friend? Suggestions from his adviser gives him a brilliant idea, however. If he destroys his friend, there will be nothing left for him to be jealous of!

The plan was very simple. Use a little magic, raise a little hell beast… Devarin Illusan would be devoured within the week! What Gouhara didn’t count on was a betrayal by his adviser and the spell to expand far greater than he had wanted! A massive foretold evil has been unleashed on the world of Ezra Ojado, and the very man the emperor wanted dead may be the only one with the knowledge to stop it!

Now considered nothing but myth and legend, written in religious texts it speaks of a powerful wizard the gods once fought. Craving powers like the gods’ he searched the world and studied all kinds of magicks, conducted experiments and in the end created many fantastic and terrible beasts. He waged war against the world, nearly succeeding in conquering all! But the gods, being wise and having a natural power tied to the earth created five beasts of their own each representing the gods’ will. The people of Ezra Ojaho, lead by these beasts waged an epic week long battle and using a combined magic power sealed all of the unnatural creatures deep in the Underworld. The Wizard both, defeated and humiliated knew that he had not the strength nor power to fight any longer, disappeared not to be heard of again.


Unicorn (forests)
Dragon (mountains)
Sphinx (deserts)
Gryphon (skies)
Leviathan (seas)


Gouhara D’nash: Current Emperor of Ezra Ojado, elected by the people. He is a good man and a good emperor, however he is insanely jealous of anyone that seems to be happier than he is (especially his friend). He has a weak constitution and seems to be easily manipulated in to believing things if someone provides convincing evidence.

Devarin Illusan: A scholar and professor at the Ezra Ojado University of Magical History. His main interest is archeology of magicks, studying the evolutions and history of Ezra and it’s properties. He teaches General Magical History. He is pleasantly matured, having always something nice to say… but has a terrible temper for anyone that misuses magicks. He has an almost obsessive streak for justice, and will loose all common sense when it comes to righting wrongs, defending the weak and dare it happen – fighting evil.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Summoners

Genre: Modern Horror Supernatural
Location: Belfast, Maine
Timeline: Present

The Montgomery family has been a long standing and “old money” family in Belfast since the town’s creation. Of course… there’s something decidedly weird about them. Since their property was built, there has been all sorts of strange things happening in Belfast – most centering around their home. Strange lights, sounds, and even reports of creatures… Everyone has their own theories. The Montgomeries are called witches, warlocks, vampires, weres, a secret society, demons… There have been all sorts of theories but no sort of proof. Over the past few hundred years, very little has changed in Belfast. The town isn’t much larger, and the Montgomery Mansion is still just as creepy.

In the past five years, however, members of the Montgomery family have been dying inexplicably. Now, all that’s left is the youngest daughter, and a newly discovered illegitimate daughter via Bernard Montgomary’s last will and testament. Miss Felicia Caldwell has just discovered she’s inherited a fortune along with the guardianship of a weird little sister she never knew she had.

The Montgomery family were known as “Summoners”. The basically can see, speak with, and even summon up the dead. Their role is to help the dead pass on to the next life, stop evil spirits, exorcise spirits, ect. In the past few years someone/thing has killed off all the family members except for two – and it’s only a matter of time before it finishes the job.

In the bag yard of the Montgomery Estate there is a circle of graves. That is the family’s official “guardians”. The ones they would summon for protection from evil, or strength for dealing with a difficult spirit.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Soul Society

Genre: Alternate Reality Modern Earth

Since the beginning of time they have been amongst us. Angels and Demons. Not biblical or mythical creatures. Real tangible – and dangerous beings. This is their world. They rule it, they war on it. We are nothing more but the pawns and source of their powers. Nothing is more valuable than human souls.

In this modern society humans know their place. They live their lives and go on about their business. But they know that one day their soul will be claimed and they will be gone. Be it because they died naturally or by accident, or because one of the Supreme has decided their soul is ripe for the taking.

The Supreme Beings
Angels and Demons are known as The Supreme. They are eternally at war with each other. Having warred for so long they even they don’t remember the cause. There is legend that perhaps they were human themselves once, from far across the universe. That at some point they learned how to use the Soul and became something more.

Though at present date they live together amongst the humans they collect, and there is some semblance of peace, the war is just as strong now as ever. All the time fights and combat breaks out between them. With little care to time, place, and who is stuck in between. The goal of both races is to eradicate the other. All they need is enough souls and enough power…

The Soul Society
Not all humans are content to be sheep waiting for their ultimate day. Recently there is a group calling themselves the Soul Society who are trying to figure out the secrets of Soul. Human souls are so valuable to the Supreme, what is stopping a human from learning how to use this power too? Though their skill cannot compare to the Supreme, these humans are slowly starting to develop soul magics. One day they might learn enough to free the human race…

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Sorcerer’s Test

Genre: Modern Fantasy

In a fantasy world during modern times, when a sorcerer comes of age they must take a test. This test dictates whether or not they get to KEEP their magical ability, based on their aptitude with their magic. They have a year to take their test after their 20th birthday… and if they fail to make it, they will lose their power regardless.

Silea is a young sorceress with a frustrating family situation. Her mom seems to hate her and is denying giving her the permission to take the test. She and her small gang of friends have decided they’re going to get Silea to the test, no matter what!

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Something Diabolical

Genre: Modern Occult Supernatural
Rating: R – Violence, Cursing, Naughty, Etc.
Mood/Style: A dark atmosphere filled with evil and creepyness!
Location: New York City
IC Located:
Accepting Characters: YES
Special Playing Systems?: “Hookup”. I will be pairing up players personally in their own threads.
Posting Expectations: Ideally players will be paired with other players that have similar time schedules and posting habits. It will vary.

