Category: Characters: Fantasy

  • Lady Gwenaelle Peony Belenet

    23 Years Old Parents are Lord Norton Belenet and Lady Camille Belenet Betrothed to Sir Gerald Creswell since she was a small child. He’s a good 15 years older than her and thought she finds him kind… she also feels he’s the most boring man on the planet. Brunette with red tones, dark green eyes.…

  • Princess Sissel

    Princess Sissel 5’5″ Long Black hair, usually in some form of a braid. Brown eyes. Devastating pretty. The kind of pretty that starts wars. She is the miniature image of her mother. Young and has just finished the bulk of her schooling. She’s well educated in a wide variety of topics. Languages, Politics, History, Sciences,…

  • Sorcha

    Sorcha inghean Feradach of Clan Cullaich, Queen of Collamagh Ages 3 – 8 King Feradach was killed during at skirmish at the border. Mercia’s raids on border villages were common, but when they targeted the largest trade town in the lowlands, the King made a personal appearance. The battle was hard but won swiftly. Unfortunately…

  • Princess Annaliese

    Princess Annaliese

    Granddaughter of the current king. She’s not even the first one or close to being the heir. Currently lives in a nice Estate home connected with the kingdom’s valuable library. Where most girls are all a twitter about the next fancy party, Annaliese prefers being buried in her books within the huge library the Estate…

  • Princess Sibella

    Princess Sibella

    Every new moon she has a prophetic dream and has had them since she was a child. They don’t always come in order of events and there is no time table for them. She writes them down in a diary. Most of the court knows about this, but it’s treated like a quirk by a…

  • Lady Sauya of the Rivermist

    Lady Sauya of the Rivermist

    Lady Sauya of the Rivermist An infamous Elven Dragon Tamer. 176 Years Old and appears to be in her late middle-age. Long platinum blond hair, silvery blue eyes. Very tall, thin, and lean. Her clothing is light and flowy, usually in faded pastel colors and made of silks. Participated in some epic war when she…

  • Romhilda


    Romhilda or “Rommy” if you like to live dangerously. Mid Twenties Is about 8 weeks pregnant and swears if she ever sees the father’s face again, she’s going to kill the man. (She probably won’t actually do it, but she really WANTS to.) Was an apprentice bird trainer to her mentor and adoptive parent. She…

  • Abigail Renly

    A lady’s maid of Aubrielle Cantova. She is stuck in the lady’s home wearing mourning clothing and a veil, pretending to be the lady herself until she returns.

  • Zisel Tulley

    Zisel Tulley

    Potions Bottle Artisan in a large fantasy town.

  • Catzia


    Name: Catzia Knightwatch Byname: Little Cat Appearance: Strawberry-blonde hair with dark roots, cut a bit short in the back than it is in the front. Light blue eyes. A small stature and frame. Somewhere between 18-21. Refuses to wear anything but black. Coat of Arms: A side profile of a cat in silver with an…

  • Princess Ysolde

    Princess Ysolde

    Princess used in a devious plot.

  • Tyga Gian

    Tyga Gian

    Warrior woman looking for the best of male to make her a baby with.

  • Kimimela


    Interdimensional Explorer

  • Queen Titaia

    Queen Titaia

    A child Queen that needs a guiding hand.

  • Tlalli


    A brand new witch trying to learn how to use her witchy powers.

  • Princess Clover

    Princess Clover

    Super cute random princess

  • Melody


    Chocolatier in a fantasy town.

  • Jules Vriska

    Jules Vriska

    Generic bounty hunter for fantasy world.

  • Eirene


    Found wandering in the snow, Eirene was a strange child. Unites northern tribes to create one massive tribe. People suspects she might be a god or the child of a god. For magical fantasy universe.

  • Elisandre


    A witch of the wood. Her magic is based on her connection with nature. Lives alone out in the forest and is part of a witch’s coven.

