Princess Annaliese

Granddaughter of the current king. She’s not even the first one or close to being the heir. Currently lives in a nice Estate home connected with the kingdom’s valuable library.

Where most girls are all a twitter about the next fancy party, Annaliese prefers being buried in her books within the huge library the Estate maintains. She’s fascinated with the history of the kingdom, the magical world, and the old fairy tales. From dawn till dusk she’ll be there with the librarians, organizing collections and reading.

She’s well educated and book smart, but her social skills are lacking. Annaliese knows how to be a proper young woman while entertaining guests or (forced) participation in gatherings. She understands small talk. Going beyond that is awkward and difficult. Annaliese doesn’t have a lot in common with others her age or social class. She finds it difficult to connect to people.

She can rattle off all kinds of knowledge but has no idea how to use it in practical applications. She might even come across as a know-it-all.

Her opinions are very black and white, good and evil. If you’re doing bad things, you’re obviously a bad and evil person. Fairy tales are not real, the thief with a heart of gold is not something that happens in reality. You can absolutely make better choices and not have to do bad things to survive.

Her life has been quiet, uneventful and charmed. Annaliese is spoiled and sheltered. She’s never been exposed to the real world before.

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