Something Diabolical…

Beckoned by destiny, blessed by one sin and then condemned to bare the burden. A curse of consequence that can never be averted, a debt never evaded and sure to be paid. It’s how he is born…

One sin made to gain a special gift – a gift that in the end only brings misfortune.

You are one of the Sinned. To gain power, you made a deal with a Devil. Maybe you had good intentions or maybe you’re very bad… Either case, your gift has come with a price. One sin one soul. “It’s only a tiny little sin…” may have been what you were told. Steal. Vandalize. Fights. Kidnapping. Murder. The sin is different for everyone. In return your granted power is everything you desired. You accomplished what you set out to do. But the Devils are tricky things. Desire become corrupted. Life is not what you expected.

And that Devil is coming to collect the rest of your debt.

You can play one of the Sinned, one of the Devils, or even some random normal person. That is up to your imagination. A Sinned is someone who made a deal with a Devil for power and now they must deal with the consequences. Devils are usually a kind demon that can come in any shape or form. They wish to collect souls, most because they EAT them and others because souls are such good batteries for power. The story itself will become about your characters. The sins you made. What you might make. What you chase, what you run from.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Fantasy

Sleeping Beauty

Genre: Modern Fairy Tale
Timeline: Present Day

“For your insulting neglect… Before the sun sets on her twentieth year she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel…and DIE.” cursed the evil fairy in a booming laughter before she spirited away. The entire court fell silent.

“Never fear sire… our youngest sister has yet to give her gift.” said the eldest fairy. It was true, the last and most timid of the 12 good faeries had yet to give her gift to the infant princess.

“Death will not befall the tiny princess, but instead she shall sleep until awakened by true love’s touch…”

With fear in his heart, the King immediately ordered all spinning wheels to be burned and destroyed. Yet, come her twentieth birthday it was all for naught. The evil fairy entranced the princess to a hidden chamber and she fell victim to the curse. Devastated the King tried his best to find the one that could awaken his daughter. Inviting all the nobility, knights, and even peasant people to come and try to wake the sleeping princess. Until the day he died.

Slowly, the sleeping princess faded from the family’s memory with each generation. Her room closed away and forgotten… until the day of true love’s embrace.

Plot Breakdown:
The Sleeping Beauty story is a popular fairy tale, one the Bontecou family proudly stats stemmed from their own family history. Of course, they say that it was more likely that the Sleeping Princess likely just fell prey to an illness or coma and eventually died, but it was always a favorite tale to be told. These days the castle that their Kingly ancestor once owned has been neglected for a near fifty years as all but one of the Bontecou have since died. He is a lonely man that knows his days are numbered, and it’s a sad fate to have to find a new heir to your property and fortune. One that isn’t even of your own family blood. He’s hired a team of historians and construction works to renovate his castle as he seeks someone to mentor.

In the castle one of the historians stumbles over a hidden chamber that had been blocked up for centuries. Inside, it’s a beautiful and lavish room filled with such fantastic antiques… Probably worth millions! The most startling thing was the woman sleeping in a bed. He thought it was a plastic model, but the woman was breathing… definitely real! When he shook her awake, and she confusedly insisted she was a princess… he thought it had to be a joke by Lord Bontecou! He drags her to Bontecou and the lord denies everything. The lawyer suggests a blood test, and perhaps even a mental evaluation. In the mean time… what to do with a crazy lady that thinks she’s a princess and has no idea what to do in the modern world!

Sleeping Beauty with a twist! Lord Bontecou discovers the woman really is a DNA proven blood relative and is elated! Having everyone else believe she was a sleeping princess is harder to accomplish. To save them all from trouble he claims her as an illegitimate daughter. Believing in the curse and the story, he’s sure the historian that woke her up is her True Love and plays match-making devil.

Meanwhile it seems the Evil Fairy has lived all this time and has become a sort of wicked black widow sort of Heiress. She was living high on life thinking the Bontecou family had finally died out when she discovered the sleeping princess was now awake. She makes it her goal to destroy them all once again!

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Silver Tear

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: Tariv

Plot Breakdown: Long ago Tariv legend came true when the Dragon Lady conquered the lands and a small girl from another world was summoned to save them all. Tariv was saved, and the Dragon Lady defeated, but once the child was sent back to her own world, the Dragon Lady somehow revived. Without the child’s blood to activate the key, the Dragon lady enslaved the lands… It’s been 50 years since Tariv was conquered, and the ones that helped the human girl have finally escaped the dungeons of their imprisonment and have stolen the Silver Tear to summon the child again. …Only now the child is all grown up… and summoning her back may have been a grave mistake…


Jetta: At six years old, Jetta was an extraordinarily bright child. She could play three instruments, read four languages, but the wee ebony haired girl never spoke a word. The sisters at Christian’s Orphanage did not think this too strange, however. Jetta was always like that, since the day they found the sleeping little baby on thier doorstep. Her artwork was another story. Jetta draw the most fascinatingly real looking images of dragons, faeries; each one seeming to tell a story. There came one day where Jetta disappeared, and little did the nuns know she was summoned to another world to get involved in the very magical story she was drawing in her pictures. A few weeks later she showed up once again on their doorstep, just as silent as ever. Her silence didn’t last long… Jetta began acting out. No more sitting still for studies, not more practicing her reading. The only thing Jetta continued to do was her artwork, and even that started to dark a darker turn. … Years later, Jetta is now 21 years old in her last year of college. She keeps to herself and is generally unsociable, and again she’s being summoned to that other world…

