Morning Disasters


“uugh… I don’t wanna– CRAP!!” Cheyanne rolled out of bed quickly, hitting the floor with a loud THUD as she scrambled frantically towards the bathroom. Her alarm was going off an hour late! She’s going to be screwed! Flinging her clothes across the room, she jumped in to the shower and twisted on the water. Right in the middle of her shampooing, the hot water suddenly disappeared leaving Cheyanne giving a loud howling screech! Argh, but she was so late…! Sucking it up, Cheyanne muttered curse after curse as she quickly rinsed her hair with the frosty cold water. Free of suds, she jumped out to dry herself off with the towel and get her hair blow dried. Two minutes in to drying something went BZZZT and all the power in the apartment flickered off.

“Oh come on…! I know I paid the power bill!” No, no, she’d double check later! Knowing, she didn’t have any moments to spare, she grabbed what clothes she could barely see with the morning light and tried to dress herself. Getting her make up done was even more trying… she was sure she probably looked like a clown. Finding her watch, Cheyanne was hopping out the door as she slid on her shoes.

She was running down the street towards the subway station when her heel broke! For crying out loud! All she could do was break off the other heel so she wouldn’t be lop sided – at this rate she was going to be late for the train! Cheyanne barely made it down the stairs, hollering for someone to please hold the door..! She slid through the sliding doors of the train just in the nick of time.

Today was going to be a disaster. She just knew it.

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