Character Name: Lace
Gender: F
Species/Race: Nether (Non Magical Human)
Age: 22
Birthplace/World: Greyshin
Occupation: Slave.


General Appearance: 4’9″, ivory skin, deceptively thin. Grey eyes, shoulder length black hair. Perfectly normal everyday clothing. Lace wears a silver choker with a pendant baring the mark of her owner and displaying her status.
Strengths: Being small and thin makes for easy dodging and escaping!
Weaknesses: Being small and thin makes for easily broken bones!


Current Goal/Purpose: Don’t make Torrence Mad. Don’t make Torrence worry. Don’t get in trouble. Don’t get killed. Don’t get lost. Don’t forget to wash the laundry or smells for weeks, no matter how much laundry detergent you use, even if you go overboard and bubbles overflow all over the floors and it takes you three days to dry it all up.
Talents: Her creative spirit lends Lace a unique talent for making things look really neat. She experiments most often with food (it’s the easiest to work with!), occasionally paint, paper, rocks, sand… If she has an idea and gets her hands on something, she’ll make an odd little piece of art.
Inabilities: Lace’s ‘problem solving’ skills are sub par, where her clever ideas to fix something or try something new usually ends up in a huge disaster. (The laundry incident, or the trying to fix the faulty light switch downstairs incident.)
Fears: Standing on her own. When your entire world has been dedicated to the idea of serving someone else, and fulfilling other people’s agendas, the thought of suddenly having to make your own choices and do your own thing is overwhelming.
General Personality: Don’t talk unless spoken to. Don’t get in the way. Do as your told. Lace has a lot of social conditioning raised as a Nether slave. That’s exactly how Lace behaves. She is well behaved, perfectly congenial, obedient, and submissive. Lace appears to be a perfect pet and companion.
Inner Personality: Having lived with Torrence for awhile, her mind is slowly switching from ‘brainwashed slave’ to ‘I’ll think it but I won’t say it.’ There is quite a bit of inner dialogue running through her head of all the things she’d rather say, but not quite the courage to speak it. She’s become secure enough in her role that she might occasionally get frustrated and snap back about something, but only with Torrence. Lace would never dare talk back at a sentient being. She easily bounces back with smiles or good humor after criticism or uncomfortable situations.


General History: Bred in a legal, high class, nether slave ring. Lace has been trained as a personal companion, pet, or trophy Nether. Having started out as a play companion for rich children, and then having to go through proper “artistic culture” training as a teenager. Lace hadn’t even been able to start on “personal service” training before she was snatched up and handed as a special present to a Nether Gladiator. Lace was more like a fumbling, frightened, clumsy rabbit those first few months until she felt more comfortable. (Once she realized she wasn’t expected to do anything weird or scary.) As she felt more secure in her new role, she also worried more about Torrence being injured or killed in a fight. She would often overhear the Area Officials telling Torrence in great detail that she would be given to one of the other Gladiators if he was killed. When he was done for good, Lace was relieved!

Present Life: Lace has settled in to a nice routine, especially now that Torrence no longer fights as a Gladiator. She finds life a lot easier to enjoy when she’s not stressing over her future.

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