  • Dannon Aisley

    Dannon Aisley

    Dragon tamer/rider with a dragon named Bobcat.

  • generated


    Notes for a random generator character.

  • Muris


    generic charrie

  • Kalaleilani


    Descendant Kalaleilani

  • Ales Dusek

    Ales Dusek

    A shithead that somehow managed to get himself a job as Royal Guard. Probably because he’s an assassin or mercenary. Made for a fantasy setting. I would prefer someone to play this character FOR me than to play it myself!

  • Lady Feline Valencia

    Lady Feline Valencia

    Potions maker.

  • Princess Selena

    Princess Selena

    Princess married off to a grumpy mcgrumps.

  • Adelaide Caltross

    Adelaide Caltross

    A young woman from the College of Bards, seeking her missing brother. Has no idea her brother got mixed up in the Wizard Fight Club. Magical fantasy settings.

  • Faith Kirali (Destiny)

    Faith Kirali (Destiny)

    A Lady who wishes to go on a quest to find her missing cousin (The Prince).

  • Jessamine


    Sold to a whorehouse by her father cause he couldn’t pay his debts, and dies horribly in her effort to escape. On her journey across the river Styx, death feels sorry for her and sends her to be reborn.

  • Isolde


    Priestess to a God. The god is actually a demigod/man who was sealed away in ancient technology so he could come back if another evil god was summoned. Made for Descendants.

  • Ardiaei


    A Traveling performer that is a secret descendant to a mad-king’s bloodline.

  • Badriyah


    Cursed with an item that is turning her to a creature, Badriyah must find a way to stop it and return home to kick her traitor sister’s ass.

  • Celine Devareux

    Celine Devareux

    A countess who has opened up her home as a sanctuary to illegal magical creatures.

  • Zamira


    A princess that accidentally betrothed herself to one of the Royal Guard.

  • Tsura

  • Sylvia DuBlanc

    Sylvia DuBlanc

    A witch that travels in to the modern universe in search of a great evil that is being unleashed.

  • Skyelight


    A warrior priestess that completed her quest to save the world. But she was supposed to DIE. Now she’s being hunted by crazy cultists who think the world is doomed unless she finishes the quest proper and dies.

  • Sadia


    Chieftain’s Daughter and future heir. Target of an assassination attempt. Vizier has purchased her a war-slave in hopes the slave kills her in an attempt to escape.

  • Olivia


    Keeping the secret that she has magic, because there is a magic-disease going around during sorceress into PSYCHOS. On a quest to find the cure.

  • Joslyn Integra Uffenstien the III

    Joslyn Integra Uffenstien the III

    The greatest wizard of all time is tricked in to following a demon to another universe by the members of her order because they hate her. Gets mixed up in Sci fi space saga problems.

  • Harmony


    An abused and unhappy little servant girl.

  • Princess Elaina Rosenthal

    Princess Elaina Rosenthal

    Bestie Queens of two kingdoms decided to betroth their children. Now the big wedding has come and Princess Elaina is being retrieved.

  • Caldea Leagar

    Caldea Leagar

    A magic user searching for meaning and direction after her school of practice is destroyed. Adaptable for magical fantasy settings.

  • Ylva / Yvonne

    Ylva / Yvonne

    Asshole wizard reborn for a second chance.

  • Wren Norina Rosalinda Alvetica

    Wren Norina Rosalinda Alvetica

    Princess turned Adventurer. Part of the Charbriq Royal Family.

  • Theresa


    Lady who slept with her betrothed but then got dumped for another richer woman. Found out she is preggo, is disowned by her family, and is now homeless and looking for a new life.

  • Shannon Douglas / Mishella Jonas

    Shannon Douglas / Mishella Jonas

    Kid that plays DnD and the character is real?

  • Sera Rezarta

    Sera Rezarta

    Actress and Spy

  • Scarlett Coheedan

    Scarlett Coheedan

    Pretending to be a princess to try and be one of the King’s suitors.