Hercules’ Misfits

Genre: Modern Spies
Rating: PG-13 Minimal Cursing. Violence. No Blatant Sexual Scenes. Best for those 13 and older.
Location: ???
Timeline: Present Date

Plot Breakdown:
Jonathon Hercules is an eccentric billionaire that built his fortune from the ground with with unique but outstanding ideas. His most prominent and famous project was the Hercules Model House for hopeful models, a home often compared to the Playboy Mansion as all were fostered in the home during their contract there. Many of the worlds most gorgeous people came out of the Hercules House to become top models, making Jonathon Hercules one very noticed man. However, rumors began to spread – accidents at the house would happen to the models, terrible downfalls hit Jonathon’s business. Word around the street said, it was Jonathon himself luring in young people to their death! The bad press become too much and the Hercules Model House closed for good.

But, Jonathon Hercules was not the sort of man to give up on his dreams so easily. He was an ingenious man, something in that mind of his told him that there was some soul business going on and someone was out to destroy him. Still being rich as sin, and a little kooky, he reopened his house with a new theme in mind – Hercules’ Misfits – not only for models, but all kinds of people! Smart, intelligent people that could help him solve the mysterious of the Hercules House and the biggest one of all… who was trying to ruin it all for him!


Hercules’ Misfits is a sort of club or agency. Jonathon is not discriminating against the ugly or those without official detective skills, he’s looking for all the help he can get. His only requirement is that all living in the house must not be attached to family, they must have some sort of skill that would be useful to his cause, and they must live in the house during their time spent there. The Job of the misfits is investigations, and maybe a little spy work. Members are given casebooks with events and accidents all related to his business and they are meant to try and solve them. This often times turn out to be rather dangerous and there seems to be someone out there that doesn’t want these people to find out!

The new agenda of Hercules’ Misfits has started a new buzz as well, one he hadn’t expected! Other people that have felt they were wrongly accused for bad events have brought their cases to the house to be solved. Though he meant to only solve his own problems, Jonathon Hercules is more than happy to send his Misfits out to help others – making good cash for all.

Other characters outside the house can also get involved. Clients, enemies, random characters – there are plenty of options.


Jonathon Hercules: (NPC)
An older man, Jonathon Hercules doesn’t have the energy to do espionage on his own. He also has masses of businesses to run. Periodically he sends new case files of his own to the Hercules House, or makes a rare appearance. He is, of course, one hundred percent innocent of all accusations, and he aims to prove it one way or another!

One of the few models that stayed behind in the Hercules House, Katrinda firmly believes that her boss is innocent. A blonde bombshell and dead sexy, Katrinda has an addiction to having too much fun and seems to attract the worse kind of boyfriends. Despite her host of bad choices, she is very strong and knows three different forms of martial arts. (A model has to keep fit!)

Another left over model and close friend of Katrinda, Alisha has stayed on to keep her friend out of trouble.

Christina: (Diana)
The newest addition to Hercules’ Misfits, Christina is no great looker, speaker, or much of anything. However, Christina is a talented writer and deep thinker and has a knack for uncovering clues in the most unexpected places!

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