Gabrielle Alvares


Character Name: Gabrielle Alvares
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: Recently 20
Birthplace: Unknown
Occupation: Paladin In Training.


General Appearance: Creamy mocha skin, dark brown eyes. Brunette. 5’5″. Her figure hints at would-be curves had she enough nutrition. Her clothing is well-worn with over use and on the fringes of being tattered.
Strengths: Having been on the run for a few years, she knows how to make herself blend in and disappear in to the background. Gabrielle is pretty good about being able to squeeze in to tight spaces or go unnoticed. She has quick hands.
Weaknesses: Bone density deficiency due to years of malnutrition!


Current Goal/Purpose: Become a Paladin
Talents: Weaving (baskets). Quick learning. Speaks fluent English and Spanish.
Inabilities: Noticing Details.
Fears: Sleeping in the Dark. The ache of loosing someone again.
General Personality: Gabrielle is the sort of person you can bare your soul to and feel like you have been understood. She cares more about people than just the passing acquaintances. But, she seems to hold herself back from others. Where she will listen and discuss other people, she rarely wants to speak about herself. Gabrielle isn’t prone to emotional moodswings, but there are things that trigger strong responses from her. She is devoted to her faith.
Inner Personality: Gabrielle misses the days of her youth were the world didn’t seem to hang above her head. She’s often haunted with nightmares about the demons that attacked and killed everyone she knew. After the death of the other survivor and the Priest that took care of them, she doesn’t want to feel that pain again. So even though she genuinely cares about the people she is trying to help, she is trying to keep herself from becoming emotionally attached. It’s going against her nature and need to feel compassion and connected with people… but she’s just that afraid of the pain. Gabrielle truly believes in her Faith, but sometimes she uses it as a shield.
Secret: [Insert to be decided plot-device about delicious blood/soul here.]


General History:
When she was only a year old, Gabrielle was left on the doorstep of a Church-run Orphanage. Who her parents were or why they left her was unknown. Sadly, it was a fate that happened to many children. With so many lost homeless souls, the Church did it’s best to care for them all. With the world as it was, children were rarely adopted. They spent their life at the orphanage until they were old enough to leave out on their own or join the Church to help keep the place running. Gabrielle was raised the same as all the others. Simple lessons or chores during the day and bible study on the weekends. “Playtime” was a luxury that was hard to come by, though the Nuns and Priests tried hard to let the children have time to be children. No one EVER left the Church after dark. Outside the walls of the grounds, there could be one or two lurking demons at any time. Volunteers would sit up in the tower each night to keep watch.

Gabrielle was sixteen when several demons hit the orphanage and slaughtered near everyone inside. They crawled the place, grabbing each person to sniff as if they were looking for something in particular. When it wasn’t found, they ripped them apart. One of the Priests managed to escape with Gabrielle and another of the younger boys.

The Priest feared that something drew the demons. The way they seemed to be searching… Without a large group to help protect she Church, the Priest decided traveling was the best option. Over the next few years they moved from city to city, moving when there was a need to find new work. The young boy never quite bounced back from the experience. He ran wild to later get himself in trouble with vagrant street gangs and killed. The Priest and Gabrielle kept moving. …Until the Priest was too old to move any longer. Their final stop was Mexico City, where the Priest finally passed away. Gabrielle buried him with a promise that she would treasure all the words he taught her. But with him gone, she doesn’t want to run any more. They spent years running and now she wants to do something more.

Present Life:
Gabrielle has decided that the best thing she could do with her life is to become a Paladin and find a way to stop the demons. To end this Apocalypse and bring the world back to the way God meant it to be.

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