Gravity of Love

Genre: Modern Fantasy (Indiana Jones Style/Timeline in a Fantasy World.)
Rating: PG13
Location: Otherworld
Inspirations: Song: Lamb – Goreki


“Here is true peace,
Here is true calm.
All this time I’ve loved you,
And never known your face.
All this time I’ve missed you
And searched this human race.
Until the end of time,
Until the seas run dry,
Until the earth stops turning.
To find the one I’ve waited for.”

“It’s a love letter.”

“Hell naw, it’s a riddle to some hidden treasure!”

“You’re both wrong.” A tall woman known as Crys interrupted the bickering males as she entered the small cavern. It was well hidden in the side of the mountain, one would have never known it existed unless you were right on top of it. Thank Daren for being a fool and tumbling down the side of the mountain after his precious gun.

“Close, though. It’s an ancient legend leading to what the villagers believed was a god.” A chuckled from behind led the three companions to turn around. At the cavern entrance was the Professor and his assistant. He looked genuinely pleased at their find. “The legend itself is more complex than that, I believe. A village girl fell in love with a god that she worshiped faithfully, though she had never met nor seen him before. So enamored with this god, she left her home to search the world for a way to reach heaven.”

Daren raised a disappointed eyebrow at the story. “Does that mean there’s no treasure?”

Crys and the others rolled their eyes, but the Professor merely chuckled again. “Quite the contrary. The girl eventually came across a great temple filled with many riches.

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