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Ichikawa Rivals

Ichikawa Rivals

The Ichikawa Academy is one of the most prestigious private schools in Japan.

with a very special secret.

Settings Settings: Modern Realistic Settings: Post Apocalyptic

Zone 34

people unwareling like wollen jumpers and the tattered bloody threads drifting through the air towards the center.
[10:26:04 AM] Vay: The sky craking and falling down like massive chunks of porciline.

of we want to we could have the shards of sky coalesce into rovers of tony sharp shards and flow in rivers through the air, if peopel don’t move fast enough they get sliceydiced

I still also want blood, water and all other fluids to drip upwards at points.

and pool on the ceiling or if they’re outside just in mid air.

Settings: Modern Realistic

Zodiac Murders

Genre: Modern Mystery
Rating: R – Violence, Sex and everything in between.
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
It started with a letter arriving at the Chicago Police Department; it ended in murder.

On May 25th the first letter arrived in a simple unmarked red envelope baring a strange symbol and an encrypted note. Inside were clues to a murder in the making, beginning with the first sign of the western zodiac. They thought it was a hoax, but in the end there was a murder. Ashley Ridings, an in house singer at the Aries nightclub, was found in her dressing room stabbed with a knife using a ram’s horn as it’s hilt. When a second red envelope arrived, police took it seriously. Working night and day to try and decipher the clues. A second murder happened – Joseph Taurus was found hung by a rope tied to ox horns adorning his office walls. Again, a third murder happened; twins born under the sign of Gemini drowned in a hotel fish aquarium.

It’s now June 18th with three murders and no leads. All the department has is a new letter with a new clue. A special team has been formed to work on the investigation. How many more will be killed before they find the Zodiac Killer?


Players can be one of the official investigations team, someone else in the department, reporters, someone close to or related to the police department, someone related or close to one of the murdered victims, or someone that could possibly BE one of the future victims. Remember, if you play someone that could BE a victim there is a possibility that your character can DIE in this game!

The Zodiac Killer is an NPC and sends a red envelope to the police department with clues to the next murder. Characters have to try and decipher the clues if they want to save the next victim, but so far there is very little in the way of information about the serial killer and his methods. What is for SURE is that he is going in order of the Western Zodiac and his victims either have the sign on the zodiac or is directly related to something with the name of the zodiac.

This plot is character driven. That means, things will happen depending on what the characters do in the game. If they play their cards right, they could save a life, if they take too long, someone will die. If they get too close to the killer the character themselves could be in danger!

There is also the possibility for other killers. Copycats or other random events. It’s all a matter of how the characters drive the game!

Zodiac Murders – Official Game Info

Our Plot Details are located Here: [url=]Zodiac Murders[/url]

Welcome to the first official game since… a really long time! XD Being an official game, that means we have… [i]expectations[/i]. Nothing too difficult, this is basic Roleplay 101! I’ll explain everything here in this thread, and if you have any questions… just ask!

[b][u]Quick Rundown:[/u][/b]

[b]Basic Plot:[/b] A serial killer is murdering people using the Western Zodiac as his calling card. He occasionally sends [i]red envelopes[/i] to the local police & news stations with clues to his next murder. As an NPC his actions will rely on what characters do in game. (For example, if characters aren’t able to reach the next victim in time, someone might die. Or he might attack any characters that get too close to his identity.) This game is 100% character driven. Players are welcomed and encouraged to plot out stories for their characters, as the NPC and game will mold around what you come up with! Any character could be a potential victim. Whether you design your character related to a zodiac thing, or whether you lag badly in doing your posts… your character has the potential to die. (Where we won’t kill an active player’s characters without permission we WILL murder any characters from missing players if you’ve been given notice.)

– Players can start new threads and new locations whenever they feel it necessary. If it’s a new day or a new location, it’s good to start a new thread. Make sure your thread is labeled like “Day 1” so we don’t have issues with timelines. Do NOT wait for me to start YOU a thread, because that is not my job! That’s yours!

– There will be a sticky thread where CLUES are listed. Any characters that work for the police or news will have been able to stop by their station and learn those clues. Clues learned by characters thru gameplay will be listed under a special category called “DISCOVERIES”. Whether or not characters tell the authorities about their discovered clues, is up to them!

– Bios must be Reviewed and Approved by Diana before you can play. Post your bio in the “Application” thread. Your review will be sent by Private Message (in case there’s anything embarrassing!). When the bio is approved, it will be split from the thread and moved to our Biographies forum.

– I don’t care if you post 3 lined posts or 10 paragraphs, as long as you know the difference between practical and redundant. It doesn’t take 5 paragraphs to say hello and walk in to a room, just as it should take more than 1 paragraph to describe walking in to a new scene. (see posting guidelines below.)

Posting Expectations

[b]Participation Wish:[/b] 1 post a day.
[b]Participation REQUIRED:[/b] 1 post a week.
[b]Participation Lagging:[/b] 2 weeks of no post time = a killed character. You’ll get 2 warnings/requests to post.

I understand that not everyone can be online to post everyday, nor can we always post once a day if we’re waiting on someone else to post. HOWEVER, I really really encourage players to get involved in wild posting sprees with their partners when they can. ENJOY getting online and playing with wild abandon! XD Be excited and impatient about when you can post next, and eagerly awaiting the next exciting moment in the game! THAT is what makes an rpg fun and successful!

