Grand Scheme

Genre: Otherworld Fantasy
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes.

Plot Breakdown:
Erika was riding her bicycle home from work one day when the bike path sudden looked warped in front of her! She tried to skid to a stop, hitting a rock in the dirt path and went flying through a dimensional portal. She tumbled down a long hill until she fell passed out in the middle of a dirt road. A carriage drawn by horses nearly ran her down, before it stopped. It was the Queen’s carriage, the Queen being a charitable woman who loved special cases, she took Erika home as her personal project intending to help her return home.

Meanwhile, the Queen had invited tons of princesses from around the world to her castle in hopes that at least one of them will catch her son’s eye so he’ll finally get married.

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