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  • Sisters Sparrow

    The warm scent of savory spices and sweet sugar filled the homey kitchen. Though the kitchen was spacious, with five grown woman bustling about it was beginning to feel a little cramped. It didn’t take a close examination to tell they were sisters. Each had a similar shade of near-ebony hair – all except Summer,…

  • The Sparrow Family

    The Sparrow Family

    The Sparrow Family is the “Lawful” version of a mob family. They are a very influential (and large) family in Chicago, where most of it’s patrons are involved directly in some sort of Law career and a few exceptions branching out in to investigative journalism and politics. Grandpa Sparrow Cop Grandma Sparrow Lawyer Uncle Cop…

  • Alexis Laurel Sparrow

    Alexis Laurel Sparrow

    A uptight perfectionist Lawyer that doesn’t have time for any of your shit. Part of the Sparrow family. Made for any modern setting.

  • Tamara Jean Sparrow

    Tamara Jean Sparrow

    Private Investigator. Made for the Zodiac Murders plotline. Part of the Sparrow family.

  • Summer Lore Sparrow

    Summer Lore Sparrow

    Bimbo wannabe actress that is always getting in to trouble. part of the Sparrow family.

  • Karen Sparrow

    Karen Sparrow

    Student of psychology and has prophetic dreams. Part of the Sparrow family.

  • Jade Maxine Sparrow

    Jade Maxine Sparrow

    Investigative Journalist. Part of the Sparrow Family.