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  • Ichikawa Rivals

    Ichikawa Rivals

    Ichikawa Rivals The Ichikawa Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools in Japan. with a very special secret.

  • Zodiac Murders

    Zodiac Murders

    Genre: Modern Mystery Rating: R – Violence, Sex and everything in between. Location: Chicago, Illinois Timeline: Present Date Plot Breakdown: It started with a letter arriving at the Chicago Police Department; it ended in murder. On May 25th the first letter arrived in a simple unmarked red envelope baring a strange symbol and an encrypted…

  • Verboten: Seeing Red

    Verboten: Seeing Red

    Genre: Mobster Family Crime Drama Location: Chicago, Illinois Timeline: Present Date Basic Plot The streets of Chicago aren’t ruled by rival gangs, but rather by rival families. Mob families that have vied for power of the city for decades. Lately, two of the most influential families have been rather cross with each other. Stepped on…

  • The Ties That Bind

    The Ties That Bind

    Joining: TAKING CHARACTERS. Post a Bio, get a thumbs up, play. Genre: Modern Real Lifey Soap Opera Drama Location: Emerson, Pennsylvania Timeline: Present Date Plotline: Emerson, Pennsylvania is a fast growing city; home to several wealthy families, established businesses and of course the occasional nutcase. It’s a city like any other, but when skeletons come…

  • Three Berhs

    Three Berhs

    Genre: mafia? Location: Goldi Locke is a hired maid to work on the home of the Berh family. Only she discovers all isn’t “just right” at the Berh home, and finds lots of Mafia No-Gooding!

  • The Witness

    The Witness

    Genre: Crime Drama? Location: Lady accidentally views a murder conducted by the ___ mob family and is put in to witness protection with a group of guards, before the trial!

  • Starlet


    Genre: Modern Social Location: Timeline: Present Date At a beautiful mountain resort town, there is always a movie being filmed, concerts being held, and big award show or celebrity parties.

  • Snow White and The Dwarves

    Snow White and The Dwarves

    Genre: Modern Location: Timeline: Eira White was a blessing to her parents as the baby they tried for years to have. Yet, when her mother died in childbirth it left her father broken hearted and lonely. While Eira was still a child he re-married. A beautiful younger woman in the modeling business that could bring…

  • Shakai Aki

    Shakai Aki

    Shakai Aki Staff, Parents, and especially Students… Welcome to Shakai Aki and the Tri Schools. Everyone here at the Tri Schools are looking forward to the wonderful new year that awaits us. We welcome you, whether you are a returning or new student, parent or staff member. You are all privileged for being able to…

  • In The Name of School Spirit

    In The Name of School Spirit

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Japan Timeline: Present Chikushi Highschool is all about school spirit when it comes to beating rival schools at everything from sports to club activities. But the one thing Chikushi students never counted on was the real School Spirits making things a little more exciting than they bargained for! Between studying for…

  • By Royal Request

    By Royal Request

    Genre: Modern Location: Country of Hartolia Timeline: Present [Adult] Siblings inherited a bakery after their parents died in a car crash. They also inherited their younger siblings! Word about the world class treats and recent tragedy reach the ears of an eccentric Royal Family. By request the Siblings are officially hired as personal chefs to…

  • Prisoners in Paradise

    Prisoners in Paradise

    Genre: Modern SciFi Fantasy Blend Location: Uthlav Dulanc and the surrounding Savage World Timeline: BASIC INFO A modern society behind a great wall. Uthlav Dulanc is run by it’s Dulanc Council, to help keep peace and prosperity in it’s humble city. The outside world is filled with dangers, poisons, and savages. But Uthlav Dulanc is…

  • The Price of a Favor

    The Price of a Favor

    Genre: Modern Action Covert Operations Location: EARTH LOL Timeline: Soandso is calling in a favor to form a team of operatives. He is seeking a very personal item back from some very dangerous people. Your mission: retrieve the item and make target’s business hell.

  • No Rest for the Wicked

    No Rest for the Wicked

    When it comes to being one of the less-than-legal members of society, you’ve got to constantly be on yours toes. From the cops, from your enemies… The only way out is to quit. And quitting ain’t as easy as it sounds… Meet a few ex-criminals who find themselves face with a dilemma. When someone proposes…

  • Lucky In Love

    Lucky In Love

    Genre: Social Comedy Location: Elswen, Washington Timeline: Present Date Lucky & her roommates/friends are living life and just trying to get by in this strange world. Every character has their own objective and aspirations. Finding themselves in really weird and often crazy situations that most normal people would never dream of.

  • Sin With A Grin

    Sin With A Grin

    Genre: Modern Location: Town in the middle of nowhere. BASIC PLOT: ____ and a bus full of people have entered ____ when the bus breaks down and needs to stop for parts. But they quickly realized they’ve stumbled across a town filled with serial killers who are competing for the most and best kills!

  • His Rightful Place

    His Rightful Place

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom with a brave Prince. Like most princes, he spent his days doing knightly deeds, rescuing damsels, and being a hero. And like most heroes, the prince met his charming princess, saved the kingdom from a terrible evil, then lived Happily Ever After. …but that’s never really…

  • Hercules’ Misfits

    Hercules’ Misfits

    Genre: Modern Spies Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older. Location: ??? Timeline: Present Date Plot Breakdown: Jonathon Hercules is an eccentric billionaire that built his fortune from the ground with with unique but outstanding ideas. His most prominent and famous project was the Hercules Model House…

  • Gravity of Love

    Gravity of Love

    Genre: Modern Fantasy (Indiana Jones Style/Timeline in a Fantasy World.) Rating: PG13 Location: Otherworld Inspirations: Song: Lamb – Goreki INTRODUCTION “Here is true peace, Here is true calm. All this time I’ve loved you, And never known your face. All this time I’ve missed you And searched this human race. Until the end of time,…

  • Love Like Winter

    Love Like Winter

    [solid][SIZE=5] “Hello there! I am Katrinka Carrel, owner of Katrinka’s Dating Service. Has your romantic life dried up? Are you missing the joy of another’s company? Would you like an opportunity to find true love? Never fear, for the Angel of Love is on our side! We are currently opening our doors to do special…