Name: Kieran

Age/Grade: 16

Demigod Of: Catalysts

Powers: Making shit happen. BIG shit. And not the “miracle” kind either. The kind that brings about huge change, in unpleasant ways. Except she doesn’t exactly do it on purpose, regardless of what she tells you. Wherever Kieran is, trouble starts brewing.

Appearance: Very long (full back length), straight, nearly black hair. brown eyes. Under weight with little muscle mass and twigs for limbs. About 5’5. She’s the natural, heart-thumping pretty but her resting face apparently makes her look like a forlorn romance heroine swimming in melancholy (which draws a lot of those “are you okay?” comments) and she HATES IT. Kieran’s style is based on comfortable convenience, with a tiny dash of something dramatic or extra. (Like the classic tshirt and shorts but with fancy accessories.) She never ever smiles.

Personality: Screw you, screw this school, screw EVERYTHING. Kieran doesn’t want to be here and she will make sure everyone knows. She doesn’t want to be anyone’s friends, participate in activities, or doing anything constructive. In fact, she very openly admits that she was to do the opposite. She’s a total bitch and she’s fine with that.

What? She might not actually be a bitch and is just an angsty teen demigod that needs a hug? NO. FUCK YOU. >:[ FUCK YOU IN THE FACE. FUCK THE PEGASUS YOU RODE IN ON.

The reality of Kieran is kind of sad. Bad things happen to the people around her, and it’s just easier for herself and everyone else if she doesn’t get attached. She’s never welcome anywhere for long anyway, so why bother? Kieran is bitter and lonely and has embraced her role as a destructive force.

Background: Kieran first made an appearance (at least on record) as a tiny toddler on the doorstep of some hapless humans. She seemed like such a normal, delightful little child, but week by week things would get a little tougher, a little worse, increasingly difficult until that poor couple ended up in the hospital and under a mountain of debt. Kieran went into foster care and the process repeated several times, occasionally involving a death or two.

Eventually someone Up High realized this was more than a string of bad luck and that something godly was afoot. Kieran was snatched up from the mortal world and sent to Amphisbaena where her innate powers aren’t likely to hurt anyone.

So they think.

Kieran was bitter before, but knowing she has god parents that abandoned her to chaos? She’s pissed. Worse, these assholes at Amphisbaena think they can just corral a bunch of demigods and they’re all just supposed to listen and obey and be good little children? Where are her parents? Why is no one trying to fix her? Who the fuck do these people think they are?

Kieran’s silent plotting has turned to something dangerous.

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