If take longer than 2 weeks for you to post you’ll get two requests/warnings, and then we’re killing your character. Unless you have an excuse and seriously can not be online for X amount of time (in that case, just let us know!), there is no excuse for not being able to post and keep up. It takes 10/15 minutes to type up a quick post. We don’t expect novels. If you’re bored/stuck, just say so, and we’ll DO something about it! We will come in your thread and shake things up just for your entertainment! Laggy Players can ruin a game for other players, so please have respect for your partners and try to post as often as possible.

[b]”Practical Posting”[/b]

Be practical. With practical posting, you can keep a game moving fast with little lag time or boredom! Here’s a few tips to know what sort of posts are needed soon.

[b]Long or “Novel” Posts[/b]
Don’t slow up the game or waste energy writing a novelesque post when it’s not necessary. There are quick and simple scenes, where you will have quick paced moments between characters. These sort of scenes do NOT need epically long posts and can get boring REAL fast when people have to read through a bunch of flowery words just to get to a short and simple point.

Needed When:
— You are painting a picture of a new scene. This lets all the other players know where they are, what they hear, what is around them, who they are with, ect.
— Your are introducing a character to a scene. It’s good to describe what they look like, what they are wearing, ect, so that other players are aware.
— Backgrounds or flashbacks. These are “illustration” moments where it’s good to use a little creative writing.

Redundant When:
— You’re just having back and forth conversation with characters.
— A fight or action scene with another character/NPC where you can only do so much action yourself.
–You’re REdescribing something you’ve already stated before.

[b]Short or “One Liner” Post[/b]
Short posts are ideal for quick and fast paced scenes. However, a short post can leave other players hanging and wondering “what do I do now?” if they’re done when “something” needs to happen. When you must make a short post, always consider “will this post make an difference in the scene if I removed it later?”

Needed When:
— You’re just chatting or socializing. Idle conversation gets boring fast, so typing long posts for these would just drag out a scene longer than needed.
— You’re involved in a high action scene with multiple characters. If you are not controlling the NPC or multiple characters, you need to make the post “to the point” so that the next character can react. If you add too much in an action scene post, it will get confusing and players will miss some of the actions.

Redundant When:
— A scene is getting SLOW and dragging behind. A short post would not have enough content to push the scene forward.
— You are starting a new scene, because no one will know what’s going on.

[b]Thread Getting SLOW and BORING:[/b]

Sometimes players get carried away with idle conversations and scenes between characters. These scenes are good for developing relationships between characters, but they DO get really boring if you drag them out too long.

If you are in a thread where the idle chat is just getting BLAH – Use a “Long” post to introduce EVENT or ACTION. This is a perfect moment to stumble across a clue, have a bad guy attack, or even just have something random or stupid happen like a freak fire or a clown parade.

Be aware that the thread might also have “reached it’s end”, where it’s time for characters to move on to a new scene. Try starting a new topic/scene.

If you’re dying of boredom, but have no idea what you could do to living things up… ASK. We’ll throw an NPC post at you and stir up trouble!


[i]Can I play multiple characters?[/i]

[i]Can I be THE Zodiac Killer or have my character directly related to him?[/i]
No. That guy is 100% NPC. For ease of being able to alter the storyline at any moment, we can’t have any characters related to him or playing him.

[i]Can I play a copycat killer or other bad guy?[/i]
Yes! Feel free! <3 [i]Can I suggest possible clues or find X clue in my thread?[/i] Yup! We have a "Clue Box" thread where you can suggest clues that could be found in game, and we will be crossing out the ones that have been found! [i]Do I HAVE to have my bio reviewed?[/i] Yes. XD I have to make sure your bio meets requirements. The biggest "issue" will be making sure you character is not too similar to any other characters in play, or that your bio contains enough information to really KNOW the character. [i]Can my character have powers, even just small ones or be a magical creature?[/i] NO. This is a "realistic" game. All characters must be human, and there will be NO super natural events. [b]BIO EXPECTATIONS[/b] This is really simple. A quick list of what I am reviewing in your bio. If you can follow these guides, your bio will likely be approved without problem! - A character that is as unique and different from other characters in the game. Make sure you read the biographies that have been approved before yours. For example, if too many characters have dead parents I'm going to say "hey, that's getting cliche in this game". Or if too many characters have the same color eyes. Or if too many characters are working the exact same sort of job. Or if too many characters are trying to fill the "stoic badass" or "super sweet girl" roles. Bios are accepted FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, so if you want to be able to play a certain character type or plot point, you need to finish your bio ASAP. - A well developed background history of the character's life up until now. This is MOST important, as your character's history is what GIVES them their personality, and what has made them the kind of person that they are. What ever personality you give them, something in their past has likely helped to make them that way. - Whys and Hows. If you have any interesting or peculiar, even super special traits about your character. Or even just a completly bland character, make sure you have some sort of reason or explanation for it. Example: Katie is so horrified of dogs she can't even breathe when she sees one. That sort of thing is just asking for a reason why behind it! Example: Jimmy hates cops. Hatred of cops don't come out of no where. We must know why! ...OKAY! I feel as if I am forgetting something. c____c;; In the meantime, I am now officially accepting applications or answering any questions. This game will begin [i]immediately[/i] as soon as your bio is accepted and you have someone to play with. XD See the OOC Plotting Thread to discuss characters and find partners to get involved with.

