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  • Destiny: Random Tidbits

    Destiny: Random Tidbits

    The Dragon on the Island Nic saves is actually a direct descendant of the original Artol family member that started the curse. Nic and Serenity understand more about each other than they do themselves! Nic and Alen’s best buds relationship has some interesting quirks after Nic realizes Alen’s loooooove for Serenity! Faith thinks Drake is…

  • Destiny: Saga II: Book/Chapter Outlines

    Destiny: Saga II: Book/Chapter Outlines

    SAGA TWO EVENTS ————————- Faith discovers Valora is actually Valencia, Drake’s sword because she mentioned ___ in innocent passing. So we have for interpersonal relationships, Serenity and Rivalen who spend all of book two trying to get back home so they can get married after Serenity getting kidnapped and with the help of Sekai he…

  • Destiny: Saga I: Book/Chapter Outlines

    Destiny: Saga I: Book/Chapter Outlines

    BOOK CHAPTER OUTLINE ————————— Serenity Secret Room Circus, Elephants, rescue Faith leaving Dinner remeet R&R, meet ‘cousins’ & High Lord… Meet in hall on way to S. Room – Conversation Lady flirts w/”prince” part I Another conversation Garden Courtly dealings Kidnap Trolls Lady flirts w/”prince” part II A ride & musing about Nic Kidnap Fairies…

  • Destiny: Enemies, Monsters, Villains

    Destiny: Enemies, Monsters, Villains

    Siren Slugs – Giant maneating slugs that lure their prey to them with a hypnotic song. Enjoys the flesh of many creatures but not trolls. Bloodsucking Butterflies – These beauties fly in swarms and if someone is not careful could be drained completely by them. Trolls –

  • Destiny: Misc Character Profiles & Cast List

    Destiny: Misc Character Profiles & Cast List

    [b]BOOK ONE[/b] [b]Name:[/b] Sir Eliot Mors [b]Age:[/b] 63 [b]Gender:[/b] Male [b]Homeland/town:[/b] Artol, Artolia [b]Role/Occupation:[/b] Retired Knight living in the woods. [b]Appearance( height, eye and hair color, style, build):[/b] Square jawed, steel grey hair, dark brown eyes, a few inches taller then Drake and thicker then the knight-errant also. [b]Personality:[/b] A bit of a rogue in…

  • Destiny: The Ivalec Curse (Notes Drafting)

    Destiny: The Ivalec Curse (Notes Drafting)

    Just writing down notes cause we talked about this before and I dunno if have all that saved and what not. >>; We know that the “Ivalec Curse” is about getting kidnapped! Always getting kidnapped! Since every member of the family, even poor cousins are kidnapped at least once in their life! We mentioned that…

  • Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 3 (Drafting)

    Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 3 (Drafting)

    (((MOVE PART TO CHAPTER 2))) (((“Ze ringmaster don’t seeming to be here Pwincez,” Sekai informed Faith. They had gone down a row of wagons so that the lady could talk with both the ringmaster and the baron, whom Sekai was sure by now here boss was meeting with. However they were not in the ringmaster’s…

  • Destiny: Official Timeline

    Destiny: Official Timeline

    Year by Iroka’s calendar. Current reign known as _____ era. For a full list of the Iroka era’s please ask Ederyn for details. CE 127 – Artol Ivalec unites the armies of the three baronies and succeeds in defeating the Lord of the Haze Swamps thus founding Artolia. CE 269 – – 1 Spring –…

  • Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 2

    Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 2

    The capital city, Artol, of the country Artolia was like many of the large cities of the north; loud, crowded, and an adventure. That is at least how Sekai, the young looking, golden skinned, human pretzel felt as she sat atop one of the wagons as the circus caravan made it’s way into the city.…

  • Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 1

    Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 1

    Looking at her reflection in the mirror, Serenity sighed. If these sleepless nights continued she would no longer be able to hide it with simple cosmetics. The images that she saw when she closed her eyes kept her from wanting to dream. No child, even a mature fourteen year old, should see their parents dead…

  • Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Prologue

    Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Prologue

    It had only been two weeks since the royal couple’s ghastly murder. King Garret and Queen Olana were found in the throne room, beaten, slashed, and blood pooling all over the floors. It was the high pitched scream of his younger sister that had alerted the entire castle something was amiss. Being the next in…