Duchess Beatrice D’Allessio

beatrice The Duchess Beatrice D’Allessio is a charming woman with the natural gift of [i]charisma[/i]. As a child, she was that sweet little girl that every adult doted on. The one that made friends with any person or creature in a heart beat. In her blossomed youth, Beatrice enchanted the social world with her beauty and her easy manner. It didn’t matter if she were speaking with a maid or a princess, Beatrice could make a friend.

It was during a country gathering that the Duke D’Allessio met Beatrice. As a man whose business was to teach the operations and handling of unique weapons and combat arts, having a wife that could make connections so easily would be an asset. At just barely 18, she married for convenience. The love that developed wasn’t of the romantic type, but over time she did have a great fondness for her husband, despite their age difference and the way they married.

The Duke’s talent of weapon use and combat teaching skill made him one of the members of The Registry for quite some time. Providing the training of many Registry members, as well as making good use of his wife’s endless little black book of contacts.

Some months ago, the Duke befell misfortune when a combination of illness and accident took his life on a Registry mission. Since then, Beatrice has taken over his business, now seeking a talented apprentice to follow in the Duke’s footsteps and resume his teachings. She has been enlisted as an official member of the Registry, due to her value with connections and has a personal mission of finding [i]what[/i] went wrong with her husband’s mission.

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