Michelle DeLaroche


Character Name: Michelle DeLaroche
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human/Demon
Age: 28
Occupation: Formerly her Father’s Second in Command. She is now “Temporary” Guildmaster.


General Appearance: Blue Eyes, Dark brown almost black hair. She is attractive in features, with fair skin and a curvy body in all the right places. Michelle was raised to know how to take care of her appearance, so she makes sure she is well groomed and dressed to accent her best assets. She most often wears dresses or skirts, only favoring pants when she needs to go on a special sort of mission.
Strengths: Though she looks very “soft”, Michelle has a fair amount of strength and excellent endurance. Her eyesight is superb as well as her hearing. She is fast on the draw with her guns.
Weaknesses: Because her sight and hearing are so strong, it can also backfire on her. Bright light will hurt her eyes, where loud sounds get her ears.
More: As a half-devil, Michelle has the ability to “see” magic. Lines for wards and sigils, Or sense when a spell is present.


Current Goal/Purpose: Find who murdered her father. And murder them back.
Talents: Charming the pants off people. (Almost literally.)
Inabilities: Trusting others.
Fears: Betrayal.
General Personality: Michelle truly is a charmer. After all, she was raised by her courtesan mother with all of the tricks of the trade. She knows how to make people feel good. How to compliment them and put them at ease. All the right things to say. As far as most people are concerned, Michelle is a genuine and graceful lady. Gentle, sweet, a little alluring, and everything a lady should be. Yet, when she left to work with her Father, the Assassin’s of the guild have a different opinion of her. They don’t trust her or her motives and she doesn’t trust them either. To top it off she’s plainly honest about it.
Inner Personality: Games, games every where and not a person to trust. In the courtesan world everything was all about playing up to a person’s ego to get what you want from them. In the assassin world, it’s all about playing on a person’s fear to divine information. Lies and games. Michelle hates it. She keeps everyone at an arm’s length. She can’t bring herself to trust anyone to make a friend or real connection. It makes her miserable and there doesn’t seem to be a way out of it.
Secret: She is giddy for Hellhounds! Absolutely adores them! She is also very sensitive to being called a whore. It is the one thing that hurts her feelings and if someone says it, they are immediately ostracized from her presence.


General History:
Michelle was raised by her courtesan mother, having no idea that the missing father figure in her life was actually a Devil. While she was taught the tricks of her trade, using woman’s natural wiles to charm and network, Michelle never knew she was more than just human. At least until she hit 16 and she suddenly found herself seeing the world in a different way. Lines of magic, seals of wards. Her mother offered no explanation and begged her to drop the subject!

It was not until she neared 20 that Michelle was able to meet her father for the first time. An intimating and formidable man, it was hard to see her mother ever having relations with him. Let alone having a child with him! Against he mother’s wishes she left with him to learn HIS trade. It seemed not only was he a devil of consequence, he was the head of an Assassin’s Guild.

Since then, Michelle has been her father’s second. Where she might not always agree on the methods, the Guild does more good than evil. And it sure as hell was a lot more interesting than a courtesan’s life.

Present Life: With the death of her father and suddenly finding out she was the only one named as a candidate for succession, Michelle is put in to an awkward position. Her father’s killer MUST be found, and she must also try to keep the Guild from sliding in to a pit of chaos.

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