Jolanka Harlock

Character Name: Jolanka Harlock
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Activist (Terrorist Threat)
Age: ??

General Appearance:
Current Goal/Purpose: Fighting for Equal Rights and abolishing mistreatment of fellow humans.
General Personality: Jolanka is one of those “my way is the only right way” types. Once she’s decided something, she rarely changes her opinion about it. She’s quick to get mad or offended, but just as easily gets over it a few minutes later. “Act with extreme prejudice” is a good motto for her. Jolanka takes her beliefs seriously, and is willing to go to major extremes to see them realized. (This includes going against her own mottoes in the name of “accomplishing change”.)
General History:
With two normal Nether parents, Jolanka has spent most of her life trying to suppress her talents at request of her parents so that she wouldn’t be snatched away. She’s the child to two “free” Nethers. A lucky couple that was not born in to slavery, but part of a working servant program. Her parents in having this freedom, are also a part of an underground rebellion society that is trying to work towards Nether Rights of Equality. …sometimes through extreme measures.

Now that Jolanka is an adult, she’s a major part of the movement and just now being able to really use her magical talent for the cause. She’s able to go places where her parents or other movement members can’t get to, and blend in to Magical Society. When Jolanka isn’t setting up a “hit”, she’s working random jobs.

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