Jade Maxine Sparrow

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Character Name: Jade Maxine Sparrow

Gender: Female

Job/Role: Majoring in Investigative Journalism

Age: 25

General Appearance: Blackish brown hair, blue eyes.

Current Goal/Purpose: 


— #4 of 5 sisters.

— Jade feels like the invisible sister. Her elder sisters are all talented capable women that know what they want and how to achieve it. Her younger sister is a bit of a mess, but she’s still ambitious and miles farther than Jade seems to be. She doesn’t feel like she stands out, and thus has a complex about trying to do something amazing.

— Blue eyes, dark brown hair. She is in that weird place of physical confidence, where she knows she is at least a little bit cute, but still feels so plain and unimpressive in comparison with others. Jade doesn’t mess with much makeup, but knows her best asset is her eyes so she’ll show them off with mascara and eyeliner. Her clothing is more for comfort than style, and will more often wear things like a nice shirt and jeans over anything too fancy. She’ll splurge on higher end brands because the fabrics tend to feel better and last longer. Jade rarely wears bright colors. Her closet is filled with a lot of black, navy, grey, and browns. She rarely wears jewelry outside of long chain necklaces, or when she is dressed up for an occasion and needs to up her glam game.

— She has a good relationship with all of her sisters, but has a hard time connecting with Alexis because she feels more like a mom than a sister. Occasionally she’ll have fights with Summer over dumb things. Serena is the sister she looks up to the most. She’s just so cool!

— Has respect for her parents and a good relationship with them both. But is much closer to her mother and finds her dad intimidating sometimes. She’s NEVER talked about boys or brought guys home to meet her dad.

— Jade’s college career has been rocky. She’s changed her major multiple times and her indecision has made her grades suffer. She’s studied, law, criminology, political sciences, english, history, psychology, sociology, and has most recently decided to focus primarily on journalism. Writing is the one thing that has remained consistent over the years.

— Personality wise, Jade could be considered a social introvert. She’s genuinely interested in and likes people, but does terribly with crowds. With a single person she can be witty and clever (if a little weird) but the more people around, the shyer and more awkward she gets. It’s easier for her to interact with groups when she’s putting up a persona or playing a role. The downside is that she’s not a great liar, so unless she’s prepared ahead of time, it can go downhill fast and she’ll act out more and more until everyone thinks she’s crazy. Needless to say, Jade avoids group situations whenever possible.

— Jade is smart, but she tends to get wrapped up in little details and forgets to look at the bigger picture. She’s able to think fast on her feet though, and always has a working exit strategy.


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