Genre: Sci-Fi
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.
Location: Planet Liyao

Plot Breakdown:
The Planet Liyao has always been a place of peace and prosperity. The Ioso Royal family has ruled for thousands of generations, being a pillar of honor and respect for the citizens that make Liyao their home. The advances of Liyao are extraordinary, it’s landscapes fantastic. Liyao has been free of danger – until recently. The Lord Lorgunan has been pressuring Princess Katarin to form an army under his command. Over time, he has gradually taken over smaller peacefull planets, growing his personal forces in a plot to conquer entire galaxies. Katarin has determinedly resisted up until her final capture. Even against physical torture she would not turn her planet over to Lorgunan. It was then he made a great presentation of gathering the local city children, and prepared to burn them alive in front of the village and citizens to watch. Katarin finally caved, agreeing to become yet another of Lorgunan’s puppets and allow her people to be taken in to his army. As long as Katarin is in his control, the people will follow his command.

Now, there seems to be a crew of a few people that have hit their final straw in dealing with Lorgunan’s sneaky take over. They see an opportunity with Liyao to turn the tides and stop him for good. Their plan is to kidnap the Princess Katarin and use her as a incentive to get the peaceful people of Liyao to start a rebellion against Lorgunan.

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