Settings: Modern Realistic

Verboten: Seeing Red

Genre: Mobster Family Crime Drama
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Timeline: Present Date

Basic Plot

The streets of Chicago aren’t ruled by rival gangs, but rather by rival families. Mob families that have vied for power of the city for decades. Lately, two of the most influential families have been rather cross with each other. Stepped on toes here, a hit on someone there. Rumor has it that a mob war is about to go down, and the city is right in the middle of it.

Angelico Family
Vito Angelico is an ambitious man taking over for his recently deceased uncle. Out for revenge on the dirty bastards that killed him, Vito and his gang of men are ruthless about getting what they want. Their legit business is running a chain of nightclubs in the city. Otherwise they smuggle in weapons. Most of their family is not blood related, but they are one of the oldest organizations in the city.
[b]FAMILY GOAL:[/b] Discover which Malfatorre killed Uncle. Wipe them all out.

Malfatorre Family
Theodore “Pops” Malfatorre by now is a very old man, but back in his day he was quite the lady-killer. Literally. It’s rumored that 3 of his 7 wives were killed because of “personal betrayals” but no crime was ever proven. His 9 sons (born from several ex-wives) all help with his business. His legit business is running cargo ships across the world. Otherwise, he deals in stolen art & antiques. Pops Malfatorre also has one single daughter from his late wife (God Rest Her Soul) whom he likes to keep out of all the “Men Stuff.”
[b]FAMILY GOAL:[/b] Kill Vito Angelico. Stomp out the Angelico family.

Sworn to protect and serve the population, the Police Department is working hard. They have to deal with dirty cops bribed by the mob AND try to prove illegal activity to get criminals behind bars.
[b]POLICE GOAL:[/b] Prove illegal activity and put these people in jail.

Civilians are individuals caught in the middle of a mob war. (You must inevitably choose whether or not you will side with Angelico, Malfatorre, or the Police.)

Settings: Modern Realistic

The Ties That Bind

Joining: TAKING CHARACTERS. Post a Bio, get a thumbs up, play.
Genre: Modern Real Lifey Soap Opera Drama
Location: Emerson, Pennsylvania
Timeline: Present Date

Emerson, Pennsylvania is a fast growing city; home to several wealthy families, established businesses and of course the occasional nutcase. It’s a city like any other, but when skeletons come out – everyone has their story. Jeremiah Douglas has recently passed away – his death striking unsettling news to many people. A single event that ties the binds of otherwise unconnected lives.

Like in any soap opera, you are playing a character in this interesting city. There’s no such thing as a quiet normal life for someone living in Emerson. There is always a mysterious murder, a cheating lover, a stalker, a big trial, dead babies, kidnappings, charity balls, and bitch fights. Life is a never ending whirlwind of dramatic events. Events that [b]you[/b] bring to the table with your characters and their history.

Our story begins at the end of Jeremiah Douglas’ funeral. He was an interesting man – but with secrets! Characters might know this man – or think they knew him! His death will bring up mystery and complications. How does it affect [i]your[/i] character? You tell us. >:]


In a soap opera there are many character stereotypes! This list is just a few of the most common ones. Because this is a modern date real life setting, supernatural stereotypes are not allowed. These stereotypes are just suggestions! If you have your own unique ideas, by all means, run with them! Anything is possible in a soap opera!

Old Money Families: There are always a few “old money” families in a big city that seem to own many of the business, properties and even people in their pockets. These families have been around forever, possibly even able to trace their families back to European countries, and they are always surrounded by loads of personal drama or tragedies. There is always a murder or two in the family, missing members, bastard children, money woes, divorces, the black sheep, the queen bee, and of course a deep dark family secret.

Professional Criminal: Be you a mobster, professional thief, drug dealer, or embezzler, there are bound to be those very prominent professional criminals. But beware, when more than one comes on the scene, there is always a scuffle about who is the best and who gets the gold!

The Cops: Cops come in the form of detectives, police chiefs/commissioners, FBI agents, spies, and undercover cops. A cop can be the good guy hero, always looking to catch his man… or end up being the bad cop – paid by someone else to cover up crime, or being a criminal themselves. Cop characters tend to get in everyone’s business, especially when there is illegal drama unfolding!

Teen Drama: One can’t have a soap without everyone’s kids going around and causing some trouble. Runaway teenagers, boyfriend stealers, prom night, or kids just getting involved in grownup affairs. You can count on the teens and kids to create their fair share of troubles!

Foreign Heir: A mysterious foreigner that just so happens to be; A) really really rich or B) heir to a royal thrown. In some cases all of these turn out to be false, and sometimes they are true, and then… they disappear or end up murdered! Whichever the case may be, this person is always very mysterious and very little is known about their past until something very major happens!

Savvy Business Person: Those smart, beautiful people that have their own business or are excellently perfect at what they do. Lawyers, doctors, owners of night clubs, a giant business empire or one really popular establishment. Almost all of the character stereotypes tend to be one of these successful people.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Realistic

Three Berhs

Genre: mafia?

Goldi Locke is a hired maid to work on the home of the Berh family. Only she discovers all isn’t “just right” at the Berh home, and finds lots of Mafia No-Gooding!

Settings: Modern Realistic

The Witness

Genre: Crime Drama?

Lady accidentally views a murder conducted by the ___ mob family and is put in to witness protection with a group of guards, before the trial!

Settings: Modern Realistic


Genre: Modern Social
Timeline: Present Date

At a beautiful mountain resort town, there is always a movie being filmed, concerts being held, and big award show or celebrity parties.

