Princess Katarin Ioso

Character Name: Princess Katarin Ioso
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Princess of Liyao, Uncrowned Queen.
Age: 19

General Appearance: Frosty blond hair, light blue eyes, delicate 4’8″ frame, thin wispy body. Pale skin with a healthy rosy hue. She looks very much like a fragile pixie. She wears her hair up in a intricate twist of curls and braids. Crystal earrings and necklace. Her dress and normal clothing usually consists of fine silks and satins in light colors and fabrics, adding to the ethereal look. (This keeps with Liyao tradition for their Female Royalty.)
Current Goal/Purpose: Protect Liyao
General Personality: Katarin is not what you would call a very forceful individual. She lacks aggression and at a first glance seems to be easily intimidated by stronger personalities. This does seem to be the case in most areas of her personal life. She hates to to argue and will find the quickest way to excuse herself from any fight. Yet, when it comes to ruling her planet, Katarin’s will is immovable. She knows what is right for her people and will not bend. This came as a great surprise to Lorgunan who assumed the Princess would be completely overtaken shortly after the unexpected death of her Father and King. Katarin has an inner strength and dedication to her world that drives her.
General History:
Princess Katarin Ioso was born only heir and daughter to the great King Elias and his wife Queen Lanarin. It was with a great deal of grief that Liyao lost their queen during childbirth that night. The King never remarried or had any other heirs. Katarin was raised and instilled with all of Liyao tradition and education. Her studies being focused on what would be best for ruling Liyao, how a proper Princess and future Queen should behave, and Intergalactic Relations with outer worlds. She has taken this all on with the grace and responsibility that a young royal should.

A year ago, the death of King Elias came suddenly and with surprise. It was quite unexpected, and still had yet to be properly explained. Lorgunan, one of the members of Planetary Parliament and famed for his Samaritan deeds towards struggling worlds stepped in to help Liyao during it’s time of need. Katarin only having just turned 19 was not yet of age to be crowned Queen, and Lorgunan insisted that it was a danger for her to rule alone during such a dangerous time.

During this time, Lorgunan start slowly usurping power from the councilmen and advisers of Liyao. People were fired, came up missing. He pressed the Princess to make unusual doctrines that were increasingly looking very bad for the planet. By the time Katarin realized what was happening, Lorgunan had full control over her capital city. With Katarin aware, Lorgunan dropped all pretenses. He needed the armies of Liyao. Katarin refused. She ordered him to leave, but found that he had replaced all of her people with his own. There was no one within the main castle loyal to her. Yet, Lorgunan knew that he could not simply over take the planet without repercussions. Even now there was rumors of the people being suspicious. He needed Katarin as his public figure, someone that Liyao had loyalty to and that the Parliament respected. With Katarin’s consistent refusal, even despite personal harm, Lorgunan finally forced her hand by making a ‘public’ show of executing young children from the village. Katarin could no longer refuse.

Present Date: Thanks to a rebellion of people trying their hardest, Katarin has managed to ferret messages to spies when possible. Unfortunately, her deeds had been found out and Lorgunan imprisoned her. Her escaped came unexpectedly, and now she is in the safe hands of the Rebellion!

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