Natalia Davenport

Natalia was made as an NPC in Elswen, but never really got any character or plot development besides being used for randomness purposes.

Character Name: Natalia Davenport
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Radio DJ
Age: 26
Family: Parents [Deceased], Brother; Lucas Davenport

General Appearance: Dark brownish black hair naturally. She likes to die it shades of dark purple. Brown eyes. A great figure thanks to hard work at the gym and a “reasonable” diet. (Like hell she’s giving up cheeseburgers.) Trendy, fashionable clothing style, with a slight hint of flirt-sexy!
Current Goal/Purpose: Enjoy Life!
General Personality: Friendly, exciting, bubbly, center of attention, star of the show, turn heads when she walks in to a room. Natalia is naturally one of those stand out people with a great personality you gravitate towards. Which helps, being that she’s the star of a radio morning show! On the ‘down’ side, her personality is so strong sometimes she kind of barrels over people by being bossy, taking control of everything that’s going on around her, and meddling in people’s life. She loves partying, having a good time, flirting with men, and enjoying living.
General History:
Natalia has grown up with a pretty charmed, normal life. A good family, with decent money, typical school and college experiences. She is now one of the co-stars of the ELSWN Radio Morning Show along with Aidan MacGregor.

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