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  • For a Good Time, Text Callista

    Somewhere in the city, scrawled across a graffiti-ridden brick wall was that stupid phrase along with her phone number. A sudden barrage of dick pics and texts had alerted her something was up, but it wasn’t until someone sent her a picture of the words did she realize someone out there was a huge douche. […]

  • Blind Date: 2010 vs 2019

    Your writing can change so much in ten years! I recently re-wrote a starter piece from a for-funsie project, and the difference was so phenomenal I figured it’d be a great example for fledgling writers in my communities. Mind you, neither of these are copy-edited so if you stumble over one of my classic typos, […]

  • Sisters Sparrow

    The warm scent of savory spices and sweet sugar filled the homey kitchen. Though the kitchen was spacious, with five grown woman bustling about it was beginning to feel a little cramped. It didn’t take a close examination to tell they were sisters. Each had a similar shade of near-ebony hair – all except Summer, […]

  • Interview with a Character: Jayden Green

    Interview with a Character: Jayden Green

    For Iwaku Challenge, Interview with a Character #4. [I]What’s your choice of drink?[/I] The woman dressed in an impeccable grey suit regarded the interviewer with an amused expression. Her nails tapped gently on the bar. “I like a good beer. But if you’re thinking about buying me a drink, there’s no need. I own the […]

  • Interview with a Character: Eleri Xerxes

    Interview with a Character: Eleri Xerxes

    For Iwaku Challenge, Interview with a Character #4. [I]What’s your choice of drink?[/I] Eleri glances around in confusion before pointing at herself. “Who me? You’re not a bartender… Hrm. All right then. I’ll bite. Get me a brandy on ice.” [I]What’s your ideal romance? *wriggles brows*[/I] There was a twitch to the corner of her […]

  • Interview with a Character: Leslie Cole

    Interview with a Character: Leslie Cole

    For Iwaku’s Interview with a Character 3. [I]Tell me about yourself.[/I] My name is Leslie Cole, I just graduated college and started a new job as a desk secretary at a local Magazine. Eventually I’d like to be an Editor. I’m currently hunting for a new apartment in the city, but I’d really prefer living […]

  • Interview with a Character: Tessa Thorn

    Interview with a Character: Tessa Thorn

    Done for Iwaku Challenge, Interview With a Character. [I]Please tell me about yourself.[/I] My name is Tessa Thorn and I am a manager! Specially, a band manager. I’ve recently been fired and I am now starting up my own record label called Calico Productions. I kinda have really bad luck with jobs, up until now. […]

  • I’ll Sell My Soul to Dream You Wide Awake

    I would sell my soul to dream you. They say be careful what you wish for. That what you desire can become bittersweet. What could be worth the price of a soul? A love wild and without constraints. Molten amber eyes and honeyed promises. For what seems to be unreal, impossible, too amazing to be […]

  • The Veil

    The Veil

    Cold. Damp. Soft. A flawless cheek pressed against the forest soil. The sensation was strange. Unfamiliar. Her fingers curled in to the dirt, eyes fluttering open in vague confusion. A clump of brown material lift in the air and slowly sift through her fingers. Her body moved in a lithe, controlled, almost unearthly smooth motion […]

  • Dear Blythe

    Dear Blythe, I know that I did was wrong. I can assure you I’m in jail paying for it. I held in a lot of anger for a long time and as the first step in the healing process I want to apologize. I know that doesn’t undo what I tried to do and I […]

  • Welcome to Elswen

    Welcome to Elswen

    (The following is what was suppose to be a fun info page of what’s what on Elswen Island… it obviously never got finished and needs to be) “Welcome to Triple L Estates’s guide to Elswen, an international city. Brought to you LIVE in the heart of downtown from Mandie’s Candies, the candy superstore. Also spondered […]

  • Descended


    Soot, ash and blood covered tattered clothes over her battered frame. But she was still standing. Still marching down the hall, expression grim as she slowly pushed open a door and peered at the occupied bed inside. The room was empty save for one soul, lying on linen sheets as still as stone. “I am […]

  • Blood Bond

    They stood at the front of what she assumed was his throne room in front of a table where the orb was now placed on the top of the staff and being displayed. Bianca was worn, exhausted. Her leather armor was taken and she was left with ripped bloodied clothes. There didn’t even seem to […]

  • Marelsou Falls

    Marelsou Falls

    PREVIOUS EVENING… “All of your paperwork has been filed, Sir. Is that it for today?” asked Allison, standing in the doorway of General Lancaster’s office. Wearing her typical daily uniform, consisting of a pretty chocolate colored dress with white polka dots and a pair of comfy flat shoes, Allison made a picturesque secretary. The older […]

  • No More Dreaming of the Dead, It Becomes Undone

    No More Dreaming of the Dead, It Becomes Undone

    Screaming. Shrill, horrified screaming came from the streets outside. Such a contrast to the usual sounds of rail cars or street shop owners. Black market dealers or lost tourists. Though she was on the top floor of a large building, the screams still reached her open window. She pushed away from her desk and computer. […]

