Knights of Serenity

Genre: Sci-Fi Style Fantasy
Location: Planet Seretitus
Timeline: 130 Years After the Nemesis Wars

A century ago, Serentitus was a planet much like modern earth. Riddle with crime, poverty and hate, it had began to erupt in to a world wide war as countries fought against each other for supreme rule. This was made worse as the outer planets became involved. It was a galactic disaster. Seeing this strife and the opportunity to profit from it, the sixth planet Kendor chose that time to attack and control all of the system. Kendor’s idea of ruling was to obliterate everything, leaving it’s home world the only one left standing.

With a common enemy, the entire solar system united to form a coalition. Using their skill with magic and combat, they were able to turn the tides of war. But it was a young girl, barely even a teenager that dealt the final blow. A pure heart fueling the ultimate attack. It was the end of the Nemesis Wars.

Having Kendor defeated, the girl decided that the system needed to be purged of all evil and sin. Impure hearts was what caused the wars. Using her great power, the girl became queen and purified the souls of the system’s people. Those that refused purification were exiled to the banished Kendor. The system was for the first time at peace. A golden barrier around the planets protects the system from outside influence and harm.

Come to present date, the world is at perfect peace. People that do even the smallest of crimes are considered sinners and banished to Kendor. The Queen’s son/daughter is grown up and doesn’t agree with the choice to “cleanse” the world. When they can’t convince the Queen to change policy, a rebellion is started.

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