Myst Kimsagro


Character Name: Myst Kimsagro
Gender: Female
Age: ?? She’s not telling anyone. Which means she probably lied.
Birthplace/World: She’s not really telling this either.
Occupation: Pilot.


General Appearance: 5’5″, average figure, smaller boobs, tanned tone to her skin. Her hair is streaking with blond and brown highlights in a long, always messy and looking unbrushed style. She never wears make up and always seems to have that sallow sleepy “just rolled out of bed” look to her. Myst tends to slouch, lean, otherwise look like she’s creeping about.
Strengths: She has a surprising amount of upper body strength and hit people pretty damned hard.
Weaknesses: Her endurance for long term activity is very low.


Current Goal/Purpose: Whatever.
Talents: Flying ships.
Inabilities: Uh, everything.
Fears: What is there to fear? We’re all going to die eventually anyway.
General Personality: Myst has a fatalistic outlook on life. She’s grim, pessimistic, often a real downer about… everything. She doesn’t seem to have a lot of enthusiasm for anything, takes no real enjoyment out of life. On the bright side, she doesn’t seem to sulk about it, get overly emotional, whine or complain. She simple assumes the worst and deals with it. Most people get used to the way she behaves and shrugs it off. On rare occasions she’ll show irritation or anger when someone gets clingy, too chipper, or invades her privacy. Myst is very private.
Inner Personality: Everything about Myst is concealed. Her need for privacy is almost an obsession. She does not like to get close to people or form relationships outside of necessity. Her grim point of view does seem to be serious – or maybe it’s simply hopeful! In truth, she may fear getting involved with people. It could be something stemmed from past experience, but she never and will never discuss it.
Secret: If it was told, it wouldn’t be a secret would it?


General History:
Myst’s past is 100% a mystery. She’s not speaking about her. Her recently history has led her in to being a pilot for the Rebellion against Lorgunan’s warlording. Her reasons for doing so have never been shared.

Present Life:

Special Historic Notes:

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