Destiny: Saga I: Book I: Chapter 3 (Drafting)

(((“Ze ringmaster don’t seeming to be here Pwincez,” Sekai informed Faith. They had gone down a row of wagons so that the lady could talk with both the ringmaster and the baron, whom Sekai was sure by now here boss was meeting with. However they were not in the ringmaster’s wagon. “I be sure both be touring,” Sekai said as she turned to smile at the lady. Lady Faith was not standing behind the circus performer any longer though. Sekai looked left and then right, wondering where the noble had wandered off to on her own. “Pwincez? Pwincez, were be you?”)))

(((The large gray creatures, that Victoria informed Marielle were called elephants, though Marielle knew very well what they were, were still the biggest things she had ever seen in her life. Had she been given an opportunity to think this over herself, she would not be standing here now about to do what she was going to do. Of course here, was not right by the elephants. Marielle just needed to see what she was aiming at and the chains were big, big for the big creatures they held. The woman did not need to turn around to know that Victoria’s eyes were on her. The feeling of someone with a dagger to her back was all Marielle needed to know that she had no choice in the matter.

Summoning her power, which in the woman’s opinion were nothing much, she sent the sparks out, melting the chains, freeing the elephants. That wasn’t enough though. Elephants were herd creatures, and though curious creatures were not likely to do anything more dangerous then mill around until their handlers found them roaming.

The second part of Victoria’s plan was dangerous. Marielle made sure she had on hand firmly holding her reigns before she sent out a second fork of sparks. This time right at the beasts. Trumpets of fear were let out by the massive gray beasts and then they started panicking. Marielle did not wait to see were they would go. The way she aimed her sparks they ought to head off to the field, but one never knew what a wild animal would do in pain or in fear. Marielle road, as though her life depended on it, following Victoria and Kadir.)))


Well if the ringmaster wasn’t in his wagon, Faith knew she was going to have to find him. Faith around the corner. She would have sworn she saw a woman with a beard and a man taller then Drake and skinnier then Serenity walk by. They had gone around another corner, or Faith thought they did, because when she rounded the same corner she didn’t see either of them.

The day was not going well at all. Nothing seemed orderly at all and what was more, the animals were making an awful racket. If they always sounded like this there would be no sleeping in the castle. Faith looked back to complain about this to her tour guide to realize the woman wasn’t there. What was worse, Faith wasn’t sure how to get back to where she had last seen Sekai.

Wandering the circus aimlessly, the horrible sound was coming upon her faster now. What was with those creatures and why did it feel like the ground was shaking? The answer came at her as a large wall of gray flesh came at her. Faith didn’t have time to run.

With quickness and strength she hid in her slender form, Sekai pulled Faith into the doorway of the booth that had already been built. She did not stop once she had the lady inside though, as the elephants ran passed. All it would take would be one of them to move slightly more to their left and the booth would be gone. With a death grip on Faith’s wrist Sekai half lead, half dragged Faith out of the booth on the other side and down the alley between tents and booths until they were well far from the stampede. (EXPAND THIS SCENE)


Reynard, riding slightly ahead of Rivalen, so to keep up their illusion of master and servant rode to the palace. One thing that the prince, now servant noticed was how much smaller the capital or Artolia was to his own home. It was hard to think such a quaint kingdom could have such devastating problems.

It was only with mild interest that both men noticed the circus tents. Iroka was a land of the exotic, sometimes just to outdo it’s self. Traveling performers were not only welcomed but encouraged. So seeing the colorful tents did not make much of a mark on the two foreigners. What did catch their notice was the sound of very scared elephants.

Without thinking of what was proper or seemly, Alen stood up on his stirrups to look for the cause of the ruckus. What he had not expected to see was elephants tearing out of the colorful enclosure and heading out into the field. A field where a single rider, with golden hair was right in their path. Without thought, Alen started racing his horse to cross the field. He had to get to the rider in the path of the stampeded before it was too late.

Serenity was deep in though, and so did not see the elephants until they were close indeed. Even still she could have turned her horse and fled, but Serenity was frozen with fright, and her horse was not very bright. It was a good riding horse, but neither horse or rider had ever had to run from anything in their short lives.

“Move it,” a male voice called out and as if in slow motion, Serenity turned slightly from the horror that was going to befall her just as a young man came galloping up beside her and grabbing her horses harness. Suddenly the horse was moving, and Serenity responded.

They galloped to the edge of the clearing near part of the old wall. Serenity was white faced and gasping for breath, but she didn’t take her eyes off the man who so boldly came to her rescue. “Didn’t you see those elephants coming at you? Why didn’t you ride out of the way?” Serenity couldn’t speak, which was a bit of a shock for the usually outspoken princess, but the fear was still thick. The creatures, those elephants, were huge.

“Alen you should not talk to someone with a higher rank then you in such a fashion.” Reynard said sharply, making sure he has eye contact with the prince in disguise.

Serenity had not seen the second man until just now as he dressed down his subordinate, or servant or what have you. She did however recover some of her wit. “I’ll excuse it this time, I will however have your names as you escort me back to the castle.”

Alen knew already this servant business was going to be a lot harder then he had thought.


(((Some aftermath stuff here…. Elephant trainer, “And I always told my brother his tiger’s were dangerous.”)))


“Serenity! Are you alright?” called Faith, as she took the reigns of Serenity’s horse and helped her cousin down. The poor girl was white as a sheet, but otherwise looked unharmed. “What happened, you are alright, aren’t you?”

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