Ananta: The Black Dragon Lady

Dovaryn: Elf Boy


The Silver Tear: One of the most revered items in Tariv. It is rumored that the last of the unicorn race gave up it’s horn to make this simple tear shaped pendant and granted it’s use to the Ivory Empress to protect Tariv from a prophesied danger. The Silver Tear is a limitless magical item with a great power. Only those pure of heart can use the Silver Tear without fear of repercussion. Otherwise the price to pay for it’s use may be great.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Silver Star Eclipse

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG13/R –
Location: Earth & “Other” world
Timeline: Present Date – Fantasy timeline

Rejar finds himself on the strange world “Disney Land” that his brother Lorgin had travel to and met his wife. Still being weak from his travels through the time/space tunnels, he remains in cat form, keeping his true self secret. He is taken in by Faith and her fairy guide and they unknowingly nurse a familiar back to health! When a bunch of scary golems shop up to retrieve Faith, Rejar is forced to reveal his true form (naked that it is!) and save the day! In return for their kind services, Rejar proclaims himself as official protector!

When Rejar realizes Faith wears the Shimilee and the evil sonofacatfish Mael plans to grab it, he must take Faith to his own universe and seek the help of Yaniff and the Magi Guild!


The Mystic Council – The Council of Magic on earth. Started by the great wizard Merlin centuries ago when people started to disbelieve the existence of magic and mystical beings. The Mystic Council once consisted of 6 of the most powerful earth mages including Merlin and the Queen of the Fae. They try to pull in those with magical gifts when they are young and try to teach them to control their powers and keep them hidden from the world.

The Shimilee – A Shimilee is an item of power that can create, alter and move time/space portals. It is usually one stone, or several stones forming a pattern or matrix in a necklace, bracelet or other jewelry type thing. Shimilee are very rare to come across. Almost impossible! Rejar was caught in the space/time tunnels while he was trying to loose the Shimilee time.

The Charl – The Charl are a guild of magical knights that exist in Rejar’s universe. They have great skill in both the physical and the magical, and are bound by the honor and morale that they keep!

The Magi Guild – The Guild of Magic in Rejar’s universe. The numbers of it’s council are unknown, but they seem to make all the important decisions that have to deal with the Charl, and often meddle in the destinies of others.

Tan-Shi – Celibate priestess that have dedicated their life to serving the gods. Much like the nuns of earth. Once a woman becomes Tan-Shi, all family ties must be severed. A Tan-Shi can never become pregnant, for with the birth of their child, their own life force will leave their body and they will die!


Faith – A human on earth. Faith is a talented writer and secret student of the Mystic Council! After getting canned from her job, and having a horrible week, she is hiding out in the old family cottage until things blow over! At least until she finds a poor injured cat in the woods…

Ninth – Faith’s fairy guide, there to help guide her away from trouble and into trouble! Ninth has been with Faith since Faith was a wee child.

Rejar – A Familiar from another time, universe and world! Rejar was in the time/space tunnels trying to be rid of a magical item that could destroy the fabric of the time/space tunnels… but when he tossed it into oblivion, a shock wave wracked the tunnels and he was send spiraling into a new world! His brother Lorgin was the first to travel to earth, finding the Shimilee that aided them in their quest against Theardar.

Traed – Rejar’s cousin, though by Charl law he is considered a half-brother and direct son of Krue. (Rejar’s father) He is a reluctant Knight of the Charl, being trained under Yaniff, after being involved in the last Shimilee deal that resulted in the death of his father. His father was the last person to try and use the Shimilee to alter time.

Maelkavich – A former student of earth’s Mystics. Mael was jealous of others that were acknowledged for their skills and promoted above him. In a fit of rage, during a ceremony he killed the student that was being proclaimed to the next level of mystics. The council then banished him from the mystics, feeling they had to right to order his death. With a vengeance he studied magic in private surpassing levels much quicker than he should. For his revenge he first killed Merlin, the eldest of the Mystic council… causing the councils fall at the death of it’s creator. His sights are now set on Merlin’s one student who also wears the Shimilee, a tool he can use to increase his power.

Merlin – (Deceased) Merlin the ancient wizard of fairy tale, no normal person ever believed he truly existed, but he did! Merlin was actually from Rejar’s universe. The first appointed to be rid of the Shilimee so corrupt powers couldn’t abuse it. He too was lost while tossing it away, finding himself on earth! He created the magi council, only taking on the most promising for his own students. Merlin was killed in an unfair battle with Mael.

Theardar – (Deceased) A once powerful Knight of the Charl who slipped into madness. The women he loved didn’t return his feelings, so he kidnapped her and took her against her will. Marilan became pregnant with their son Tread. But because she was a priestess of the Tan-Shi, when she had her child, her life force was sacrificed for the life of the child. She died in childbirth. This sent Theardar into a deeper madness, and he blamed his son for Marilan’s death. He would barely even acknowledge his son’s existent save for a few fleeting moments when he left him in the care of the Krue household. The Guild saw this mistreatment of his son as a lack of honor and he was disbarred from the knighthood. Yaniff warned the council that this would come back to haunt them.. and sure enough it did when Thaerdar sought out the power to alter time-space to make sure Marilan never died… In the last battle, Thaerdar sent a blast to kill the wearer of the Shimilee (Lorgin’s wife) but Traed jumped in the way to protect her. Having a fleeting moment of regret, Theardar called his blast back, but it being too powerful to control it killed him.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Shadow Legacy

Genre: Modern Supernatural

____ Is woken up by family and told they need to take a trip. The “whys” are very confusing. Family saying “they don’t have a right to do this.” “It belongs to you.” “Uncle __ chose you.” “We’re gonna sue.” But __ has no idea what they keep rambling about. Soon you meet ___, your great uncle’s Right Hand who is supposed to help escort to the family property.