Settings: Fairy Tale Settings: Modern Realistic

Snow White and The Dwarves

Genre: Modern

Eira White was a blessing to her parents as the baby they tried for years to have. Yet, when her mother died in childbirth it left her father broken hearted and lonely. While Eira was still a child he re-married. A beautiful younger woman in the modeling business that could bring in lots of connections to the entertainment world and help him run his nightclub. But, never quite getting over the death of his beloved, he cared little for his health. He too died, leaving his estate in the care of his wife until his daughter was old enough to inherit it.

The Wife didn’t mind this at all at first. The girl was barely five and easily passed off to nannies. For 15 years ran The Castle Club, making it the most elite and hottest nightclub in the city.

But… now Eira is almost 20 and that means everything will soon be HERS. She just doesn’t know yet! The Wife can’t stand it! She had a nasty fight with the girl, and she ran away. But the wife intends to make sure the girl doesn’t live long enough to claim her inheritance.

Meanwhile, Eira becomes the newest roomie to a 7 member band called The Dwarves. They have super rad adorable adventures!

Settings: Modern Realistic

Shakai Aki

Shakai Aki

Staff, Parents, and especially Students… Welcome to Shakai Aki and the Tri Schools. Everyone here at the Tri Schools are looking forward to the wonderful new year that awaits us. We welcome you, whether you are a returning or new student, parent or staff member. You are all privileged for being able to be a part of this, and we are privileged by having you. We hope this year will be a learning experience for everyone, and give everyone a chance to grow and flourish. Of course, we will have our trials and tribulations this year, but we will work together to triumph and emerge from all troubles with a clear head and bright vision. I encourage you to use this time to your fullest advantage; make new friends, try new things. We are confident that your time at the Tri Schools will prepare you for the future at every turn.

But before you go, let me remind you that there are also certain rules here at the Tri Schools that must be followed. Be sure to read the packets that were given to you and follow the rules accordingly. And first-year or transfer students, please see both your school’s Principal or Headmaster, and your Counselor for any specific school information, and to work out your class schedule. Preferably before the school year begins.

Thank you, and have a wonderful school year.

Dansei Fukachi,
Tri Schools President


Students and parents alike, thank you for coming today. It warms my heart to see such studious, dutiful, and honor-bound students here today, and I–

–MISTER TANEMURA!!– Put away that ketchup bottle this instant!!


The Tri-Schools welcome all of you here today. Your initial Orientation will explain to you the basic information you need to attend one of our illustrious universities, including deciding to expand on your current Plot Major, and answering some of the student’s Frequently Asked Questions. Please pay attention carefully, because failure to follow these guidelines may result in severe punishment.


The Rating of Shakai Aki is at a PG-13 level. We implore you to keep your cursing down to a minimal, as many younger students roam campus. Murder will land you in prison, and for goodness sake, any students or faculty caught having sex on school grounds will find themselves suspended! Though we face many everyday problems, our attitude is generally ‘light’.

Shakai Aki’s setting is during present time, Tokyo. For the sake of sanity we are using the American School System. We are a “real life” association! There are no gundams, super powers, or teenage mercenaries. Please use common sense while attending our schools.

Your character options are many. We accept new students, school faculty, and parent helpers every day! Please remember, all characters must somehow be involved with the Tri Schools.

Our purpose is simple. The Tri Schools are having some serious problems with money. There are rumors that the three most well established schools will be shut down, and all students will be forced to go to.. *gasp* public schools! Teachers, Students, and Parents alike must find some way to raise money for the schools, as well as deal with every day life. Please remember, this is just the basic purpose. There is plenty of room to expand and create situations on your own terms.

Plot Options

To help all new students & faculty ease their way into our school systems, here are a few plot options to help you get started.

::Main Plot: Hate the Tri Schools? Sabotage all attempts of people trying to save them! Love the Tri Schools? Do all you can to start fund raisers, festivals, and other money making ideas for the school!

::Popularity Quest: Dieing to be the most well-know, well loved, popular student in school? Go for it! Make an attempt at joining the Autumn Society, do other things that will bring glorious attention upon yourself!

::Love Affairs: Be it searching for a loved one, stealing boy/girl friends, teacher affairs.. whatever! Just remember, love triangles are a lot of fun.

::Club Glory: Join a club! Do things in that club! Get friends to join the club!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What the devil is Shakai Aki?
    If you haven’t guessed already, Shakai Aki is a social RPG cleverly disguised as a school’s page! Basically you can play a variety of characters that are involved with the “Tri Schools”.

  • Why can’t I have powers, super toys, or be a mad phat mercenary?!?
    It would kill the point of this being a real life RPG!

  • How many characters can I have?
    As many as you like.

  • Can I play a parent, teacher, ect.

    Tour Guide

    Hello to new & old alike. To help you get acquainted with the Tri Schools and all subsections, please let me take you on a guided tour of the grounds.

    The Tri Schools are the three most elite & powerful schools in Japan. They joined together in a special alliance in hopes they can bring better quality in education. The Tri Schools consist of Shugyo Erito Prep, Divinitus Academy & University, and Angélique Grâce Academy. Though these schools have a tightly bound alliance, they are often bitter rivals. Both students and teachers compete to see which school is truly better. All schools have the exact same courses, though some schools specialize more in some than others.