  • In the Pursuit of a Prophecy

    In the Pursuit of a Prophecy

    “This is not a wise idea, child. The prophecy will come to pass of it’s own volition.” “When has waiting for a prophecy to happen EVER helped anyone. I am going to circumvent the problem before it starts. [i]That[/i] is the wise thing to do.” “You tempt fate with your arrogance, little witch. It will […]



    After Belial’s initial escape from the Abyss. Another village. Another pauper, muddy village in France; centuries, ages seemingly had scurried between his fingers and he continued alive in his continuous errand. The thirteen century was just like the others – a never ending story of passions and barbarousness. A cart stumbled on the muddy road, […]



    After the Fall, before the first Seal of the Abyss was casted by the Angelic Host. I don’t know if this is PG13 – I find it stronger than that… but it’s not as strong as “18 and up” either e.e; Azazel protected his sensitive bronze eyes from the glare of the sulphurous waters of […]



    Historical Short Story Timeline: Before the Fall. The sun of the Mortal World had not completed its transit across the skies; its light came up and across thick translucent veils into the Seventh Heaven, giving different colors to air and objects. Belial looked down through a pool of dark waters filled with bluish cold stars […]

  • Too Late

    Too Late

    “Look. I’m gonna tell you the same thing I told her. My name isn’t Gabriel! She’s got the wrong guy!” Bree yelled at the top of his lungs. He refused to get pulled into this shit just because some blind woman had a case of mistaken identity on her hands! Michael snorted at the psychic. […]

  • The Crossroad

    The Crossroad

    It was cold. It was dark. The first snow of winter was still falling. He stumbled through the forest, numbe both inside and out. It wasn’t from the cold. He could never feel the cold anyway and the thick darkness he could see in. It was because … because … “I used you …” a […]

  • Mark My Words

    Mark My Words

    Some long overdue smut for Gabriel and Evangeline! They are so cute together! Gabriel lifted his head, tugged on her gown. He wanted her out of it and he wanted himself out of his clothes. He wanted to feel her body against his and press himself against her, know what it was really like to […]

  • The Birth of a Pillar

    “Here is the book. I… Forgive me, Aiyanna, but… Is it wise to do this? The ancient magics have not been used in centuries. We do not know the price you will pay…” The book was passed in to her hands, he seeming reluctant to let it go. She took the book, her serious face […]

  • Arrival to the Forbidden Continent

    Arrival to the Forbidden Continent

    “There it is.” the gruff old sailor grunted out as he stood on the deck, pointing a mangled finger towards the horizon. Out in the distance a shape was coming in to view. Mostly shielded by the hazy tint of fog or mist. Even the ocean seemed to turn a darker shade of emerald as […]

  • The Resurrection

    Elswen Cemetery. Not the only the cemetery on the island but it was surely the biggest. The moon was full but due to a low fog, it was barely visible amongst the mist billowing over the gravestones. Kendal hesitated before stepping through the gates, a large tome tucked under her arm. Swallowing, she walked down […]

  • Blind Date Turned Sour

    “I’m sorry, I don’t do this much. Uh, blind dates that is.” Faith apologized, reaching for her glass of wine and taking a huge swallow. Much was an understatement. Try never. Except when ambushed by busy-body friends with too much time on their hands. The man chuckled. A soft sound, not unfriendly. He was handsome […]

  • Homecoming

    Home! There it was. The beautiful white castle on the hill. The tiny little village filled with happy citizens. Stepping out of the carriage at the beginning of the granite road, she looked up at the home she hadn’t seen in years. A sense of elation filled her as she walked quickly up towards the […]

  • Prelude to Madness

    Guest Written by Alex All around the grand castle, fires raged on as the bodies of countless soldiers were littered across the once-lush green lawn. The magnificent reflecting pool that held every starry night in its grasp was now tainted with spilled blood. Instead of the pale light coming from the two moons that hung […]

  • The Truth About A Lover

    The Truth About A Lover

    “We’re going to have a baby! It’s going to be wonderful – our first child!” Chloe said, giving the brilliant smile that she had been trying to hold back during the whole day. Keeping that secret was driving her mad! She couldn’t wait to tell him! He didn’t reply to her right away. Silent and […]

  • Morning Disasters

    BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! “uugh… I don’t wanna– CRAP!!” Cheyanne rolled out of bed quickly, hitting the floor with a loud THUD as she scrambled frantically towards the bathroom. Her alarm was going off an hour late! She’s going to be screwed! Flinging her clothes across the room, she jumped in to the shower and twisted […]

  • The Talk

    Late one evening sat four burly men and one petite girl around a large table littered with plates covered in frosting and mugs of half finished beer. Cassius was the middle son, leaning back in his chair with his feet resting up on the table. Dion the youngest son, was lighting up a cigarette. Brennen, […]

  • Fall of a Savior

    Bianca ran up the isle, practically on Serena’s heels. “Just grab it, quickly! They’re right behind us!” Stopping at the stairs as Serena dashed up to the alter, Bianca pulled back the string of her bow. The doors suddenly burst open, Xender shoving a man off the end of his sword as he began marching […]

  • Evangeline’s Husband Wishlist

    (Are you happy now, Clara? It took me three days!) 1. Is really really extra tall! 2. Can dance with me! 3. Can fight with a sword! 4. Will rescue me from my parents when they’re being really mean. 5. Can ride a horse! 6. Strong enough to throw someone and pick me up! 7. […]

  • “I guess I over Slept”

    “I guess I over Slept”

    Written for Vay’s writing challenge. I might end up basing a plot of character on this later. .___.; Strangely tickled my muse. Fire rained down from the sky in long blazing torrents. Buildings were going up in flames, billowing smoke rising from cracked and broken windows. In the streets people ran screaming as grotesque monsters […]

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #???

