Interview with a Character: Eleri Xerxes

For Iwaku Challenge, Interview with a Character #4.

[I]What’s your choice of drink?[/I]
Eleri glances around in confusion before pointing at herself. “Who me? You’re not a bartender… Hrm. All right then. I’ll bite. Get me a brandy on ice.”

[I]What’s your ideal romance? *wriggles brows*[/I]
There was a twitch to the corner of her mouth. “I don’t have time for romance. I have responsibilities. Saving the world and all the jazz. But, I kinda like the whole idea of candlelight dinners and walks in the moonlight. Y’know, that normal people stuff.”

[I]So, level with me. You ever done anything… naughty?[/I]
“That’s none of your goddamned business.”

[I]Is there anyone you just hate or get annoyed by? You ever ‘teach them a lesson?'[/I]
Her eyebrow quirked up and she rolled her eyes. “Nice segue. Yeah, as a matter of fact there are a lot of people I hate and a lot of things I get annoyed by. Weirdos in bars, for example. Keep on asking these questions and we’ll if I start teaching some lessons.”

[I]What’s an achievement of yours? Somethin’ awesome or badass you’ve done.[/I]
A dark expression fell over her face as she turned away in her seat to focus on her drink. “I haven’t achieved anything yet. Whether or not I managed to do something ‘badass’ is still up in the air. Lets all hope I’m not a total failure.”

[I]Okay, say you won a lottery. I’m talking, like, a butt load of money! What do you do with it?[/I]
“Obviously you’re drunk.” she muttered with a shrug of her shoulder. “I don’t need any money, I guess I would give it to someone who did.”

[I]So, you’re trapped on a desert island or in a cave or something, and you can only have one person and one object with you. Who and what do you choose? And don’t say a cellphone or anything else that’ll help you escape or I swear I’ll punch you in the freakin’ face.[/I]
Eleri smirked, giving a sly sort of smile. “I’d have with me a Descendant and the Amulet. Because you can sure as hell bet if you have both of those, you won’t be stuck anywhere alone for long.”

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