Genre: Modern Supernatural
Timeline: Present Date

Every person has one single event that marks and changes their entire life. They become the person they are because of that one moment. But what if you caught a glimmer of the future? Saw that one moment? Would you let things fall as they will? Would you try to change it?

People everywhere are starting to see their futures. Glimmers of single moments. The world is starting to change in ways it was never meant to be…


There has always been myth of premonitions, prophecies, and psychic abilities. Most chock it up to crazy minds. But these days, glimmering has become a common occurrence. At some point in their existence, a person has a glimmer – they see an event that will change who they are. Change their life. It is the only glimmer they ever have, but with that one vision many people have changed their destinies. All across the world people run their life based on those glimmers.

But, people were not meant to have glimmers. The future is meant to be unknown for a reason. There is a balance to all things that must be fulfilled. Mankind is trying to change their fate – now fate has become unbalanced. The world is about to spin out of control.


– You only have one glimmer about one key moment that changes your life.
– Someone is making these glimmers happen for a reason.

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