Danika Brochelle

So, the original character was bad. Epic bad. What do you expect for a character based on an 8 year old girl’s stories? In any case, a name change, a little history remodeling, and some rearranging.

Character Name: Space Pirate, Di’en (Dee-ehn) Lakota. Her Royal Highness, Princess Danika Brochelle. The Contessa. Dani.
Gender: Female
Job/Role: On the Run Royalty. Space Pirate.
Age: 21

General Appearance: Wavy brown hair, dark blue eyes, average body. Currently in one of many disguises.
Current Goal/Purpose: Stay Alive. Get revenge. Get her life back?
General Personality: INSANE. That’s what everyone sees and that is what everyone assumes. Di’en Lakota acts on impulse, seeming to have no regard for danger or the situation at hand. Her actions, comments, choices all appear to be random and completely out of sync with reality. She is clearly a maniac.
Inner Personality: In truth, this little maniac isn’t crazy at all, but a very good actress. Danika learned very quickly that Space is dangerous, spies are everywhere, and no one can be trusted. After a few close calls and really bad situations, Danika changed her attitude (and her name) quick. Being crazy makes people afraid to mess with you, and that has been her best protection. Of course, pretend to be crazy for so long… you start believing it.
General History:
Her royal highness, Princess Danika Brochelle was the single daughter to King Ramirez Brochelle the III and his joyful wife Vanessa. Their family was the ruling Monarchy on the planet Magonda for over 400 years. Magonda was a fairly average peaceful world in a self supporting solar system. A natural resource planet, offering vegetation, food, water, farming.

Why anyone would want to attack it, came as a huge surprise to everyone. It was unclear whether the invasion started from outside the planet or from within… but the result ended with a mass evacuation of it’s citizens and the death of the royal family. With the king assassinated, the army general Rothamar quickly stepped in to gain control of the planet.

All of it, of course, was a carefully planned plot. Rothamar (with quite impressive resources) staged a war, assassinated the royal family personally, and stepped right in to power. …What he didn’t count on was the Princess Danika being sent off the planet in the evacuation. Legally, as long as there was still a living heir, the people of Magonda (as well as the other planets in the solar system) would not accept a new leader.

Danika herself had no idea what was going on until someone on her evacuation ship tried to kill her. When the ship reached one of the other planets in the system, she was able to learn the fate of Magonda and her family, but everywhere she turned someone else tried to kill her. Rothamar had a far reach, and seemed to have no struggles with calling in his resources. Danika had to find a way off the planet fast, sneaking on to an escaping smuggler’s ship.

In the time that followed, Danika has had to dodge assassinations by being on the run, including in changing her name, her attitude, and her appearance. Rothamar always seems to be able to keep up, helping build her up a notorious reputation as a dangerous space pirate. Making sure there’s not an heir to come back to Magonda seems to be REALLY important for him.

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