Project A.N.G.E.L.S (Active Network Guardian & Emergency Logic System).

Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: PG13
Location: Future Earth

In 2098, archeologists found the frozen remains of a super being. With the help of government funding, scientists used the DNA of these frozen beings to create cyborgs… part machine part life-form creatures that they have dubbed as Cybangels. These cybangels have been designed for the sole purpose of fighting crime on the modern unified world. In 2209, war between countries is no longer an issue, but crime rings and families are more prominent and dangerous. These Cybangels are the driving force to protect the cities of Earth.

The government Cybangels are not the only creations to worry about however. Double agents, bought scientists, amongst others have betrayed the system linking out valuable information and equipment to the enemies of the world’s government. With these tools families (and others) have been able to create their own cybangels for uses ranging from theft to assassinations.

With a new year approaching along with elections for officials in high up places, many conspiracy theorists believe positions will be bought or killed for by way of the cybangel technology. Others believe cybangels will evolve and try to take over in their own right. Whatever the case it’s a dangerous game on either side.


CYBANGELS: All cybangels have heightened strength and intelligence compared to humans. Depending on their created purpose, each cybangel has a special talent encoded in to their DNA. If create as a body guard, one would have extra strength and perhaps the added use of a weapon or power. If made as a thief or spy one would have quickness and abilities to make themselves “invisible” or blend in. Each cybangel’s talent would be unique. Additionally all Cybangels have a barcode or marking on their person for purposes of tracking and identifying them as a Cybangel. Legally created cybangels would have a barcode and number, illegal cybangels may have the mark of the family or organization that created them.

“Legal” Cybangels: Whether on the police force, special investigations or undercover, these were created for the purposes of upholding the law and protecting the innocent. Most would be involved in special cases for investigated high priority crimes or as personal security to important people. There is of course the special team designated for the soul purpose of hunting rouge or illegal cybangels.

“Illegal” Cybangels: These beings have been created for the use of assassination, special tasks, or other means involving illegal activities.

“Rouge” Cybangels: Rare cases have been reported that one or two cybangels might have been able to break free from their original intent and have escaped to disguise themselves amongst humans. This however must be a rumor as no such cases have been found. (perhaps one or two may play one of these… perhaps. c.c;)

Scientist: One of the few that created cybangels be it for the government or as a bought scientist.

Organization/Company/Family: One of these places that have illegally created cybangels. Reasons may include sabotage of rival, making more money, or even an attempt to control the government.

Police: Officials that work with Cybangels to flush out crime!

Others: Random normal characters, reporters, bar tender, taxi driver, super model… general any random character that just somehow gets themselves caught up in the plot.

Government: Higherup government officials that would be the target of assassinations or perhaps are using their own cybangel for wicked purposes.

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