“I guess I over Slept”

Written for Vay’s writing challenge. I might end up basing a plot of character on this later. .___.; Strangely tickled my muse.

Fire rained down from the sky in long blazing torrents. Buildings were going up in flames, billowing smoke rising from cracked and broken windows. In the streets people ran screaming as grotesque monsters of all shapes and sizes crawled out of trenches in the ground. Black spindly hands, long sharp finger nails. Glistening teeth and voracious appetites. The clouds were red and sun near blotted out.

Inside the small apartment, someone suddenly burst in through the door. Slamming it behind him like hell was on his heels. With a feverish speed, he was grabbing everything he could get his hands on and stuffing them in to a bag. He must have been making a huge racket, as his roommate stumbled out of the second bedroom, barely dressed and rubbing his head in annoyed confusion. His friend looked at him surprised and startled.

“What the fuck, dude! It’s the god damned apocalypse outside and you’re not even dressed?!” he shouted.

His roommate turned to glance out the window before giving his shoulders a shrug. “…I guess I over slept.”

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