Destiny: The Ivalec Curse (Notes Drafting)

Just writing down notes cause we talked about this before and I dunno if have all that saved and what not. >>;

We know that the “Ivalec Curse” is about getting kidnapped! Always getting kidnapped! Since every member of the family, even poor cousins are kidnapped at least once in their life!

We mentioned that it was a Gypsy curse because someone of the Ivalec line “stole” one of their daughters… I think.

And so I mention this now to remind ourselves what we plotted about that, and because we could write a “mini story” about it. I think that plot bunny is supposed to come up in Saga II. “Someone” is telling one or more of our royals about this old legend and it might be a few chapters long…


Ochahime (02:04:53): I know I shouldn’t even be THINKING of book 3, but what’s your thought about Serenity looking for a way to break the family curse when she finds out about what’s going on with Faith’s family?
crimsondewolfe (02:05:10): lovely lovely… And ooh! what a fantastic idea!
Ochahime (02:05:41): Damn curse needs to be broken at some point
Ochahime (02:07:31): We need to think about our major villian just a tad… he’s not the major villian in book 3…
crimsondewolfe (02:07:46): *nodnod*
Ochahime (02:08:03): So do they ‘take care’ of the major villian in book 2?
Ochahime (02:08:35): *gasp of horror* No
crimsondewolfe (02:08:42): squuee?
Ochahime (02:08:47): I know who our major villian is
crimsondewolfe (02:08:54): oh? XD
Ochahime (02:10:12): It’s the decendent of the brother or King Ivalec’s wife, the gypsy. He has some delusion he should be king or he’s destroying the country for family honor or something… somehow getting rid of the major villian is going to give Serenity the key to breaking the curse or…
crimsondewolfe (02:10:34): oooh!
Ochahime (02:11:08): They can destroy all his plans in book 2, but he’s still alive in book 3, but everyone has to deal with Drake’s old nemises… Serenity’s gonna have to deal with gyspy man.
Ochahime (02:11:16): Well Serenity and Alen
crimsondewolfe (02:11:34): teehee.. sounds good to me. XD
Ochahime (02:12:18): So now we know ~who~ our villian is, we still need to figure out why he’s fucking half the world over…
crimsondewolfe (02:13:36): hmm.. that’s a tough one..
Ochahime (02:14:59): Does he know he’s related to the royal family very distantly?
Does he know about the curse?
Does he ~really~ know about the curse?
Does he want distruction or dominion?
crimsondewolfe (02:17:58): yes he knows he’s related… and I think he’s bitter about it… maybe he can’t decide if he’s more bitter about his ancestor marrying her kidnapper, or at his own family for disowning one of thier own? he might know about the curse, but not enough -really- know the details of it…
Ochahime (02:18:41): *nods*
crimsondewolfe (02:19:18): he’s might;ve decided both families should be damned for all the trouble they’ve caused so he’s got a “screw it” attitude about ti all.. @.@
Ochahime (02:19:57): So the gypsy clan has been holding a grudge for the past 100+ years?
Ochahime (02:22:37): Quote of the night. Royal Musical Chairs
crimsondewolfe (02:23:26): *cackle!* haihai.. he could be… that curse his ancestor set might’ve backfired on his family in a karma sense as well? c.c; something like that could be bad voodoo…
Ochahime (02:24:08): There young ones are always being kidnapped, but unlike the Ivalec’s many don’t come back alive?
Ochahime (02:24:41): Villian was kidnapped and never returned to family and has a fucked up sense of justice now?
crimsondewolfe (02:24:54): hmmm that sounds pretty good…
Ochahime (02:25:11): We have motive! Yaaay!
Ochahime (02:25:56): Oh man the end of the curse is gonna be so fucking simple.
Ochahime (02:29:17): Ooo… but that’s gonna be kinda a back drop to the main story of book 3 since gypsy villian is pretty low by this point having every plan backfire, Reynard and Kadir pry both dead by the end of book 2 as well… hmmm
crimsondewolfe (02:30:54): bwahaha evil plottyness..


Originally Posted by Ocha
Hmmm, well we do know that Drake’s nemisis while not involved in anything for the past 50 years or so is a pretty fucking big threat. Did we decided that somehow the gypsy king was involved with the demonmaster on the island from the first booksaga?

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