But on the way, shadow goblins attack. Weird evil little creates you can only see the shadows of. You get separated from the rest of your family and have to make an escape.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


[et_pb_section admin_label=”section” background_image=”” transparent_background=”off” background_color=”#000000″ allow_player_pause=”off” inner_shadow=”off” parallax=”off” parallax_method=”off” make_fullwidth=”off” use_custom_width=”off” width_unit=”on” make_equal=”off” use_custom_gutter=”off”][et_pb_row admin_label=”row”][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text” background_layout=”dark” text_orientation=”left” background_color=”rgba(0,0,0,0.69)” use_border_color=”off” border_color=”#ffffff” border_style=”solid”]

Genre: Modern Horror/Thriller
Location: Redbrook Bed and Breakfast (Colorado)
Timeline: Present Date

The Redbrook Bed and Breakfast was once a mansion owned by an eccentric millionaire. It’s nestled in a beautiful thick-wood forest with it’s own private lake, gardens, cemetery, and in the near distance you can see the beginning rise of a mountain. It is picturesque and wonderful in every way.

But when you check in to Redbrook, you almost never check out. It’s noted as one of the most haunted and disturbing places in the country. There have been murders, disappearances, and a wide variety of horrible events to happen there. …Yet the Inn remains open to the public.


Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

The Pursuit of Prophecy

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy meets Modern Earth

Sylvia DuBlanc is a witch in the land of ____. There’s a prophecy/premonition about a great evil in another land that is going to gain an ultimate power to conquer and destroy worlds. Deciding this needs to be stopped before it becomes an issue, Sylvia uses magic to transport her to this other land. …The other land being Modern Day Earth. In awe and confused by this “strange land” Sylvia gets herself in to trouble and inevitably meets _____ who thinks she’s insane.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy

The Problem with Consequences

Genre: Modern Fantasy
Location: Fantasy World in Modern Times
Timeline: Present

In the beginning there were the Gods. And like most Gods, they all have their one special thing they reign over. There are gods of nature, gods of sunlight, gods of water, gods of dancing, gods of wine, if it exists, there may very well be a god for it. In the world’s few eons, the gods played on the lands in person, but over time the humans that lived there believed less and less in the gods. So, they retreated once again to the Heavens.

Present date in Elgasia, it is modern times. There’s many different religions, some celebrating the old gods and some not. No one believes in magic or old races. Even so, the Gods feel it’s their duty to continue doing what they do and caring for the world they created. ..And the gods are growing weary of some of the younger generation deities that don’t seem to understand the importance of their work.

Celia Vera, the Goddess of Justice is a spoiled little thing. She sits on her cloud flittering around and doing nothing all day, while the modern world twirls on without her. During a council meeting, the Gods of War and Chaos convinced the other Gods that she needed to be taught a lesson. Send her to the mortal world without her full power until she learns her purpose.

Of course, the Gods of War and Chaos are hoping she doesn’t survive the trip. Without Justice there is no consequences… and without consequences, which gods rule over the mortal plane? They do.

So when the spoiled Goddess of Justice meets some very confused humans… it’s a tricky problem!

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Picture Perfect

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: ???

Gandirk is an asshole. And he ENJOYS it. He likes to do ridiculously mean things just for his own entertainment. Waving a hand over his magic mirror – he spots the perfect opportunity to have a little fun.

____ is a film student at the local college, trying to film his latest movie project, A Picture Perfect Faerie Tale. It’s a dramatic saga about a Prince whose Fiance and Little Sister were kidnapped and hidden away in a magical garden by an evil wizard. He and his volunteer cast of student actors were right in the middle of filming the big scene when all of a sudden… POP! They find themselves in the middle of a mystical looking forest – in full costume! They definitely aren’t in the props department anymore…

BREAKDOWN: Gandirk was bored, so he decided to… dig up a little entertainment. A bunch of film students making a fantasy movie plopped in to a REAL version of the story sounded like a hilarious way to indulge himself! Everyone still in costume, and ___ holding his camera and equipment are now stuck in this crazy looking forest… with danger on the way!


Student Director: He is the writer and director of the movie A Picture Perfect Faerie Tale. It’s going to be his graduating masterpiece.

Handsome Prince: A student actor who is very enamored with himself.

Princess Fiance: Another student actor who thinks the film would be a great addition to her acting portfolio.

Sister Princess: Playing the part of the Prince’s little sister, but is actually the Student Director’s little sister that begged to play a part in the film.

Evil Wizard: A guy who is nothing like an evil wizard in real life, but seems to be the best actor of them all!

Gandirk: (npc?) The asshole who just likes screwing with people’s lives for entertainment.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


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Supernatural universe.

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The Oracle Organization was founded over 100 years ago in the late 1800s after a young wealthy gentleman suffered a mysterious tragedy with his newly wedded wife. The investigation ended with a dead end and the police suggesting it was simply a twisted serial murder. The Gentleman disagreed – his wife had recently grown interested in occult culture. Her acquaintances were suspicious. Strange. Unnatural. As he dove head first in to this secret life of his wife’s he discovered a dark and dangerous world. Vampires, weres, demons and devils. She lost her life to these creatures and he was determined to spend the rest of his protecting others from them. What started as just a few men soon became a full organization of hunters and slayers, secretly protecting the innocent from evil.

Today, Oracle has branches all across the globe. It is one of the largest and most well organized groups of Hunters that exist.

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History of Vampires
The original origin of Vampires is still under debate. Because there are multiple breeds of vampires, there are strong possibilities that they have multiple origins as well.

