Lady Sauya of the Rivermist

Lady Sauya of the Rivermist

An infamous Elven Dragon Tamer.

176 Years Old and appears to be in her late middle-age. Long platinum blond hair, silvery blue eyes. Very tall, thin, and lean. Her clothing is light and flowy, usually in faded pastel colors and made of silks.

Participated in some epic war when she was young and that started her fame.

An Alumni of the Dragon Taming Academy.

Her dragon is an extremely large golden scaled thing named Mayan and quite old. She’s had one human rider before Sauya, but they died young. Mayan is a warm sun-bathing fire breather.

Sauya is cool, reserved, elegant. She doesn’t suffer fools. Dry sense of humor. Her physical space is not to be intruded on without invitation. Has a weakness for young people and children, often with motherly affection. Collects so many books she has her own library collection.

A master manipulator of light magic.

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