Tag: space saga

  • Na’ta’liki


    Hearn alien for the Verge universe.

  • Thorn Desoto

    Thorn Desoto

    A womanizing mechanic with a drinker problem. Drinks all the time because it keeps the secret brain eat alien in his head from waking up and turning him in to a psychopath. Part of the Verge universe.

  • Charlotte Kristoff

    Charlotte Kristoff

    New captain of an explorer class ship. Was BOUGHT the position and didn’t earn it. But intends to make it worse. For the Verge universe.

  • Juniper Kelley

    Juniper Kelley


  • Eris Baladeva

    Eris Baladeva

    A star navigator seeking God. For space saga scifi universe.



    Genre: Space Exploration Sci-Fi Place: Exploring Galaxy #882701, more commonly referred to as “Ganymede 7” Timeline: Future URSET, the United Regency of Space Exploration and Travel has a top of the line Colony Vessel named Junomedra. With over 100,000 staff and civilians on board, Junomedra is one of the largest self-sustainable exploration ships in the…

  • Return of the Twilight King

    Return of the Twilight King

    Genre: SciFi Location: Galaxy Timeline: Future The Galaxy of Tomel is steep with deep history. In the days space travel was born, planets were ravaged by savagery and warfare. One man rose above the rest with a dream in mind. To unite Tomel and bring peace to all solar systems. His success has labeled him…

  • Toko Aida

    Toko Aida

    Genre: Space Saga Sci-Fi Location: Onya Galaxy BASIC PLOT The Toko Aida. A space station on the grandest of scales. Funded by the Imperium Republic of Sol (Commonly known as the IROS Alliance), Toko Aida is a neutral territory with a conglomerate of different species and nations pulled together for one purpose – gratuitous capitalism.…

  • Shadowstar


    Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: Location: ??? Timeline: Futuristic Erikson Shadowstar was a proud headmaster of his family clan. His shipping and trade business was known in 27 different galaxies. There was not a greater and more happy man than Erikson! He had his choice of ladies, and not being a very faithful man he had born…

  • Shadost


    Genre: Space Saga SciFi Location: Shadost Galaxy Timeline: 5000 Years Post Earth, Give or Take a few hundred years. Ambassador Ziranova Sachavik is trying to improve intergalactic relations. She has decided the best way to do this is to invoke ancient holiday traditions from many different cultures in a series of special events and parties!…

  • No Rest for the Wicked

    No Rest for the Wicked

    When it comes to being one of the less-than-legal members of society, you’ve got to constantly be on yours toes. From the cops, from your enemies… The only way out is to quit. And quitting ain’t as easy as it sounds… Meet a few ex-criminals who find themselves face with a dilemma. When someone proposes…

  • Metanoia


    Since the beginning of time singular people have been “Catalysts of Change”. Simply by existing, their lives can change the course of fate. History books are filled with these stories… where one single action created a butterfly effect, setting the world on a whole new path. ___ has discovered a way to peek in to…

  • Defiance


    Genre: Sci-Fi Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Location: Planet Liyao Plot Breakdown: The Planet Liyao has always been a place of peace and prosperity. The Ioso Royal family has ruled for thousands of generations, being a pillar of honor and respect for the citizens that make Liyao their home. The advances…

  • Of Cowboys and Kings

    Of Cowboys and Kings

    Genre: Space Fantasy Western Location: Timeline: BASIC With the discovery of a new solar system on the outskirts of the galaxy with habitable planets, many have ventured out to claim property, lands, and even power. Of Cowboys and Kings, there is money to be made and empires to grow! Careen Calliente is one of those…

  • Camtown’s Retribution

    Camtown’s Retribution

    Genre: sci-fi space saga western Location: Camtown, Planet Generong An outer planet in a small colony town that is trying to survive on a new planet. It’s been taken over by a Mobster who now runs the town, terrorizes the people, keeps all the profits, etc. The town is influenced by a stranger to start…

  • Ziranova Sachavik

    Ziranova Sachavik

    Scifi space saga ambassador.

  • Telara Samhain

    Scifi Botanist for an exploratory space ship.

  • Astra Teegan

    Astra Teegan

    Quirky and slightly nutty zoologist for an explorer Space Ship. Adaptable for most space saga sci fi settings.

  • Suun Unashi

    Suun Unashi

    A fabrics dealer that takes a guy as her “slave” because he personally offended her.

  • Lenora Star

    Lenora Star

    Spy for the Genesis Coalition. Part of the CHOSEN plotlines.

  • Joka Katell

    Joka Katell

    Starship Salesperson that has a serious gambling and drug problem.

  • Jasper Kelran

    Jasper Kelran

    Space cop that gets FUCKED OVER and becomes a fugitive on an illegal living ship.

  • Gillian Nadaine Gelvira

    Gillian Nadaine Gelvira

    Once a fighter pilot and part of a war council, the council was betrayed and all members were cryofrozen. Some of the frozen members were lost in transit. Gillian awakes a hundred years later and has to find out what happened.

  • Danika Brochelle

    Danika Brochelle

    Dislocated royalty on the run and pretending to be crazy in hopes nobody finds her.

  • Bronwen Shadowstar

    Bronwen Shadowstar

    Cryofrozen on her birthday, she is awakened 20 years later to find out her parents are dead and her brothers are slaves to a crazy space bitch. VENGEANCE IS BRONWEN’S.

  • Andromeda


    Pretty generic thief for any sci-fi or space saga setting.

  • Adam “Longshot” Acai

    Adam “Longshot” Acai

    An ex-Jedi turned smuggler-spy. Non-canon Star Wars universe. Adaptable for misc space saga sci-fi.