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History of Weres
Weres are the result of a special shapeshifting strain in the genetic code. Theories suggest the original strain started in wolves and was passed on through inter-species breeding. The Shapeshifting gene only appears in mammals. In rare cases, the gene can remain dormant through many generations. Most weres are not able to shapeshift until after they hit puberty. Weres stick strongly to their clan lines and families.

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Settings: Modern Fantasy

Occult Craft

Supernatural Private Investigator is approached by someone concerned over an incident at the local college. Demons have been summoned.

Settings: Fandoms Settings: Modern Fantasy

Never Live, Never Die

Genre: Modern Fantasy

“From the Dawn of Time we came, moving silently down through the centuries, living many secret lives, struggling to reach the Time of the Gathering, when the few who remain will battle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you, until now.”

Immortals: Always found or adopted. No evidence of birth parents. An immortal only becomes an immortal after a death. Can be made immortal at any age.

Oracles: People that foretell of important events related to Immortals.

The Game: Created by _____. The Game is a wicked plot to charm immortals to kill each other for the Prize.

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Fantasy World
Location: Greyshin
Timeline: Present Date

Greyshin is a modern world of skyscrapers, global business, world trade, advanced technology. TV and Movie stars are over payed, no one is fond of their country’s leaders but vote for them anyway, and prices for fuel are way too high. The world could be considered just like Earth. Only… Greyshin isn’t dominated by normal humans. Greyshin is a world ruled by wizards, sorcerers, witches, and sentient beings. In fact, if you’re a normal human – without magical skill or special abilities. Well, you just shouldn’t exist.

“Nethers” or “Lowlings” as they’re commonly called, are humans born without talent. They’re considered defective, tainted. If you’re born a Nether child and weren’t lucky enough to be “disposed” of right away, you can expect to live a life of strife, hate, and danger. Nethers are outcast by society, used as slaves or servants, some even hunted down for sport in less civilized countries. Heaven forbid that a Nether is discovered living amongst the Gifted and faking a talent. They will find merciless imprisonment or a death sentence.

There are activists on both sides of the Nether fence. Many people believed that the Nethers need to be wiped out, simply because they are a lower species and quite worthless. Some groups support Nether preservation, stating all living creatures have the right to an enriched and fulfilling life, regardless of their station. Others are demanding equal treatment for Nethers, after all they are humans too! What ever side you are on, expect quite a bit of debating!

There’s a rumor that there’s a secret group of Nethers forming an alliance to bring down the systems of the magical peoples. Freedom Fighters, crazy Terrorists… it’s not quite sure what their agenda is!

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Moon, Blood and Wolf’s Bane

[i]”Do you know why we howl at the moon, pup? To mourn those the Light took from us…”[/i]

[b]Genre:[/b] Modern Fantasy
[b]Location:[/b] Montana
[b]Timeline:[/b] Present Date

Legend of old states that Darkness blessed a tribe of humans. Ones that welcomed the night and it’s creatures, ran with the wolves, and lived their life by loyalty and blood. The gift Darkness bestowed was [i]the change[/i], shifting their blood from that of normal humans to include the gene of the wolves they cherished. They became stronger, with better eyesight and hearing. Healing at a slightly faster rate and only needing to fear the poison of silver reaching their bloodstream. Most notably, an ability to shift from human form to wolf. Their lifespans aren’t any longer than the average human.

Called by many names, including lycanthrope or loup-garou, the werewolf struggles to exist in our modern world. Keeping to their own clans and laws, they only mingle with the humans when necessary. Over the centuries many myth and legend were told of the werewolves. True or false, human kind feared these creatures and chose to hunt them. A werewolf may mate with human’s if they like that sort of thing, but it’s [i]forbidden[/i] to bare their children. They believe [i]The Curse[/i] was born from those unions, thus it is a act punishable by death. If a halfbreed exists, they do not exist for very long. Clans are located all over the world, but numbers have slowly begun to dwindle. The Age of the Were is long gone.

[b]Curse of the Werewolf[/b]
The werewolf curse is what sparked the fear and legend of these beasts going mad with the full moon. It doesn’t affect all werewolves, only those infected by it. They believe a clan member fell in love with one from Light’s tribes and Light angry with the audacity of these creatures blessed by the Darkness, laid a curse on their children. Come night when the sun reflects off the Full Moon, their blood will boil and their skins will change. Their former beautiful forms will twist and turn ugly. To a wild and chaotic beast that only thirsts for blood. Similar to rabies or other viruses, the [i]curse[/i] can be passed through a bite or blood to were or human. The Curse is impossible to control, thus many clans will ostracize or kill anyone that becomes infected.

[b]THE PLOT[/b]
Geoff Larrow lead his pack as a favored Alpha. But on night he was killed trying to defend clanmates when a few humans realized there were werewolves in their midst. Someone in the clan had let their secret slip out, by loose tongue, uncontrolled hunting, and attacking humans. The leaderless pack was forced to move or risk having the entire clan’s identities discovered. They bought new property in Montana near small but bustling little vacation town called Raymond. For year they lived, but without a leader the young weres became restless and out of control. This time they drew attention to themselves not just by humans, but by Hunters. To make matters worse, one of their pack committed the worse of sins – getting a human pregnant. The Council of Weres sent agents to “get rid of the problem”. Before the pack could sneak out of town, most of it’s members were slaughtered.

[b]Come to present date…[/b]
For the past five years, those that managed to survive the pack’s genocide have lived scattered and on the run. Now, word is being sent out that Saraliya Stonelake has procured new land in Canada and a new safe home for those that wish to return or join their pack. She is Alpha. They will not run any more. All those that pledge loyalty to their pack will be protected. And after a promise she made… it includes the five year old half-were child that shouldn’t exist.

