Jasper Kelran

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Character Name: Jasper Kelran

Gender: Male

Species/Race: Human

Age: 35


Occupation: Commander. Captain. Pilot. Privateer.

Theme Song: Poets of the Fall – The Ultimate Fling


General Appearance: Black Hair, brown eyes, clean shaved, strong jawline. Short cropped hair, military grade. Fit physique, lean body. No major scars. A tattoo of an owl on his left wrist.

Strengths: Physical Endurance. Ability to do a lot of labor without getting tired.

Weaknesses: Creaky/weak joints in his knees from a past accident. Extreme cold tends to make him stiff.


Current Goal/Purpose: Find out what the FUCK is going on!

Talents: Throwing darts.

Inabilities: Understanding why women are so stupid about some things. Er, driving land vehicles.

Fears: Really small biting insects. Anything that can spit acid.

General Personality: People wish they could call Jasper a nice guy, but most of the time he’s just a bossy pain in the ass. He’s usually annoyed about something, irritated or in a bad mood. He gets alone with others fine enough, but he’d rather be alone somewhere doing his own thing. Jasper tends to have a short temper and equally short patience for anyone that doesn’t “figure things out as fast as they should”. He likes things done fast and done his way. Straight and to the point.

Inner Personality: Honest. Loyal. Hard working. Jasper is a good guy, but he really cares less about political correctness, sparing feelings, or changing his own bad habits.



General History:
For his whole life, Jasper grew up in a military family. Captain Grandfather, Captain Uncles, Captain Father, Captain Jasper Kelran. The Military Mindset was ground to him young, so it was only natural that he followed in family footsteps and joined up in the Federation when he barely hit his teens.

Jasper spent his teen years training as a Terradyne Galactic Officer. Enforcing the laws of the galaxy. He moved up the ranks over the years to become a Commander of his own cruiser ship. Commander Jasper Kelran earned a reputation for being hard to work with, but always fair.

Present Life: A lot of new laws and treaties have been passed lately that Jasper thinks is full of shit. Of course, when he starts passing his opinion around things start to hit the fan. The Terradyne Federation doesn’t want anyone trash talking their organization, not even one of their own…

Special Historic Notes:

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