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  • Lord Marion Blackwood

    Lord Marion Blackwood

    Got lost when on a foreign adventure expedition.

  • Elswen: Timeline

    Elswen: Timeline

    (Not exactly in order, just important events) Birth of all the girls (or whole cast for that matter) Blair leaves/gets married Aidan arrives in Elswen Kendal gets married Sasha opens Page Turner Niece born Sam and Blair deaths Halloween & Zombies —————————————————- – Blair is Born – Kendal is Born – Sasha is Born –…

  • Welcome to Elswen

    Welcome to Elswen

    (The following is what was suppose to be a fun info page of what’s what on Elswen Island… it obviously never got finished and needs to be) “Welcome to Triple L Estates’s guide to Elswen, an international city. Brought to you LIVE in the heart of downtown from Mandie’s Candies, the candy superstore. Also spondered…

  • Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

    Aidan and Sasha: The Unruined Date

    FINISHED. Aidan and Sasha have a date that doesn’t get ruined by lunacy! (8:44:39 PM) Ocha: It was a week after New Years and Elswen was starting to finally look like it normally did. The holiday lights were being taken down in a dozen shops and the rains had returned. Sasha was trying to read…

  • 001 Meeting the Shadow

    001 Meeting the Shadow

    Sebastian Fox meets a very odd, very mysterious shadow woman who is in need of help.

  • Belladonna Leonte

    Belladonna Leonte

    Dancer that knows too much about the mob gets locked in a corrupt asylum. Made for 1920s Elswen but adaptable for modern settings.

  • Candace Bernard

    Candace Bernard

    Owner of a wedding & prom dress shop. Adaptable for any modern setting.

  • Sebastian Charles Fox

    Sebastian Charles Fox

    1920s Private Detective.

  • Ryan Nemichk

    Ryan Nemichk

    Freelance on call pilot for adventurers

  • Paris May Taylor

    Paris May Taylor

    A normal girl that ended up the kidnap victim of a psycho. Is now a little broken herself.

  • Natalia Davenport

    Natalia Davenport

    Radio DJ Party girl. Part of the Elswen universe.

  • The Resurrection

    Elswen Cemetery. Not the only the cemetery on the island but it was surely the biggest. The moon was full but due to a low fog, it was barely visible amongst the mist billowing over the gravestones. Kendal hesitated before stepping through the gates, a large tome tucked under her arm. Swallowing, she walked down…

  • Kendal Novellino-Davidson

    Kendal Novellino-Davidson

    A WITCH and Editor of the Chronicle universe. Is the secret cause of a zombie outbreak many years back when she tried to raise her husband from the dead. Part of the Elswen universe.

  • Karen Sparrow

    Karen Sparrow

    Student of psychology and has prophetic dreams. Part of the Sparrow family.

  • Crystine Jones

    Crystine Jones

    Grave Robber masquerading as an Archaeologist. Little sister to Cassie Jones.

  • Brooklyn Mulligan

    Brooklyn Mulligan

    Modern day farmer girl comes back from her 1 year sabbatical, has a one night stand and finds out she’s married to the guy.

  • Andrea MacGregor

    Andrea MacGregor

    A girl that realizes her life is going nowhere and is seeking some meaning. Little sister to Aidan MacGregor. Adaptable for any modern settings.

  • Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Aidan Paul MacGregor

    Radio DJ at ELSWN Radio. Totally normal guy next door kind of dude, and doesn’t seem to notice (or at least doesn’t comment) on all the weird stuff that happens around him. Older brother to Andrea MacGregor. Part of the Elswen universe.

  • Cassandra “Cassie” Jones

    Cassandra “Cassie” Jones

    Archeologist, Gun Fir Hire, Antiques Liberator.

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #???

    He fucking shot me in the back and left me there for dead. I woke up in the hospital and the first person I saw was Professor Yoshi. My sister was lingering around outside, but Yoshi was not who I expected to see by my bedside. Then again, I couldn’t expect Grant, could I? Not…

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #??

    Journal entry for Cassandra, revealing more history tidbits. >:D What do you do when your boyfriend is being an asshole? Laughing in his face is never a good idea. God damned, I don’t know what I was thinking. No, I DO know what I was thinking. I think I finally understand what Grant means about…

  • Cassie’s Journal: Entry #?

    Journal Entry for Cassandra Jones, dated College pre-partnering with Babs. I killed someone. It wasn’t the first time someone has died on one of these assignments, and you better believe it was self defense. But this time it was my gun, my hand, my bullet. Then, I was just glad we got out of the…

  • Happy Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    February 14th. A long, hard, crazy February 14th. Valentine’s day. There was the cherub hanging around the office. The bags of Valentine cards. Phone calls from women (and even some men!), one insane radio promotion thanks to Tali, and he didn’t even want to think about the gaggle of faeries. He ran in to nearly…