    ::Shugyo Erito Prep School:

    Shugyo is a co-ed school, classes ranging from Kindergarten to Collage graduate. It contains dorms, small apartments, and many specialty locations. Shugyo is most known for it’s excellence in artistic classes. Many famous people have graduated from Shugyo. The principal of Shugyo is Achika Tanemura. All students seem to enjoy Achika, as she is friendly and easy to talk to.

    Shugyo’s school colors are scarlet red and white. The young girls school uniforms are three pieces. The first shirt is white, short sleeve, and has a red border around the collar. Over that, a white ‘jacket-like’ shirt, with a red collar and sleeve cuffs. The Skirt is pleated-red, and goes a few inches above the knee. An older girls uniform is in two pieces. A white long sleeved shirt, and a scarlet red dress falling down to the knees. Boys Uniforms have yet to be decided on.

    ::Divinitus Academy & University:

    Divinitus might very well be the most prestigious of the Tri Schools. It is a co-ed Collage & Highschool. Contains dorms, small apartments, and many other specialties. Most known for it’s executive classes! The “Elite” social class of people prefer going here. As well as most of the ‘Autumn Society’ Members.

    The school colors, and uniforms for Divinitus have yet to be decided on. Though the headmaster is leaning towards dark blues and blacks.

    ::Angélique Grâce Academy: See Uniforms

    Angélique is an all girls school, classes ranging from Kindergarten thru Collage courses. It contains dorms, small apartments, and many specialties. Most known for it’s scientific classes. The Headmaster of Angélique, Shizuko Renga, seems to be feared by the student population.

    The colors of Angélique are fuchsia, light blue, and ivory. The school uniforms are in three pieces. The shirt is a short sleeved ivory. The Jacket is long-sleeved fuchsia with light blue cuffs. The skirt is pleated, fuchsia with light blue strips and comes a few inches above the knees. The uniforms also come with a sash and a tie.

    Dictionary of Terms

    The Tri Council: A mysterious group of representatives & parents from each of the Tri schools. Little is known about who they are, what they do… but they always make the most important decisions and provide funding for the schools.

    The Autumn Society: A social group formed by the most popular of the Tri schools. Being accepted into this ‘clique’ almost guarantees you success and happiness in your life… At least that’s what everyone believes.

    A Group of Gossiping Girls: This irritating group of girls pops up everywhere at totally random times to “spread news” about the people in the Shakai RPG. Their purpose is to give a good, yet “twisted” summary of whats going on with the characters. They can be used freely by all, but remember you have to gossip about EVERYONE!

    Code of Conduct

    With the generous donations made by the people of Tokyo, the Tri-Schools are able to hold various events which most students enjoy very much, including the Love In Life festival, a New Year’s celebration, and many others. To keep these events fun for all, though, we must abide by certain rules and codes of conduct at school.

  • No magic, special powers, or super hero-ness!
    This is a normal social type rpg. No weird battles of evil do’ers unless of course your spiking the milk in the lunch room!

  • Multiple characters aloud AS LONG as you play a variety in personalities.
    Don’t just play all popular people or jocks, or nerds! If you play more then one character, give a variety! Everyone seems to want to play ‘outcasts’. Who are you supposed to hate if no one plays the ‘bitches’?

  • Don’t take it personally.
    Since popularity and typical high school yukiness is involved there will be some conflicts between characters. Just remember it’s only in the RPG, NOT anything personal!

    Academic Life

    Academy life is a rich and rewarding experience. With modern technology at your fingertips, it is now possible to travel the world without even leaving your chair! In addition to being able to access the Internet from almost every dorm room, the Tri-Schools offer now a possible scholastic first–, a location for all students to go online and swap notes, compare research material, and make use of the fully-functional chat options. The following is a list of all registered students and which school they are attending.


    Welcome, students, on behalf of the Autumn Society at the Division of Shugyo Erito Prep. We hope the coming year will be a good and fulfilling one. Shugyo Erito is always dedicated to giving the best education, as well as making student life enjoyable for everyone.

    The Autumn Society has grown over the past year, and we’re pleased to see such enthusiasm amongst our new members. The Society, which has divisions at all three schools, is here to recognize those students who’ve had great academic achievements and have been an active member in the student body. It is our goal to make sure the best students get the best out of their school year. We participate in many school activities and contribute to the school community as much as we can. Hopeful and prospective students are welcome and encouraged to apply for the Autumn Society. For members, the annual banquet to welcome new members will be held in the first week of September.

    Thank you, and have a good school year!

    Kagemori Arashi,
    President of the Autumn Society, Shugyo Erito Prep

    Divinitus=diamond back rattlesnake
    All girls school=peacock

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    Settings: Modern Realistic

    In The Name of School Spirit

    Genre: Modern Supernatural
    Location: Japan
    Timeline: Present

    Chikushi Highschool is all about school spirit when it comes to beating rival schools at everything from sports to club activities. But the one thing Chikushi students never counted on was the real School Spirits making things a little more exciting than they bargained for! Between studying for finals and dodging the Toilet Ghost, it’s a busy life for student and faculty at Chikushi High.

    All players are a student at Chikushi between the ages of 13 and 18. The school (as well as the entire town) seems to be a center of supernatural activity, especially in the form of ghosts, poltergeists, spirits, ect. Magic and powers do exist.

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    By Royal Request

    Genre: Modern
    Location: Country of Hartolia
    Timeline: Present

    [Adult] Siblings inherited a bakery after their parents died in a car crash. They also inherited their younger siblings! Word about the world class treats and recent tragedy reach the ears of an eccentric Royal Family. By request the Siblings are officially hired as personal chefs to the Royal Family in that far away country. Random drama, comedy, and such ensues!

