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  • Gypsy Culture Notes

    Roaming culture through multiple countries. After a boy’s voice changes he is considered a MAN. They then seek out his wife by kidnapping a girlchild from elsewhere.

  • Marsyas: Orenda (rename)

    Marsyas: Orenda (rename)

    Name of Race: Orenda Average Height/Lifespan: Both male and female average from 4’5″ to 5’6″ (being on the tall end). Their normal lifespan could range to about 150 years. Basic Appearance: Think “faerie”. The bone structure of an Orenda is very thin and wispy. Even for an overweight individual, their stature and frame is petite.…

  • Descendants Universe

    Descendants Universe

    TIME PERIODS PRE-FERIUS? The very first incident of the amulet? Aztec age? AGE OF FERIUS pirates everywhere MODERN AGE raul and kate time SKY PIRATES zeren TECHNO AGE dakota POST APOC AGE corona SPACE AGE PALADIN AGE PEOPLE OF NOTE POWERFUL BLOODLINES

  • Country of Charbriq

    Country of Charbriq

    [B]Country Name:[/B] CHARBRIQ [B]How does the average commoner/noble person dress?[/B] Citizens of Charbriq wear practical clothing for their occupations. They do not put heavy emphasis on fashions or fluff. [B]Some common occupations:[/B] Jewel Mining, Gem Crafting, Farming, Trade [B]Education system: [/B] Most denizens are educated under apprenticeships. [B]The dominant religion and a brief overview of…

  • Sathera


    SATHERIANS (From Sathera) Most of the life on Sathera is located on the land masses near the equator, making the dominate races prefer heat and warmth. Satherians value their life of pleasure and leisure. Arts, Music, Food… If you want to sample the most wonderful things in life, you would spend a month in Sathera!…

  • Marsyas


    WORLD – Marsyas (mar-sai-us) A world ranging from the most primitive of life to the most advanced of technologies. Marsyas is a large round planet covered mostly by oceans with several continents – much like earth. Two moons, Pamuya (the water moon) and Cres (the desert moon) orbit Marsyas during it’s trek around it’s sun.…

  • City of Elswen

    City of Elswen

    Genre: Modern Supernatural Location: Elswen Island, Washington USA. Timeline: Present BASIC PLOT Area Basics: Elswen is an island town just odd the Washington state coast. It’s home of “The Chronicle” newspaper (a supernatural tabloid like Weekly World News), a great little book shop called The Page Turner, the coffee shop Freedom of Expresso, and many…