Nikella Candereu


Character Name: Nikella Candereu
Gender: Female
Species/Race: Human
Age: 24


General Appearance: Long wavy black hair that falls to the waist, normally pinned up in a regal bun of curls. Clear ice blue eyes. Flawless porcelain skin. Red rose lips. Nikella is a vision of grace and beauty by any standards. Her clothing always reflects her best features, being finely crafted in lush and expensive fabrics.


Current Goal/Purpose:
General Personality: Vain, self absorbed, greedy, unfriendly… there are all sorts of unkind words to describe Nikella. Most of them will even be true. She has never been a very good friend, a gracious daughter, nor a loving girlfriend. Perhaps this is why no matter how hard she’s striven, she’s always come in second place to others. This has made her very bitter, but all the more determined to get exactly what she wants. No matter the costs, no matter whom she hurts.
Inner Personality: Like any insecure young lady, Nikella thinks the key to happiness is superficial things. All she really wants is to be someone’s “most important thing”, but her methods are like a spoiled child.


General History: Nikella has always been a “second best” sort of person. She was the second child. The second smartest. The second prettiest. Always runner up to someone else. Now, second best is nothing to be malcontent with! You’re still pretty well off in life. It just wasn’t enough for Nikella. She was vain, greedy… and head over heels in love with a man that didn’t love her.

When Nikella happened over a demon that promised her anything she desired, she didn’t think twice about trading in her soul! What good is a soul anyway when you don’t have what you want? Nikella wish for perfect beauty, limitless riches and the affections of her dearest love!

She got her beauty, she got her riches… But what Nikella didn’t count on was “true love” getting in the way. The man that she wanted was already in an epic love affair with another woman. There’s not a pact in the universe that can break up true love!

Present Life: Now Nikella, beautiful and rich is a spiteful mean little woman that takes pleasure in other people’s misfortune. She refuses to admit that she’s lonely and might just a smidgen regret selling off her soul for a sour deal. She may as well live out the rest of her days making everyone else as miserable as she is.

Special Historic Notes:



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