    Settings: Modern Realistic Settings: SciFi

    Prisoners in Paradise

    Genre: Modern SciFi Fantasy Blend
    Location: Uthlav Dulanc and the surrounding Savage World


    A modern society behind a great wall. Uthlav Dulanc is run by it’s Dulanc Council, to help keep peace and prosperity in it’s humble city. The outside world is filled with dangers, poisons, and savages. But Uthlav Dulanc is a paradise. There is no war, no crime, no sickness. All is perfect.

    The Horrible Truth of Uthlav Dulanc
    To keep a place running “perfect” it requires a heavy hand. Anyone that breaks a rule or shows signs of illness is “removed”. Elders and people with signs of illness are taken to fuel the massive shield that’s protecting the city. Criminals are treated the same, if not expelled to the “Savage World” outside of the wall. Everyone is told and believes that these people/prisoners are being taken to a happy lala place.

    The rules and laws of the city are strict. Everyone wears the same colors and styles, you do the job you are given, you live by curfews. You do not speak out against the council or cause any sort of unrest to the people.

    Outside the Walls
    The Savage World outside the walls is a wild uninhabited wilderness. Giant beasts, from mammals to dinosaurs. There are cannibal tribes of humans, but also tribes of people dispelled from the City. Still, no one in their right mind wants to be back inside the walls, unless they are freedom fighters or “terrorists” determined to open the eyes of the denizens inside.

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    The Price of a Favor

    Genre: Modern Action Covert Operations
    Location: EARTH LOL

    Soandso is calling in a favor to form a team of operatives. He is seeking a very personal item back from some very dangerous people. Your mission: retrieve the item and make target’s business hell.

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    No Rest for the Wicked

    When it comes to being one of the less-than-legal members of society, you’ve got to constantly be on yours toes. From the cops, from your enemies… The only way out is to quit. And quitting ain’t as easy as it sounds…

    Meet a few ex-criminals who find themselves face with a dilemma. When someone proposes a kidnapping/rescue, with one hell of a pay-out.. it makes them think twice about staying retired.

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    Lucky In Love

    Genre: Social Comedy
    Location: Elswen, Washington
    Timeline: Present Date

    Lucky & her roommates/friends are living life and just trying to get by in this strange world. Every character has their own objective and aspirations. Finding themselves in really weird and often crazy situations that most normal people would never dream of.

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    Sin With A Grin

    Genre: Modern
    Location: Town in the middle of nowhere.

    ____ and a bus full of people have entered ____ when the bus breaks down and needs to stop for parts. But they quickly realized they’ve stumbled across a town filled with serial killers who are competing for the most and best kills!

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    His Rightful Place

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful kingdom with a brave Prince. Like most princes, he spent his days doing knightly deeds, rescuing damsels, and being a hero. And like most heroes, the prince met his charming princess, saved the kingdom from a terrible evil, then lived Happily Ever After.

    …but that’s never really how stories end.

    On his wedding day at the wedding feast, the Sorcerer came and he was mighty pissed. That Witch the prince and his princess killed during their harrowing tale was his wife – and he fully intended to have his vengeance. He killed everyone at the dinner. The King and Queen, Lords and Ladies, even the Princess Bride. But the prince… he had a special punishment for him. The Sorcerer locked the prince away in his own dungeons. There to rot for the rest of his life, knowing his wife was dead and that the Sorcerer ruled his kingdom.

    Years later… The kingdom isn’t doing to well under the Sorcerer’s rule. After all, he is an evil sorcerer, and they tend to only care about power and crazy experiments. The land is dying, the people are hungry, and the Sorcerer continues to sit in the castle not caring a lick about the world outside.

    And so, when it seems like hope is lost, there are the brave few, the unnoticed ones… the people that you never hear about in epic tales. A plot to break the prince (the rightful king!) out of the dungeon and take back their kingdom!

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    Hercules’ Misfits

    Genre: Modern Spies
    Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
    Location: ???
    Timeline: Present Date

    Plot Breakdown:
    Jonathon Hercules is an eccentric billionaire that built his fortune from the ground with with unique but outstanding ideas. His most prominent and famous project was the Hercules Model House for hopeful models, a home often compared to the Playboy Mansion as all were fostered in the home during their contract there. Many of the worlds most gorgeous people came out of the Hercules House to become top models, making Jonathon Hercules one very noticed man. However, rumors began to spread – accidents at the house would happen to the models, terrible downfalls hit Jonathon’s business. Word around the street said, it was Jonathon himself luring in young people to their death! The bad press become too much and the Hercules Model House closed for good.

    But, Jonathon Hercules was not the sort of man to give up on his dreams so easily. He was an ingenious man, something in that mind of his told him that there was some soul business going on and someone was out to destroy him. Still being rich as sin, and a little kooky, he reopened his house with a new theme in mind – Hercules’ Misfits – not only for models, but all kinds of people! Smart, intelligent people that could help him solve the mysterious of the Hercules House and the biggest one of all… who was trying to ruin it all for him!


    Hercules’ Misfits is a sort of club or agency. Jonathon is not discriminating against the ugly or those without official detective skills, he’s looking for all the help he can get. His only requirement is that all living in the house must not be attached to family, they must have some sort of skill that would be useful to his cause, and they must live in the house during their time spent there. The Job of the misfits is investigations, and maybe a little spy work. Members are given casebooks with events and accidents all related to his business and they are meant to try and solve them. This often times turn out to be rather dangerous and there seems to be someone out there that doesn’t want these people to find out!

