Interview with a Character: Jayden Green

For Iwaku Challenge, Interview with a Character #4.

[I]What’s your choice of drink?[/I]
The woman dressed in an impeccable grey suit regarded the interviewer with an amused expression. Her nails tapped gently on the bar. “I like a good beer. But if you’re thinking about buying me a drink, there’s no need. I own the place.”

[I]What’s your ideal romance? *wriggles brows*[/I]
This made her laugh out right. “Does foreplay count? I don’t really DO romance. That whole flowers, dates, and other crap is pretty much just a bunch of useless fluff. Everyone knows it’s the sex people really want, so why not skip to the good part?”

[I]So, level with me. You ever done anything… naughty?[/I]
She cast an innocent expression, which really just made her look devious instead. “That depends on your definition of ‘naughty’. Sexy naughty? Murder naughty? Thieving naughty? I’ve done a lot of things I never thought I would, some I am not proud of. Some I would be happy to do again in a heartbeat. Don’t ask such vague questions.”

[I]Is there anyone you just hate or get annoyed by? You ever ‘teach them a lesson?'[/I]
That innocent look faded in to a slow cheshire cat smirk as she leaned forward in her seat. “Yes, yes, and yes. No one crosses me without consequences.”

[I]What’s an achievement of yours? Somethin’ awesome or badass you’ve done.[/I]
“Everything I do is badass.” Even after the statement, though, she was leaning back in her seat again and giving the question more serious thought. “I had my daughter. I’ve done a lot of things that someone might call badass, but having her and not fucking it all up feels like the biggest achievement I could ever make. Nothing can top that.”

[I]Okay, say you won a lottery. I’m talking, like, a butt load of money! What do you do with it?[/I]
“Invest. My family will live for quite a long time, I want to make sure we have money to live several lifetimes.”

[I]So, you’re trapped on a desert island or in a cave or something, and you can only have one person and one object with you. Who and what do you choose? And don’t say a cellphone or anything else that’ll help you escape or I swear I’ll punch you in the freakin’ face.[/I]
“How about I punch YOU in the face, asshole, if you talk to me like that again?” She almost looked ready to do it right then. “I would have Cupio. I don’t need anything else.”

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