Home! There it was. The beautiful white castle on the hill. The tiny little village filled with happy citizens. Stepping out of the carriage at the beginning of the granite road, she looked up at the home she hadn’t seen in years. A sense of elation filled her as she walked quickly up towards the front gates.

“Halt! Who wishes to enter the castle? What is your business?” spoke a guard who stopped her as she reached the gate.

She was confused, surely they had recognized their own Princess! “Princess Ebony, returned at last. Open the gates.”

The two guards exchanged glances before bursting in to laughter. “Oi, we got a mad one do we? Princess Ebony has been dead for years. Go one now, scatter!”

Dead? Ebony opened her mouth, ready to give them the lecture they so richly deserved. Rolling her eyes, instead she walked off. She refused to waste time in imbeciles! The front gate was only the most direct way to enter the castle. Stepping off the road, she circle the outside wall of the castle until she found a hidden smaller door. A secret entrance only the royal family would know. Ebony entered the gardens.

Surprise took her as she saw a beautiful platinum blond, laying out a blanket on the grass. Her sister Aibori…! Ebony moved forward but stopped just as suddenly when someone else came on to the seen. A handsome man… her prince. The prince embrace Aibori and as they kissed, Ebony ducked behind a tree. …Her Prince and her sister..?

Ebony’s blood ran hot, the jewel in the amulet around her neck sparking to life with her anger. As her fingers balled in to a fist, dark flames licked at her wrists. Rounding the tree, she was going to make sure they paid for what they did…!

A child ran up to Aibori, then a second. A third. They were a family.

They look so happy…

Backing away slowly, the flames died out. Ebony exited through to hidden door back for the village.

So this is how a wicked witch is born…

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