    The new agenda of Hercules’ Misfits has started a new buzz as well, one he hadn’t expected! Other people that have felt they were wrongly accused for bad events have brought their cases to the house to be solved. Though he meant to only solve his own problems, Jonathon Hercules is more than happy to send his Misfits out to help others – making good cash for all.

    Other characters outside the house can also get involved. Clients, enemies, random characters – there are plenty of options.


    Jonathon Hercules: (NPC)
    An older man, Jonathon Hercules doesn’t have the energy to do espionage on his own. He also has masses of businesses to run. Periodically he sends new case files of his own to the Hercules House, or makes a rare appearance. He is, of course, one hundred percent innocent of all accusations, and he aims to prove it one way or another!

    One of the few models that stayed behind in the Hercules House, Katrinda firmly believes that her boss is innocent. A blonde bombshell and dead sexy, Katrinda has an addiction to having too much fun and seems to attract the worse kind of boyfriends. Despite her host of bad choices, she is very strong and knows three different forms of martial arts. (A model has to keep fit!)

    Another left over model and close friend of Katrinda, Alisha has stayed on to keep her friend out of trouble.

    Christina: (Diana)
    The newest addition to Hercules’ Misfits, Christina is no great looker, speaker, or much of anything. However, Christina is a talented writer and deep thinker and has a knack for uncovering clues in the most unexpected places!

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    Gravity of Love

    Genre: Modern Fantasy (Indiana Jones Style/Timeline in a Fantasy World.)
    Rating: PG13
    Location: Otherworld
    Inspirations: Song: Lamb – Goreki


    “Here is true peace,
    Here is true calm.
    All this time I’ve loved you,
    And never known your face.
    All this time I’ve missed you
    And searched this human race.
    Until the end of time,
    Until the seas run dry,
    Until the earth stops turning.
    To find the one I’ve waited for.”

    “It’s a love letter.”

    “Hell naw, it’s a riddle to some hidden treasure!”

    “You’re both wrong.” A tall woman known as Crys interrupted the bickering males as she entered the small cavern. It was well hidden in the side of the mountain, one would have never known it existed unless you were right on top of it. Thank Daren for being a fool and tumbling down the side of the mountain after his precious gun.

    “Close, though. It’s an ancient legend leading to what the villagers believed was a god.” A chuckled from behind led the three companions to turn around. At the cavern entrance was the Professor and his assistant. He looked genuinely pleased at their find. “The legend itself is more complex than that, I believe. A village girl fell in love with a god that she worshiped faithfully, though she had never met nor seen him before. So enamored with this god, she left her home to search the world for a way to reach heaven.”

    Daren raised a disappointed eyebrow at the story. “Does that mean there’s no treasure?”

    Crys and the others rolled their eyes, but the Professor merely chuckled again. “Quite the contrary. The girl eventually came across a great temple filled with many riches.

    Settings: Modern Realistic

    Love Like Winter

    [solid][SIZE=5] “Hello there! I am Katrinka Carrel, owner of Katrinka’s Dating Service. Has your romantic life dried up? Are you missing the joy of another’s company? Would you like an opportunity to find true love? Never fear, for the Angel of Love is on our side!

    We are currently opening our doors to do special Singles Mixers! Every weekend come and get to know other people that are also seeking more opportunities to find love. Signup is for a low fee and all drinks and snacks are free.

    To reserve your presence at the next mixer, please fill out our form and drop it off at the front desk. You’ll see out Attending List on the bulletin board and on our website.

    It’s our pleasure to help you find the man or woman of your dreams!”


    [solid][hdor]EVENT INFO[/hdor]

    [B]WHO:[/B] This is for members 18+ Only!

    [B]WHAT:[/B] YOU are someone looking for someone. Most people are here looking for love. Some are looking for a hot piece of ass. Others might even have unexpected motives. Your reasons for attending the Singles Mixer are entirely up to you. Players can get as creative with their characters as they like BUT keep setting in mind. There is NO supernatural or magic in this roleplay. It is “modern technology” so no crazy tech stuff either. As long as it is possible in the present day, you can do it for your character. [b]CHARACTER’S DATING PROFILE IS REQUESTED BUT NOT REQUIRED.[/b]


    [B]WHERE:[/B] Join us the [URL=’’]BORDELLO ROLEPLAY CHAT[/URL].[/solid]

    [solid][hdor]ABOUT THIS ROLEPLAY[/hdor]

    THIS IS A REBOOT. If you have ever played in one of my “Katrinka” roleplays before, FORGET ALL THAT. I am starting this universe over from scratch to give myself a chance to play plot things I never had a chance to. :D Feel free to bring back an old character to start fresh with too!

    This is a SOCIAL ROLEPLAY WITH IMPROV GMING. That means the object of this roleplay is to interact with other characters, and from those interactions I will create a plot and story around you. The more interesting and developed your character, the more you interact, the more awesome the plot turns out! This roleplay in particular is about creating relationships and can lead to flirting or sexual situations, thus it’s for 18+ members only. (Because I am an adult. t__t)

    My roleplays are NEWBIE FRIENDLY so even if you are terrible at roleplay or have never participated in a ChaRP before, this will be easy for you to get involved in. :D Ask questions, let me know when you need help.