    He fucking shot me in the back and left me there for dead. I woke up in the hospital and the first person I saw was Professor Yoshi. My sister was lingering around outside, but Yoshi was not who I expected to see by my bedside. Then again, I couldn’t expect Grant, could I? Not […]

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #??

    Journal entry for Cassandra, revealing more history tidbits. >:D What do you do when your boyfriend is being an asshole? Laughing in his face is never a good idea. God damned, I don’t know what I was thinking. No, I DO know what I was thinking. I think I finally understand what Grant means about […]

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #?

    Journal Entry for Cassandra Jones, dated College pre-partnering with Babs. I killed someone. It wasn’t the first time someone has died on one of these assignments, and you better believe it was self defense. But this time it was my gun, my hand, my bullet. Then, I was just glad we got out of the […]

  • Protected: Beware the Forsaken

    Protected: Beware the Forsaken

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

  • Victim


    A poem I wrote during my 9th grade year of highschool. Yes, I was angry. c__c; May god rein down on you, and rip the life you well know you don’t deserve away. May hell swallow your inner soul, torture you till kingdom come, even though you won’t be admitted. Go to confession, repent all […]

  • Autumn’s Monologue

    A letter or diary entry written by Autumn Riktophen after the events in Brooding Darkness. I remembered the dark, the fire, oblivion. Dramatic and yet profound, the scorching feeling of flames brushing my skin. Heat so suffocating it drew the very breath from my lips. The soft fabric of my clothing damp from perspiration and […]

  • Open Your Eyes

    This is a song “by” Lily Grey for a private Oracle plotline. It reflects the thoughts and feelings she has about her mother Ciara’s relationship with Leon. She’s going through the motions. Another witty phrase or an ice cold gaze. She says she doesn’t care, that we’re getting no where And it’s another rainy night […]

  • Only You

    Written “by” Michael for the band Forsaken in the Brooding Darkness: Shadows Beneath plotlines. I’ll bring you the sky I’ll take the stars down Whatever your wish Just give me a whisper On my minds there’s only you I’d walk a thousand lives Just to see you by my side It doesn’t matter what I […]

  • Nothing Left to Save

    Written “by” Michael for the band Forsaken in the Brooding Darkness: Shadows Beneath plotlines. Locked in this cage Watching the wind take flight A war of fallen to engage The angel’s battle I have to fight I never wanted to be your angel I never want to believe again To take the soul of one […]

  • Devil’s Infliction

    Written “by” Michael for the band Forsaken in the Brooding Darkness: Shadows Beneath plotlines. walls of glass that shatter at my own reflection a thousand feelings of wanting the words I cannot find chasms of unbreakable shadows caused by her rejection leaving nothing but the fear that fills my mind she held me down and […]

  • An Angel’s Song

    Written “by” Michael for the band Forsaken in the Brooding Darkness: Shadows Beneath plotlines. Dancing forms of light and shadow Torn by devil’s dragons of ancient rhyme Singing praises of a lover’s arms Heaven’s angel with eyes so kind I don’t believe in anything but what I see today It’s never just a simple thing […]

  • Something to Think About

    Early morning classes were not Lily’s favorite, but she supposed the subject of study made it difficult to get a room at better hours. Practical Alchemy wasn’t exactly a ‘normal’ class by the usual standards and it was not something she expected to sign up for… But she didn’t expect the University of Towsen to […]

  • The Doll Escapes

    She tapped her head against the wall as she looked up at the ceiling. Tap. Tap. Tap. Her arms were wrapped around her knees and he folds of the white dress. She hated white… but they all had their colors or special things they had to wear. She was always in white. Maybe she was […]

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    February 14th. A long, hard, crazy February 14th. Valentine’s day. There was the cherub hanging around the office. The bags of Valentine cards. Phone calls from women (and even some men!), one insane radio promotion thanks to Tali, and he didn’t even want to think about the gaggle of faeries. He ran in to nearly […]

  • The Mission

    The Mission

    The Mission. One must focus on the mission. Assassinations between factions of the Trade Federation was not to be taken lightly. It required every amount of focus to keep yourself from saying the wrong thing, stepping the wrong way and getting yourself killed. So why now, was he in this small closet of a room, […]

  • Tease

    Gabriel’s arms went around her, responding to her kiss in kind as his hand caressed the small of her back and then lower to give her rear a gentle squeeze. Murmuring his name against his lips, Evangeline pressed a hand to his chest. Guiding him backwards with both hand and body until he had moved […]