Genre: Modern Supernatural

It’s the wedding of ___ and ___. A beautiful affair with all of the invited friends and family. But before the ceremony, the dressing rooms are crashed by a small gang of vampires. They slaughter the bride, the bridesmaids, the groomsmen and even a few random people in the church. They’ve almost killed the Maid of Honor (the bride’s teenage sister) when the Groom manages to save her. He kills [most] of the vampires, but the few that escape vow revenge.

The problem… it is a world where vampires and evil creatures are not supposed to exist. Groom tells the Maid of Honor to run away. To hide, because these vampires are going to try and come back for them. He can’t go with her, because now the police and the public think HE is the one that murdered the entire wedding party. That he snapped and went insane.

It’s months, maybe even a year later. The Maid of Honor is still traveling around homeless trying to find somewhere safe to hide. A family takes her in. Meanwhile the Groom has been dodging police as well as vampire attacks. He becomes a Hunter – one who seeks to protect the innocent.

Their paths cross again when vampires catch up with the Maid of Honor. There’s a reason why the vampires are after her specifically.

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