Marsyas: Orenda (rename)

Name of Race: Orenda
Average Height/Lifespan: Both male and female average from 4’5″ to 5’6″ (being on the tall end). Their normal lifespan could range to about 150 years.
Basic Appearance: Think “faerie”. The bone structure of an Orenda is very thin and wispy. Even for an overweight individual, their stature and frame is petite. An Orendas skin color might vary with location or family lines; it usually seems to have a opalescent glow. A fine glitter or shimmer to the skin is considered very attractive in the female sex. Males, too, have lean bodies, but have much noticeable muscle tone to their limbs than females who are usually much more soft in their curves. Their ears curve in to points, with some families more prominent than others.
Possible Variations of Appearance: Depending on location (or element), an Orenda family line will have variations in their skin tones, hair colors, and eyes. For example, a forest or wood clan would have a more earthly appearance, with perhaps an olive tint to their skin, dark brown hair and eyes. A sea clan may have a more aquatic color tones, blueish skin, lighter fair hair and eyes. A mixture of tones is rare (though not unheard of), generally it’s a matter of the more dominant family genes.
Distinguishing Marks: It is said that at one point Orenda had wings, but somehow they lost the “privilege” (as told in various myths and legends) and their wings fell off. Orenda actually still have these wings, though they are more of an invisible part of their body. The graceful and “light” movement of an Orenda (where it seems like they are floating across the ground, or can so easily jump and leap in the air) is attributed to these invisible wings.

Strengths: A light, lithe sort of airiness is the Orendas greatest strength. Though they can’t fly, they can leap, bounce, and seem to unnaturally hover with great ease and no real effort.
Weaknesses: This small and light stature of an Orenda is contributed to their bones, which are mostly hollow. They could easily be broken or crushed given the right amount of pressure.
Temperament: Orenda are a peaceful and very social people. The “family” way is the major connection between all Orenda. They enjoy the gossip, the group activities, festivities, getting involved in the world as a whole. The individual is not as focused on as much as what the contribute to their clan. An Orenda alone is a very odd sight to see.
Abilities: Were an Orenda able to “tap” in to their wings and make them appear, they would be able to fly. (On Marsyas this has not happened for centuries, where on Krunthi it is a much more common thing, given the direct influence of the Divine.)

Culture: Family and Clan life is the most important thing to all Orenda. There are many major families, including a ruling family that connects them all. Every individual is expected to take on roles that will benefit or aid their clan as a whole. (They are of course allowed to choose whatever profession they wish, but if it’s not seen as a benefit to the family, they might just be called a black sheep and fussed at.) Orenda are happy for any excuse for a festival, party, or family get together. Birthdays, Changes of Season, Harvest… anything that is a joyous part of life might be celebrated in it’s own holiday. Many of which would vary depending on the clan or region a clan lived. There is rarely a MAJOR war or dispute between clans, as the strength of their unity is important to the Orenda. However, there’s always the case of families having a smaller dispute over random things, which if get out of hand usually is brought up to the ruling family to work out.

Race History: Life on Krunthi has been a peaceful existence up until the recent chaos, which has everyone in a confused huff!

More: The culture and lives of the Orenda on Marsyas have not been all that different from Krunthi. The only major differences have been the lack of the direct influence of the Divine, (on Marsyas their god is “The Maker” who they believe is the maker of all things. It’s not that far from the truth!), and the issue of the Sayune which has become a plague to the world.

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