Destiny: Official Timeline

Year by Iroka’s calendar. Current reign known as _____ era. For a full list of the Iroka era’s please ask Ederyn for details.

CE 127 – Artol Ivalec unites the armies of the three baronies and succeeds in defeating the Lord of the Haze Swamps thus founding Artolia.

CE 269 –

– 1 Spring – Spring Equinox, King Garret and Queen Olana are assassinated

– 14 Spring- Prince Nicholai is kidnapped

– 28 Spring- Prince Rivalen and Reynard arrive in Artol, as does Sekai and the Circus and Lady Victoria and co.

– 29 Spring- Lady Faith, Sir Drake, and Sekai leave Artol

CE 270-

– 1 Winter – Winter Solstice, New Years Day

– 25 Winter – Dreogan is defeated. Warns of greater foe before death. Ryseth royals’ set free.

– 32 Winter –
–Nicholai and Arlea are married. Big festival including formal duel between prince and Sir Baldur.
–Fair and Co. arrive on island and tell Nic to go home.

– 36 Winter-
–Mildred learns of Rivalen’s identity and is killed.
–Serenity is kidnapped again, this time by fae, gets drunk and tells Rivalen she loves him before passing out from the honey juice.
–Alen learns of the Ivalec family curse

– 37 Winter-
–Serenity learns Rivalen’s identity and of Mildred’s death.
–Prince Nicholai, Princess Arlea, Lady Faith, Sir Drake, Sir and Mrs. Mors, Sekai, Ederyn, Truda and… return to Artol.
–Reynard’s identity is revealed, flees with Kadir and Marielle

– 45 Winter- MidWinter Celebration
–Rivalen’s parents, Crown Prince ___ and Princess ___, Lady of the Blue Marshes, come to visit their son and explains a few things about Reynard’s past.
–Nicholai is Crowned King.

-End Saga One-

CE 272

– 15 Spring – Serenity leave’s Artol for Coast City

– 17 Spring – Serenity’s ship is attacked. Alen meets up with Sekai in Iroka’s capital

– 18 Spring – Alen and Sekai search for Serenity

– 52 Autumn – Faith and Drake ‘run away’ to get married. Sekai finds time to give Faith a wedding gift, her amulet.

-End Saga Two-

CE 273-274 Serenity and Alen get married, royal musical chairs.

CE 277 – Book Three Main Story Begins.

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