    As always, if you have any questions about this plot or roleplay, just ask away![/solid]

    [solid][hdor]FILL OUT AS YOUR CHARACTER[/hdor]
    Whether you are there by choice or not, the staff at Katrinka’s made them fill out the form before they could go further inside! This needs to be filled out AS your character.

    Age: (You must be AT LEAST 18 to Sign up!)
    I’m Looking For: (Males, Females or Both!)
    Returning Member: (Have you used Katrinka’s Services before?)
    My Picture: (A picture OR a physical description.)
    I Describe Myself As: (Your personality from your point of view!)
    Others See Me As: (Your personality from OTHER people’s point of view!)
    My Interests Are: (Things you enjoy doing!)
    A Bit About My Life: (A little background history about you!)
    PLAYER NOTES: (This would be anything important about your character that they would not want to list on their “application”. This could be a formal character bio if you wish or just any brief notes. :D)


    [solid][hdor]EASY CHARP TIPS![/hdor]

    [SIZE=4][fa]fa-asterisk [/fa][/SIZE] Don’t worry if another player is doing something similar to your idea. DO IT ANYWAY! Similarities and things in common happen in real life too. Everyone also plays differently, so two characters who are both “sweet and shy” will still end up being totally unique people. Two assassins could create a fun and interesting conflict!

    [SIZE=4][fa]fa-asterisk [/fa][/SIZE] Talking to other players about their character before the roleplay is a GREAT way to create connections and background for your own!

    [SIZE=4][fa]fa-asterisk [/fa][/SIZE] Post SHORT AND FAST. Charps are very quick pace and contain a LOT of players. Players can’t wait 20 minutes for you to write a wall of text. If it takes you longer than two minutes to type your post, you are taking too long and might get lost in the action. This is an exercise in quick and concise writing!

    [SIZE=4][fa]fa-asterisk [/fa][/SIZE] Like in Real Life, a character may not be able to acknowledge or notice your character immediately because they are engaged in doing something else. (For example a new character walking in to the room, but the other characters arguing about muffins and do not see them.) Don’t get discouraged if you go can’t get someone to interact with you right away. [I]Just keep posting[/I] and doing actions with your character, or even approach others who also seem to be idle and it WILL happen.

    [SIZE=4][fa]fa-asterisk [/fa][/SIZE] Do not take events in the roleplay personally or assume that bad reactions are because they think you/your character sucks. Everyone is playing a character and reacting to things as their character would![/solid]


    Genre: Present Date Modern Social
    Location: Elswen, Washington (A small island city off the coast of the state.)
    Rating: R? (We’re all adults here.)
    Atmosphere/Mood: A take it serious roleplay with potential to be as dramatic or as comedic as players care to make it. :D No LOLSORANDOM please.

    YOU are someone looking for someone. Most people are here looking for love. Some are looking for a hot piece of ass. Others might even have unexpected motives. Your reasons for attending the Singles Mixer are entirely up to you. Players can get as creative with their characters as they like BUT keep setting in mind. There is NO supernatural or magic in this roleplay. It is “modern technology” so no crazy tech stuff either. As long as it is possible in the present day, you can do it for your character. :D If I dun like it, I’ll just let you know.

    We begin at the Singles Mixer on a Saturday Night! As soon as I say your bio is cool, you can go and post! The plot is entirely dependent on YOU, so make sure you have an interesting character and an idea of what you want to do/accomplish with it. >:D Your beautiful Hostess Katrinka will occasionally nudge your character towards people she thinks you might “hook up” with if you are getting too shy.

    Anything might happen, so lets have some fun… >:3


    The Copperhill Lodge is a beautiful secluded destination, ideal for vacations or events. Having rooms within the main building for easy access, or private cabins, you can be assured that your stay will be rewarding and relaxing. Spend your day out on the skii slopes, exploring the snowy mountain trails, or socializing in the common rooms by a warm fire.

    Get in contact with Katrinka Carrel, the Wedding Planner, if you have any questions or need information about the Wedding Events. There will be the bachelor parties, the wedding rehearsals, the wedding itself, and of course, the reception. Make sure to tell the front clerk you are a guest/staff and they will give you your guest past for free amenities. Have fun!


    Genre: Romantic Psychological Thriller!
    Location: Copperhill Mountain Lodge, Washington, USA
    Rating: [color=crimson]MATURE This roleplay contains graphic sex and violence.
    Atmosphere/Mood: We are combining cute Romantic fluff with a PSYCHO THRILLER. The mood needs the scary suspense! No lolsorandom content, please!

    Set a little over a year later to the events of [i]Katrinka’s Dating Service[/i]. Characters have moved on with their lives and it’s a time of new beginnings, heralded by the waited-for wedding of Adare and Malcolm! Friends and family have been invited to the Copperhill Mountain Lodge to attend the two week event, being organized by miss Katrinka Carrel. Little does anyone know that their past is about to come back and haunt them, and there is very few places to hide on an inclosed mountain…

    You are either a guest of the wedding party, staff of the wedding event, staff of the mountain lodge, or a random guest of the lodge. You DON’T have to know anything about the previous roleplay, as we’re starting “new” with a new setting. >:D There is no magic or supernatural in this roleplay. Technology is whatever would be feasible in modern present date. We are combining romance and suspense thriller here, so keep the theme in mind when you create a character.

    To join, simply fill out one of the bio sheets below and post in the thread. I’ll let you know if you’re good, then you can begin playing immediately!