Saraliya intends to make a stand. Glendon, Canada will belong to her pack come hell or highwater. Yet, she is unaware of just how big of a fight they are going to get…

Glendon, Canada is a northern village in the Alberta providence. It boats a whopping less than 500 population, many of which are already refugee or packless weres now pledged in to Saraliya’s command. It’s cold here, even though it’s the summer months. Humans do not believe in werewolves, however Glendon natives have their legends, since there has always been a were presence in this town. It’s why Saraliya chose it to be their home. There are no vampires or other races, and there is no magic in this roleplay.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Space Saga


Since the beginning of time singular people have been “Catalysts of Change”. Simply by existing, their lives can change the course of fate. History books are filled with these stories… where one single action created a butterfly effect, setting the world on a whole new path.

___ has discovered a way to peek in to the future, and his future looks grim. His plans of conquest over galaxies will be ruined by one of these Catalysts. Deciding to take fate in to his own hands, he chooses to destroy this Catalyst before they change the course of history.

Using his resources, he bombs planet Earth with a barrage of asteroids. Intending to destroy everything on the planet. One dead planet means nothing in the grand scheme of things. But… a Guardian manages to save the Catalyst. Taking them off Earth before the surface is destroyed and escaping out in to space…

Now it is a matter of surviving, not knowing what that singular event of change will be… but just needing to live!

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Manic Mondays

Genre: Social Modern with Optional Supernatural Twist
Location: Kawagoe, Japan
Timeline: Present

The Kanesue Corporation looks like a simple 9 to 5 temp service. The building is one of the tallest in Kawagoe, made of steel and glass. Their slogan; What ever your problem – We have someone that can help! Stepping in to the main lobby, it’s filled with designated areas for clients to wait before they step in to meetings, or be approached by the new Temp they’ve hired.

In reality, Kanesue isn’t just another suit and tie business. When they say what ever your problem – they meant it! From school disasters to haunted garbage disposals, Kanesue Corporation has a Temp for it. Skills of Temps range from students with part time jobs, to college interns, to veteran military. Needless to say, the Corporation has an expect for anything.

Settings: Modern Fantasy

Manga Dreams

A girl transferred to the university of Tokyo. She makes friends and when she realizes that she’s running out of money for school, she decides to draw hentai manga for a living and makes hella money. Her friends have NO idea that she’s the creator of such a huge manga. She had boy and friend problems and when she’s about to tell everyone about it…. A boy who looks exactly like her guy in her manga moves into the flat across the hall. He’s hotter than shit, and after he moves in, she quickly starts working on new characters. Ends up that all of her drawings (eventually) come to life and live in that EXACT building because one of her friends is a witch/whatever that can grant wishes. So, now she’s surrounded by all of her imaginary characters and because she wished for them, she’s stuck.

Special Notes: Thanks for this plot bunny, Nino!

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Super Hero
Timeline: Present Date

Basic Setup: A modern world where Super Heroes and Super Villains exist, are well known, and may even be common. Whether they are born with special gifts, gain these gifts later, have an accident, or just decide one day to be a hero… A Super Hero’s creed is to defend the innocent and uphold justice! Secret Identities are good to have, as you never know when someone might want to kidnap your family, hold you for ransom, assassinate you, or sue you. There are schools for people needed to learn how to control their powers. Some heroes work for free, others desire payment. Some heroes are real asshats, and some may be the most wonderful people you had ever met. The Hero business these days is competitive, but with all the evil in the world, there’s no such thing as too many heroes!

Options, Options, Options: You do not have to have special powers to be a super hero. But keep in mind that the super hero business can get sort of pricy. Powers come in all shapes and sizes, but don’t be crazy or do anything that wouldn’t make any sense or would ruin the fun for others. Such as being so powerful that you’re unbeatable, unhurtable, and perfect in every way. Even Super heroes have weaknesses! You don’t even have to play a hero. Villains are said to have much more fun… and without normal people to kidnap, there wouldn’t be anything for a hero to do!

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Gothic
Rating: R – All the good stuff, without the porn!
Location: ???
Timeline: Present Date

In the late 1300s A.D. Vampires were once nearly as common as humans… feared by all those that believed and hunted by no one. Pure blooded vampires were the royal lines, commanding respect from all. Pillars of power and the dark arts. Only one was above them all; The Mother – Queen of All Vampires. A dark exotic beauty as old as time, her bite creating the vampire race. But, humans soon grew stronger no longer accepting their fate as cattle to these demons and Hunters were born. By 1412 a new age began with humans as the supreme race, leaving vampires to fade in to the shadows defeated.

Come present date, humans are now the top of the chain, vampires believed to be nothing more than myth and legend. Disguised amongst the clueless mortals, these dark angels walk the night diminished from their former glory. Few true vampires exist as watered down lineages have replaced the old with turned vampires, thanks to hunters that stalk the streets and kill as many as they can. Yet those precious few that still have ties to old lineages wish to reclaim their ancient monarchy and begin a new era where vampires reign over society once again! But, the only way to do this is to seek out The Mother… and she has been missing since the fall of the vampires.

In these modern times most vampires that exist are turned vampires; humans that were turned, or impure vampires; a vampire that has tainted bloodlines because of cross breeding with humans or turned vampires. A pure blooded vampire is extraordinarily rare, as most have since lost their lives to Hunters over the centuries. However, a few still remain and they wish to re-establish their royal lines and return the monarchies. To do this, they must seek out The Mother as she is the only one that can acknowledge them and bring new true vampiric blood to the lineage. There is great opposition here as many of the younger generations do not want to see these ancients in power again – as well as Hunters that would rather see the entire vampire race destroyed!


