Princess Sibella

Every new moon she has a prophetic dream and has had them since she was a child. They don’t always come in order of events and there is no time table for them. She writes them down in a diary. Most of the court knows about this, but it’s treated like a quirk by a silly princess so that no one outside the country takes it seriously. She predicted there would be a war, but not when or that they would fail. Her kingdom thought that because they knew, they could be prepared and would win. (Boy they surely did not.) At some point she’ll have a dream that the new King is going to die and she’ll have to choose whether or not to tell/save him.

Prior to the war, her world was sunshine and rainbows. Sibella was the People’s Princess. (Thus making it very important to keep her alive and part of the new ruling family.) She is sweet, and kind, and sociable. She’d talk to anyone and everyone, and try to be involved and helpful at every opportunity. (Much to the aggravation of the people who kept watch over her, because princesses belonged in castles and not out on the city streets.)

She loves animals and feels hunting for sport is absolutely horrible. She feels guilty eating meat and will avoid it when possible.

Violence is never to be an option when solving problems. Sibella has problems dealing with aggressive people. She’s alright to a point when she can see an obvious reason for the acting out, but not unfiltered rage. Depending on the situation she’ll freeze, shut down, or cry.

Physical contact is also an issue. The one condition on allowing her to roam around and interact with people was that no-touching be involved and that people keep a reasonable distance. They didn’t want her to get stabbed by a crazy person or something equally as harmful. Combined with her family and caretakers also not being physically affectionate, she’s very shy about her personal space. With friendly personalities she might be awkward, with aggressive ones she’d be scared.

She’s never had anything to truly fear until the war happened. Many many bad things happened, there were betrayals inside the castle, and lots of people died. Basically her world has ended and she is terrified about her future.

Father: Johan
Mother: Cyra
Brother: Leander (dead)
Brother: Saul (dead)
Brother: Wilhelm (alive)
Brother: Angelus (escaped)

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