Pure vampires were “born” from the bite of The Mother, the most ancient of all vampires. She is said to be the spawn of a fallen angel, having both holy and demonic blood and most certainly immortal. Which Fallen this was, whether they were male/female, and who the other parent was is often debated and theorized amongst the vampire race. Her bite is the only one that can turn a human in to a pure blood vampire. During her reign she turned legions; some say she was lonely for affection, while others believe it was merely an unplanned effect of her feedings over the years. Nevertheless, she created a race of creatures that she ruled over as their Queen, seeing humans as nothing more than lowly creatures meant to be feasted upon. During those ages, history was passed down by word of mouth rather than written texts… so later historical scrolls were found to be obscure or simply lacking in their accounts of The Mother. In 1412 after the final war between the vampires and the Hunters that were born of their own blood, The Mother seemed to disappear. None have seen or heard of her whereabouts since then… but the few remaining ancients swear they can still feel her lifeforce throbbing through their veins.

Depending on their birth, vampires will have different strengths and weaknesses. However, there are still some traits that are common in all bloodlines. Vampires are not dead as most would assume; they can still eat, sleep, breathe, function, etc. Vampirism is like a taint (or enhancement!) to the blood “correcting” the DNA. However it is still BLOOD that allows them to survive as their bodies use the healing properties in blood to remain unaged and immortal. It is the drinking of blood that helps them to heal so quickly and keeps them immortal. They will continue to live unaged until they are killed. Depending on the birth of the vampire, they may not need to feed as often but they could literally waste away if starved… It would only take a few hundred years. Crosses, holy water, etc – are all simply myths and have no affect on their health. Sunlight is not usually an issue, however as a general trait they usually prefer the night. Their senses are more in tune during the dark hours. Vampires always being gorgeous seducers is another Hollywood myth, though you’ll find purebloods have more attractive physiques due to natural immunities in their blood. The fangs of a vampire are not grotesquely long but are more pronounced than a normal humans. All vampires have increased strength, some power of mental persuasion, and the ability to tap in to each others mind or in the mind of a weak person. Vampires can not levitate, float or fly unless they are strong enough to shape shift in to a creature that can do these things. They CAN have children! But, most vampires find this unappealing or inconvenient (save for pure bloodlines that wish to keep the lineage pure!) as vampires are solitary by nature.

Created directly from The Mother or born to pure blooded vampires. These are the TRUE vampire race that walked the earth during the early ages of man. They are considered vampiric royalty. During the late 1300s and after most of the ancients were killed due to the increasing birth of vampire Hunters. They were simply egotistical in their immortality. Still, some do exist, though rare and they are yearning for a life where they are once again in charge of their great society.

The only way to kill a pure blood vampire is to remove their head and burn the body. Neglect to remove the head first is only going to give you a very angry vampire! They are the strongest of all the vampire bloodlines, and some have even learned how to channel the dark powers to shape shift in to other forms or cloak their appearance from the eyes of others. Their powers of persuasions are very strong, able to bend the wills of both humans and other vampires save for the very strong-willed.

Vampires born from crossbreeding with turned vampires, tainted bloodlines, or humans. They can be killed by removing their head and burning or by a stake through the heart. Impure vampires are looked down upon almost as badly as Turned Vampires, as they are the products of the greatest sin – breeding with humans. Depending on the lineage they can be nearly as strong as a pure blood or as weak as any Turned.

Impure vampires have many issues against the pure blooded and ancients thanks to the prejudice against them. Those with higher influence wish to stop the ancients from regaining their monarchy… though some want to seek The Mother to purify their blood!

A human turned vampire by a any other vampire that is not the Mother. They can be killed by removing their head and burning, or by a stake through the heart. Turned vampires are seen as nothing more than servants, slaves, or “temporary amusements”. Their strength is only slightly more than that of the average human, with only moderate gifts with persuasion.

Most turned vampires really don’t give a damn about the heritage or future of the vampire, as they tend to be very young and have short lifespans due to Hunters.

HUNTERS: (Clan of the Wolf)
Hunters are the genetic response to the vampire race. A resistance to vampiric persuasion, and their blood toxic if ingested by a vampire. (Making them very physically ill.) They have all the abilities of strength and speed, a precious few may even be able to tap in to the dark powers or persuasion. However, they are still mortal and though might have a stronger immune/healing system. Rare is when a Hunter might have a need for blood. This would be a genetic defect. The original hunters often used wolves in their aid of tracking vampires, leading to the legends of werewolves we know today. The Clan of the Wolf is an organized society of hunters that has spent the past several hundred years trying to wipe out the entire vampire line.


— Humans are nothing but food. Any sort of physical or otherwise connection with humans beyond using them as pawns or dinner is simply disgusting.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic Settings: SciFi


Ratings: PG-13
Genre: Borderline Sci-Fi.
Time: 2052
Location: Old New York


It is the key to immortality.

It holds the secret to life itself.

It is the key that unlocks the mysteries of the universe.

For untold generations, mankind has spread across the planet. Mighty empires rose and fell, and wars ravaged the countryside and changed history for generations to come. With the destruction of the great Galadorian Empire, the ways of magic and sorcery declined, giving way to the rise of technology. Over the next two thousand years, the old ways were utterly forgotten, and mankind entered a new age full of computers, space travel, and the completion of the Human Genome Project, which laid bare the mysteries of humanity.

But some things will never change. Throughout all of history, only one story…only one legend has survived the passage of time, and lives still today. The story of the key device that was sought after by sage and warrior alike; the one item that was said to contain the great essence of God Himself.

The Legacy.

No one has ever seen the Legacy, and its origins are unknown. Only rumors of it unfathomable powers exist, but in all of history, it has never been found. Now, in this age of iron buildings and digital technology, the old ways are being remembered once more; the Legacy is making itself known. It wants to be found.

And it wants to be used.


World Setting: 40 years after the attack on earth. One very trashed, run down Earth. The big cities are almost like skeletons, run down and ghetto-like, as most people have moved on to other planets due to earth’s ruin during the war.

Plot: Man shows up in a bar ranting about “legacy keys” and the name “Pandora”, then he drops dead. A few minutes later some people come in, and shoot the place up looking for a box the dead man dropped… Basically, the players have to figure out what the box is, get the box, steal the box, try to keep the box out of bad people’s hands, ect.


Why has magic returned at this point in time?
There was the battle quite a few years ago with the aliens that not only brought new technology with them, they uncovered some of the old as well.

What kind of guns can we have?
Most normal people will have regular projectile weapons. Government will have the high-tech guns, IE Plasma guns and lasers and so on.

What kinds of mind powers can we us?
Limited Precognition and Minor Telepathy.


Humans_- Most humans do not have magical capabilities. Though can have some skills in white & black magic, Shamanism and Druidism.
Werewolves_- Have no magical capabilities but are magic resistant. They can change form at will.
Vampires_- These are not the traditional vampires. These are more or less humans that are following vampirism like a religion. Most have psychokinesis or telekinetic powers.
Alien_- You cannot apply for an alien character. Aliens appear randomly only for NPC use.


White Magic_- healing and shields
Black Magic_- offensive spells, etc
Shamanism_- Shamanism has a spiritual basis..
Druidism_- Druidism is purely based on nature.. shape-shifting, into normal animals, is usually common…

Settings: Magical Fantasy Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld Settings: SciFi

Last Projection

Genre: “Any” Genre Supernatural

_____ is a witch/wizard/etc, having control of many magical powers. But when they have something another seeks, they found themselves the object of assassination. The “body” was tossed somewhere, but.. surprise! They aren’t quite dead yet! Using the last of their strength, the person astral projects their spirit elsewhere to find someone to help retrieve their body and save their life before it’s too late.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Fantasy

background: starts with a grand ball party. A father telling his young daughter old stories from a jade book that is very special to his wife. This same night, a copy of the book is given to a teenage boy. And even later that night a lovely woman talked the Father in to giving her the original book.

When the mother found out, she was very upset. The book was more special than he could ever imagine, but she couldn’t seem to tell him why.

The Mother is a good witch and guardian of a magic book that foretells of great legends. These Legends are


Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Island of Czeshnabu

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy

An oceanography study ship gets lost in the Bermuda Triangle during a storm. The crew washes up on an island and finds themselves in a completely different world.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Soap Opera Supernatural
Location: Bathurst, England
Timeline: Present Date

Old Man Bartholomew Westerveldt finally died, leaving behind a huge fortune and no designated heir. His will stated; “I lived alone my entire life, yet once I am gone I will suddenly have all the family in the world. We will judge who deserves my fortune.” Thus, Westerveldt’s Lawyer was intrusted with a very peculiar job. Rounding up all of the potential Inheritors, bringing them to the Westerveldt mansion and testing to see who should inherit millions.

The catch…? Old Man Westerveldt plans on deciding personally. Even beyond the grave.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Otherworld

Imperium Luminaria

Genre: Mixed Genre

The great warriors of time have all perished or been destroyed. For ages existence has lived without heroes, tormented by evil. Now, new powers and new strengths have been born in to individuals who could reshape the world back to it’s former glory.

Settings: Modern Fantasy Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Immortal Curse

Genre: Gothic-Drama!
Rating: R for violence and scary shit.
Location: Some ruined city
Timeline: 2411 – 50 years after the end of the ‘Apocalypse’

Plot Breakdown:
50 Years ago there was a war between the angels and God. They called God a tyrant, a dictator and wished to be free of his oppression and have the same rights as humans had. The Fall from heaven destroyed the earth causing the Apocalypse… Present date the world is in shambles, cities in complete ruins. Demons, Beasties, Angels and Humans all walk the earth as equals, though many are still intent on waging the war against god…


Restorers are a secret group who are working to restore Earth to the way it was before the Apocalypse. Restorers are all trained to wield nature’s forces. They can command nature with their will and the most powerful Restorers are able to create fantastic feats. All Restorers are also lycanthropic, linked with a certain spirit animal that they are required to find to be inducted into the Order of Restoration. They can assume the form of that spirit animal at will. They’re pledged to work to bring back the old Earth, before the that they call the apocalypse. They’re also loyal to neither God nor Devil, only to the Earth. So they don’t worry about the matters between angels and priests and demons unless they interfere.

Settings: Modern Fantasy


Genre: Modern Supernatural

It’s the wedding of ___ and ___. A beautiful affair with all of the invited friends and family. But before the ceremony, the dressing rooms are crashed by a small gang of vampires. They slaughter the bride, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and even a few random people in the church. They’ve almost killed the Maid of Honor (the bride’s teenage sister) when the Groom manages to save her. He kills [most] of the vampires, but the few that escape vow revenge.

The problem… it is a world where vampires and evil creatures are not supposed to exist. Groom tells the Maid of Honor to run away. To hide, because these vampires are going to try and come back for them. He can’t go with her, because now the police and the public think HE is the one that murdered the entire wedding party. That he snapped and went insane.

It’s months, maybe even a year later. The Maid of Honor is still traveling around homeless trying to find somewhere safe to hide. A family takes her in. Meanwhile the Groom has been dodging police as well as vampire attacks. He becomes a Hunter – one who seeks to protect the innocent.

Their paths cross again when vampires catch up with the Maid of Honor. There’s a reason why the vampires are after her specifically.